My Sedona Reiki Share Experience

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I’ve been vacationing in one of my favorite places on Earth, Sedona for the past several days. I was fortunate to get here right in time for the magnificent final Blood Supermoon Eclipse of the tetrad. Of course that was my plan all along as the first time I visited Sedona last year was also on the 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse (although it was of course cloudy that time).  But I will save my notes from that and other great Sedona events for another blog.  This sharing is all about my fantastic experience last night when I participated in my first Reiki Share.

Of course with anything in Sedona, circumstances come in wonderous ways. The backdrop to this story starts with my early morning decision to get out there and experience Sedona.  Like a kid in a candy store, I left the hotel in the morning and was like “OK Universe, where to? I can go to this place or that place, hike this mountain, or go to this vortex or that one.” but my intuition spoke up and I decided to go to the Boynton Canyon vortex. Actually I was surprised in that thought as I didn’t really have an OMG experience the last time I went there. It was really nice, but fairly uneventful. Well not this time!

I made my way up the trail, just taking in the morning air and the great vibes. I have tuned my energetics since my last visit here, so I was definitely feeling the pull and high energy. I got to the top and found my friend the Juniper Tree all twisted and majestic, like the guardian of the Vortex. I sat under it and admired the view and took out all my crystals I brought with me have them drink up this unique energy bath. At this vortex there is a spire that rises about 20-30 feet where brave souls can climb to perch themselves up there and meditate or just be in peace. Last year, I thought about making the climb but after a few close calls, I decided that I wanted to be able bodied for the rest of my vacation and not in an ER.

There were 3 people up there when I arrived and as I sat meditating, I heard them freaking out about the descent. I just watched them praying that they would be OK coming down, and they thankfully made it unharmed. Just then, I saw an older sun-worn man approach me and ask “What a wonderful morning, huh” and I replied “oh yes, heaven on earth”. He reached into his pocket and procured a heart shaped rock and said “I would like to give you this heart rock that embodies all the energy of this place and the energy of the creator. May it bring you love and light”. I was honored and accepted graciously and instantly remembered him as the random man that gave me a similiar rock last year in the same place, but only as I was ascending and he was leaving. So cool!

He smiled and went to the next people and gave them one as well. What a great man. So I started back to meditate but then happened to look over at the spire and saw him scale it like it was a ladder.. Effortless and quick, like an seasoned rock climber some 30 years younger. He yelled from the top that he’s ascended the perch some 2500 times so he knows the ropes. I was impressed, once again I go to close my eyes and start to relax into the energy, when I hear him say “This song is for the peace in the world and love everywhere” and he started playing a Native American flute. OMG! it was amazing. I just sat there awestruck at my fortune to have picked this spot this morning to experience it. Like a pied piper, the remaining people up there gathered at the base of the spire and just sat quietly and listened to his magical harmonies. Here’s a video of his playing and of the spire:

He would finish one song and then say a little intention for the next one like “This one is for release. The release of any baggage or unwanted feelings you may be shouldering” and off he went. I was sitting there and all of a sudden an extreme urge came over me to go up there and sit with him. At first, I was like “no way” but a stronger voice said, “Do it! You’ll be alright!” and since I didn’t want any regrets this trip, I took a deep breath and started up. The kind man finished his song and saw me, a clutsy bigger dude trying to get up there and he put down the flute and said, “OK Son, listen to me and I’ll guide you up safe and sound”. He then instructed me like a master, “OK put your foot there, and hold onto here, and shift your weight there, etc” and sure enough I was up the thing in no time. Phew. I was in heaven.

He shook my hand and said “Welcome up my friend”. He then picked up his flute and started the next song. I was just in awe at the view, my accomplishment of getting up there, and his melodic therapy. After each song he and I talked and I found out his name is Robert and he is a Reiki Master that lives locally in Sedona and he was guided to come there about 40 years ago to help people and the world with Reiki. He said he trieds to come up to this spot daily to spread his Reiki through his music to the land and Earth. He asked if I knew what Reiki was, and I told him yes, and that I was attuned to Level I some 10-12 years ago. Well that’s when he offered me to join him at his local center called “Peace Place” for a Reiki Share on Wednesday. I was shocked and before I even thought about it, I said “Sure, I’d be honored!” Wait, what? I don’t remember all the hand gestures, etc.. Unfortunately, I never really continued my Reiki education let alone practice on anyone other than myself and my feline friends. But I was calmed by a gentle thought, “It’s OK Josh, there is no right or wrong way. Just love and light”.

