YouTube: My Spiritual Oracle and Library

I have been wanting to write a blog sharing about how I stay up on all the spiritual, metaphysical, and science / technology related information that is streaming fairly unbiased by any outside control or manipulation via The Internet, and more specifically YouTube, the glorious oracle of knowledge. This being the case, that is why your own personal discernment is key for processing what you watch/listen/read. I think that’s why my higher self stepped in on the last blog post and preempted this sharing with that information. If you missed it, you can CLICK HERE to read it.

Just like mostly everything on my spiritual path, I’ve been guided to various information sources JUST when I needed them most, and over the past 2-3 years of pretty diligent studying of all the information, I feel fortunate to be fairly well versed in a variety of topics associated with Esoteric topics such has Ascension, ETs, Angelic Realms, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, etc to name a few. A lot of it comes from my favorite source of entertainment and information: YouTube! It is such a great source of endless possibilities and rabbit holes. I figured that I would post the primary sources / YouTube channels that I subscribe to as a jump start for any others out there that feel they want to bulk up on knowledge and topics. I also listen to a lot of channeled messages from a variety of sources that FEEL good to me. Remember your discernment!

It is amazing that for the most part, the messages are fairly aligned and overall trend in unison. I listen to a lot of them while I’m driving, cooking, cleaning, or exercising and get a kick on how certain messages come to me for either my sake or sometimes I’ll get someone’s name pop into my head with a message like “Please send this to Jenn. She needs to hear it”.  All of this information is now being put to good use as I just graduated from the Marconics Teacher Practitioner training. I’ll be teaching the Level 1 curriculum to students and it includes a Spiritual Alchemy component consisting of lectures on many topics that I’ve just happened to study over the years. Imagine that, huh? Just makes me smile and have a gigantic out-swelling of gratitude to the Universe and my Guides for putting what I needed to learn.

So I’m paying it forward now and helping be your guide in getting started in all this stuff. There’s SO MUCH I could list, but I’m going to try to arrange it in a manner that hopefully will make sense. I know in my heart that these sources will be your stepping stone to what your guides and higher self need you to focus on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening or watching something when a topic is introduced that I haven’t heard about which leads me on a 3 hour research session, leading to more topics, leading to more branches of information. It can be overwhelming if you let it, but just go with what makes you excited. If something sounds boring or you lose interest, cut it loose and move on. If it is meant to be someday, it’ll come back.

Well without further adieu, here we go.


Below is a list of the YouTubers I subscribe too (well the most important ones to me). I find myself shutting off the real TV and spending most of my “TV Time” watching YouTube on my iPad or iPhone instead. I also suggest investing in a ChromeCast device from BestBuy or Amazon. It is like $30 and hooks up to your TV so you can “push” YouTube or other apps to watch on your TV. It’s very easy and there’s plenty of YouTube tutorial videos on how to setup and  use. I also suggest making an account on YouTube so you can “subscribe” to the people/channels you like. Then from the APP or Website, you can either be notified via email if someone you like posts or just consult the “Subscriptions” feed to get a list of the latest posting from your favorites. The other awesome thing about YouTube is it will help recommend additional videos or posters based off what you watch so you may find a new source of information out of the blue.  Here’s my Go-To list:


  •  Matt MuckleroyMatt’s channel is one of the primary ones I listen to. He himself does not post anything other than other’s channeled messages from a variety of sources pertaining to the Galactic Federation of Light consisting of ET (Plieadian, Arcturian, etc), Archangelic sources, and other spiritual hierarchies and Galactic Councils. Typically he uses a text-to-speak engine that reads blogs and other written texts and makes them audio. The voice used is androgynous and may need a few times to get used to, but I personally find it more preferable than listening to a live channeler which can be distracting by the voice inflections, etc. He also posts sometimes in Spanish and other languages as well.



  • Spirit ScienceThis YouTube channel is a god-send for me. It blends the science aspects of spiritual topics to satisfy the inner engineer along with the metaphysical spiritual seeker side of me. The videos are animated  and feature a lovable character called “Patch Man” who explains complex topics in a way that people can relate. I especially remember watching the “Human History Video” real early in my quest and it blew my mind. Good primers on “Crystals” and “Sacred Geometry” but I would recommend going through them all.  I would also give his other playlists a gander as well. A side series called “Pair O’ Dime Shift” (love the intro video) and “Patch Parables“.