I  didn’t even though what a Share was, naturally I went right to Google and looked it up while  he played his final song:

A Reiki share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time. One person lays on a table while the participating practitioners gather around that person, laying their hands upon him/her facilitating a massive flow of Reiki energies. Group energies are often very strong and can be more penetrating than individual sessions. This type of Reiki treatment is a wonderful and often profound experience! No experience is required. Depending on how many people are present, everyone usually spends about 8-15 minutes on the table and the rest of the time offering to others. You will get Reiki from a whole bunch of people at once

Well that sounds interesting.. I have always thought of myself as a healer. I have been a peacemaker my whole like, a shoulder to cry on and a sheep dog to my friends. I intend healing in my nightly meditations to my friends and family often, but havent had the confidence to practice on others mostly due to my constant lack of confidence I’ve been fighting all my life. I’ve done a great job (I think) in the past year of pushing myself and not being afraid to experience things (hence the spire ascent, for example). So I was going to do this and just go with the experience.

Robert wrapped up his final song and we shook hands and I thanked him for letting me be pat of his day. I told him he was my “Sedona Gift-of-the-Day!”. He said, “OK, let’s go down. It’s harder but listen to me and you’ll be fine.” He was right, it was super scary but I listened and he guided my foot to the holds and like magic I was down save and sound. Wow. You go Josh and thank you Universe for Robert!

So after a long long day of hiking on Wednesday, to Crescent Moon Park and Cathedral Rock summit (OMG the best spot in Sedona. And I didn’t do it last year!) I was super spent and collapsed on the bed at the hotel at 3:33 PM. I smiled and thanked the Universe. I’ve been seeing the clock same numbers again for the past month at a remarkable rate (along with my spiritual friends!) And I heard my old Josh say, “There’s no way you are going tonight to the Reiki Share, you are too tired”. And ashamingly I agreed initially but for the next hour or two I was getting beat up from Higher Josh, saying “YOU WILL GO! YOU HAVE TO GO!” and I snapped out of my exhaustion, and got ready to go.

I arrived at the Peace Place about 10 minutes early and as I was trying to figure out where to go, who do I see walking up but Robert! He smiled and said, “You made it great, come on in!” It was a nice little studio with a GIANT crystal (like a 500 lb Quartz!) and 5 Reiki tables and a circle of other Reiki chairs (who knew) and there were about 3 other people there. Slowly more and more came in so there was about 12 and we were just sitting in a circle meditating. Instantly I was charged up more than I have EVER felt. My vision was almost hazy from the vibe I was getting. I could feel the energy from the people in front of me and beside me and my exhaustion was immediately gone. Like a snap of the fingers. We continued to meditate for about 10 more minutes and then Robert (the MC) explained the Reiki share to us newbies and the masters alike. In fact there were 8 masters, 2 novice (me included), and 2 newbies from China who just wanted to know what Reiki was all about.

I was like wow, that’s alot of Masters and I was a bit overwhelmed that I would be working on them too with never practicing on someone before, but as if Robert was reading my thoughts, he said “Don’t worry newcomers, just be open to the light of the Creator and flow Love and all will take care itself”. I was sitting next to a couple from Georgia (both masters) in their mid 40’s or so. I could feel her energy tremendously while I was meditating and she had a calm demeanor. As we all got up, I asked myself which table to go to? and the answer was immediate, that one. As I went, I turned and the Georgian couple came to it (yes!) and one of the newbies from China a 4 ft real young lady from China named Annie. She was a little nervous (I could feel it) and along with my nerves, I quickly wanted to ground myself so I was pure for this sharing. Annie went on the table first which I was happy with so I could “get the bugs out” since I wasn’t sure on what I was going to do.

And Robert annouced we’ll be working on each person about 15 minutes and we will end with an intention of “We seal this healing with Love and Light” twice. OK off we go. I just went into myself and said “OK guides, I need your help to help Annie” and on cue, my hands came WHITE HOT and I just beamed all my light out my hands like I was bathing her aura in white/gold light. I opened my eyes to see the Georgian couple going like crazy with their hands and moving around like they were seasoned pros (which they were). I got a pang of “What if they think Im doing it wrong” and got up all in my head and on cue, the light dimmed. I was abhorred that I may have sent some of that into Annie as she was nervous laying down to start so I just stepped back and grounded myself and cleansed my mind of any negative thoughts and jumped right back in. I decided right there and then that I was just going to do my own method.. Who cares on hand positions and the like if the INTENT is there. Right on cue, my hands did their own thing and my left hand was stable and my right started to swirl a bit. Right then I could totally feel her aura. I mean it was as palpable as any solid matter, only a bit like gelatin and hot air combined. Hard to explain but I was a bit taken back. I have felt it before when I was conducting healing on myself and usually when I was a bit altered (wink).. From that point, I intended energy into this field..Gold and white light and on cue her auric bubble expanded and my  hands went up on their own. I was a bit shocked and excited.