  • Mario Gattoaladino: Mario posts messages very similar to Matt Muckleroy. Sometimes they overlap, but I find that Mario includes many more sources in his postings. I would say that between Matt and Mario, they contribute about 75% of my listening material. Mario includes more from the Ascended Masters vs. the Galactics. He also posts in Italian as well as other languages.



  • Blossom Goodchild: Blossom’s channel is great (especially recently) as she’s changed her format of the channeled messages she receives from the Pleiadian’s and others. She acts out one side and has a man read the channeled information. I get excited when she posts another as it is comical yet very profound. She asks the same questions I always think when talking with her guides.



  • Sandra Walter: Sandra is focused on Ascension and I learned a lot of topics around it from her in the past few years. It is great for my Marconics work as it is an Ascension energy modality. Sandra has a whole online class on teaching Christed Ascension (which I have not taken) but her videos give you a good primer on Ascension topics.



  • Alison David-Bird/Lisa Wilson: Alison and Lisa are the co-founders of Marconics and their channel contains information about it as well as some strong messages from Grace Elohim as well as other spiritual information around Ascension. Lisa and Alison are often interviewed on YouTube and are wonderful speakers and personal mentors of mine. The main page with info on Marconics is located here.



  • SciShow/SciShow Space/ KurzgesagtThese three channels are a great way to stay on top of Science Related topics. All three are well produced and answer the neverending curiousity I have. It is weird though that sometimes I’ll have a thought like  “Why is the Sky Blue” and within a week, they post the answer. Thanks Intention!


  • Kryon: Although peppered all throughout YouTube, I access Kryon’s messages through his website direct to the FULL library of all messages. Kryon is channeled via Lee Carroll and like me, he too is an engineer by education but brings a message of hope and also provides a variety of spiritual information and concepts that I appreciate deeply. Alternatively just search for Kryon in YouTube and you could listen for years without a repeat.


There are so many more, but to save space and time, I’ll just list out the others with a brief summary of what they entail:

  • Suzanne Lie, PhD: Excellent author and channeller of information from Galactic sources
  • Ambassidor Ehani: A young chap that clearly a star-seed. From New Zealand but has interesting topics abound.
  • Anna Merkaba: A gifted channeller for Angelic and Galactic sources
  • Doreen Virtue: A guru associated with the Angelics and very successful author
  • AwakeningOurTruth: A collection of channelled messages like Matt & Mario
  • Shots of Awe: Well produced content around the Human Condition from Jason Silva. Very passionate speaker and these short videos spark a lot of curiosity and food for thought
  • Suspicious0bservers: My morning spaceweather / global Earth concerns

I’ve also seen my subscription list morph as I’ve grown. There are a lot of sources of information that tackle becoming a lightworker from the darker side of life, (through tragedy and suffering) etc. But they didn’t resonate with me so I let them go. But I would give Teal Swan a look if you are interested in such topics.

I’ll also end the YouTube Section with a video that I watched really early in my quest that really jolted me to become awake. It is called: The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light which is mostly made from Barbara Marciniak’s “Bringers of the Dawn” Enjoy:


Well I figure that’s a good start! That’s probably a few years worth of content to review. Again use your own discernment on any information you take in and add to your “Quilt of Belief”.  I am honored to be a pebble on the path of your awakening should any of this stuff resonate with you and nudge you to your mission here on Earth. If you have any other suggestions of great material, please don’t hesitate to comment and leave me a link. I’m always looking for new content to sink my teeth into!  I may try to compile some great spiritual movies I’ve seen even if they are masked as SciFi or Fantasy as well as Blogs, Books, and Authors that have helped shape my spiritual and metaphysical education. But until then, you have enough to get you started, LOL!

Happy Info Hunting my dear friends and Lightworker posse!

Be Well, Peace, Namaste!




5 thoughts on “YouTube: My Spiritual Oracle and Library

  1. Hi Josh,

    This was a great post for me. Love the links. I’ve never watched the Pleiadian video before. Thank you!!

    BTW – great weekend. Can’t wait to see what’s next ☺ xoxo

    – Gina

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  2. Dear Lightworkers,

    We are amazed at the wonderful work you do to awaken humanity and the love you give unconditionally every day.

    We stay in RSA and believe we have a blueprint to help rebuild our country.
    It’s called Utopia and it’s designed to uplift communities and create opportunities as we believe money will not solve the problems in our country. The ego driven system is crushing the people so we used disruptive technology (4IR). It’s very difficult for people to see and understand the purpose…
    Can we email the blueprint to you as we need your guidance and blessings.


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