We all moved around Annie and then Robert concluded the healing with the statement to seal in the light. Wow awesome. Annie said (in broken English) that she could feel alot of energy in her head and midsection (where I was).. Cool! Next up was the woman reiki master and I again got a little anxious as we got started. As she stated she gets a treatment often from her husband in their practice in Georgia.. Again I fought the innner doubt and got into a place again to feel her aura, and I did.. It was much higher out than Annie’s initially. I looked over at Annie who looked scared and uncomfortable she was trying to copying my every move. I smiled at her and mouthed “Relax, it’s OK” and she smiled back and closed her eyes and focused on the lady on the table. Look at me, giving advice. LOL. Well I continued on Georgia lady and did my same routine on infusing light into her aura. I again thought of “oh gosh, what if she is not enjoying this? ” and instantly I couldn’t feel her aura anymore and I dimmed. I stepped back again and shook my hands out and breathed and smiled and just listened to my inner voice saying “You’re doing great”. I stepped back in and searched for her aura and bam, found it again. I worked her field again and as I’m doing it I had the thought “I think I’m doing Marconics, or something else other than Reiki.. I remembered watching some videos on Marconics and have been comptemplating going to the course for about a year.

Marconics is basically the next-generation of healing modalities with the focus of bringing in even greater energies. Basically as the humans and the world increase their vibrations towards ascension, the power of Reiki is less effective on higher vibe people. Marconics taps into the higher realms available to us now (post 2012). Regardless of what it was, I was happen to be finally practicing something healing on someone. As we sealed up our healing, Kelly opened her eyes and said, “wow thanks all, that was AMAZING” and with that I got a huge whoosh of energy as my stupid fear of inadequacy was squashed.

It was my turn on the table and I got comfortable and as they got started I felt like I was going to burst into flames I was so hot. I felt hotter than when I was out in the Arizona sun for 5 hours earlier in the day. It actually made me close up and I knew that their energy work wasnt having the effects they were intending so I took in some deep breaths and opened myself to their healing and as soon as I did, I could feel their energies (mainly Kelly) working on me especially around my head. It was soft and nice and made my scalp tingly. I quietly intended to my guides (and theirs) that I would like some special attention to my third eye and pineal area as from my last posting is an area that I have a hard time with. As soon as I did I could feel extra pressure on the side of my head and into my skull. It wasn’t super pleasant but I said that I would endure whatever if it needed to happen to help me. I also started thinking that I was excited to get back on the giving side vs. receiving (shocker) as it was a fear conquered. And again as I thought it so shall it be, Robert announced the closing intention. As I got up, I noticed Annie was gone. I guess  she and her friend left during the session. Oh well, I could understand..

I felt refreshed but was surprised that I had a headache in the area of the 3rd eye. It was a distraction as we performed on our last person in the group. Now with only me and Kelly, we went to town on Max and I was in the flow. I worked his aura bubble and she was doing her Reiki thing close to the body. I  was working about 2 feet off of him wherever i felt his boundary.  It floated up and down and I just infused it with my healing light and the light of the Universe I was channeling.. Once we finished, he awoke and said he was completely spent in a good way. Mission accomplished.

I still had my rare headache localized in my inner skull. Me and the Georgians were in the meditation circle awaiting the final group to finish a latecomer to the group. This gave me time to contact my healing guides and ask for their help on my headache as if some healing got interrupted when my time came up on the table. Instantly I felt AA Raphael energy at my side and my headache was coated by a warm energy. It immediately dulled and steadily decreased just as Robert came into the circle. We all joined hands and Robert lead us in a small prayer to the Creator and Gaia and it was the perfect end to my first healing experience of many to come.. I hugged it out with Kelly, Max and Robert and left that place a whole new person!

Sedona NEVER disappoints..

I hope you enjoyed my sharing. Much love and light to you all.

BWPN (Be Well, Peace, Namaste!)


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  1. Oh Josh….What a GREAT experience…I am SO very happy for you and so moved by your courage…
    Thank you for sharing …. I was buzzing while reading …..

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