Have Some Spiritual Courage! Be Fearless! Jump in!

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My spiritual development has continued to grow at warp speed since my fantastic trip to Sedona exactly one month ago. My last blog posting left off with my profound experiences of participating in a Reiki share and how the synchronicities throughout the week allowed me to arrive there. Well this one is no different. This sharing starts off the day after the Reiki share with me checking off another must-do item on my Sedona itinerary; Another spiritual reading with Joyea at the Mystical Bazaar.

On my inaugural visit to Sedona last October, I was drawn to stop by the Mystical Bazaar and peruse their inventory of crystals. The energy was really nice in there and the two clerks were super friendly and almost felt familiar. I selected my new crystal friends and just as I was checking out, I noticed a sign showing that they did spiritual readings there. I have always wanted to have one but was really skeptical and figured most were were a crock of bologna or a scam. But something in me stirred and surprisingly, almost like I wasn’t the one talking, I just blurted out to the clerk if there were any available slots left? As soon as I said it, I think I broke out in a little sweat. “Did I just ask that?”. She indicated that one of the readers was just leaving, but there just happened to be a cancellation tonight for the other one, Joyea. The clerk described that she was great and really worked with the angelic realm and was really gifted. So, I took that as a sign and said, “OK, I’ll take it”. And I had a seat in their little waiting room.

Well long story short (since the particulars of reading #1 aren‘t the reason of this sharing) , the 15 minute session turned out to be an hour, and the results of our fantastic conversation set the course for this whole year in my spiritual development and growth. All from me taking that leap. I still hold that lesson in my daily life. I think, “wow, if I didn’t do that reading, my whole trip would have been different, and the resulting year’s progress probably wouldn’t have been so profound. From that act of courage, I gained the confidence to push myself more into unknown yet exciting situations. It is how I started consulting with Lisa Gawlas, and why I climbed the spire and met Robert, leading to the Reiki share experience, and all the other things that are happening to me. But I’m jumping ahead..

One of the most important parts of this story is the question Joyea asked me as we were wrapping up my first reading. She surprised me by asking if I was going to be around for the weekend because she was guided to invite me to a class on a “new healing modality” that she was helping to organize.. She continued on by saying that she sensed and insisted that I was a natural born healer and ambassador of Archangel Raphael and his healing team so she was compelled to give the invitation. I reluctantly told her my flight home was the next morning and couldn’t attend. Part of me wanted to say yes, and figure out how to move my flight but of course I didn’t and just apologized. I also did another silly thing in not asking her what the name of the new modality was. I intended to ask, but just didn’t. The 2014 version of Josh wasn’t as bold and confident as the 2015 Josh. I’ve learned not to censor and stifle that voice of the higher self, and when it wants to ask a question or say something, it’s REALLY REALLY important to listen to that inner instinct and act, and not just go, “Nah, I’m not asking that, or doing that. I‘ll sound stupid.” This was my modus operandi for SO MANY years of my shy, timid life. Well no more!

So I gave Joyea a nice big hug and departed the next morning I bid adieu to my dear Sedona. Not soon thereafter, it popped in my head to research and figure out what was that new healing modality she mentioned. So I set off with my Google skills and searched the mighty Interwebz to see what was going on in Sedona the weekend I left. That’s when I stumbled across an article showing that this new healing / ascension energy modality was headed to Sedona on that very weekend in question called MARCONICS. Hmm.. Interesting.. .. So I cyber sleuthed Joyea’s email and sent her a note asking if Marconics was it, but unfortunately I never got a reply. So alternatively, I further researched the Marconic’s Website, and holy smokes, I found out that they were based out of Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts: Basically my back yard.. I got chills instantly and just sat there in the dark with the my monitor blaring and was like… wow, OK..This has got to mean something.

So I couple of weeks later, I picked up a copy of “Spirit of Change Magazine“ I got from my massage therapists office, and was perusing when I saw that there was a big spiritual expo happening very close to my house. I was still on a Sedona high, so I pulled out the insert that had the schedule of all the speakers and I started reading the synopsis’s and almost dropped the book when I saw that the founder of Marconics, Allison David-Bird, was going to be a speaker. Of course I attended the expo and was fascinated with her presentation. As stated, I guess I wasn’t ready to dive in, so I started just watching Marconics from afar via YouTube and by following her and her team a few times to other expos. I just never had the guts to get a No-Touch session (kind of like a Reiki or other healing session) or even more crazy to me, sign up for the Level 1 Practitioner’s Training. It kept calling me in the back of my mind saying “Just go sign up already“ or “Try a healing session“ and I would go to the website and research where and when the next class was, but never had the gall to sign up.

Well fast forward back to this year’s Sedona trip. There was no way I was going to leave Sedona without checking in with Joyea again. I called to make and appointment and was relieved that she had a spot open although I cut it pretty close as was leaving for vacation the next day! So I was beyond excited to chat again, unlike being really nervous the year before. A lot has changed, primarily my spiritual confidence. I even got there early again and perused their inventory as I was in the market for some new crystals for me and as gifts for my special friends.

All of a sudden, I heard her familiar voice and started to get anxiously excited. I said hello and she looked at me and said, “Wait. I know you.. I’ve read for you before right?.” I told her yes, last year and I walked back to her little office. After a quick minute or two or chatting, we were connected again as her memories and impressions flooded in from over a year prior. The conversation just flowed naturally and as she connected to my guides, she just said “Wow, OK.. You got some heavy hitters helping you out.” She continued telling me her new impressions that she received from my spiritual/angelic guides and higher self all which really validated a lot of the progress I made since our last chat. We spent over the first 30 minutes just talking and really didn’t know if we would ever get to the oracle cards. But we did, but we just ended up only doing one deck, (instead of the 3 we did last year). Of course, the information and guidance I got just was PERFECT and EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

The basic theme was it was time for me to put my knowing into action. She mentioned that I got a “change out” of guides recently where now Archangel Uriel and St. Germaine where my primary “case workers” with the purpose to help push me out of my comfort zone. “Coincidentally” I had also felt that my connection to Raphael had significantly waned (he was the one that came through strongest last year) and every time I would get to Uriel in my rotation of welcoming in meditation, I would get almost like an energetic punch in the arm, like “Hey old buddy, I’m here for you!”. She also mentioned that he is the archangel of the Solar Plexus and of will and that is exactly in line with a lot of the reading I’ve been getting through Lisa Gawlas. All these sources (and most importantly, the Josh Intuition) has felt that I’m coming into my own power and transforming. Earthly things are more distant and less attractive to me, while my desires to scale down and be in a position to focus more on helping people directly has amped up tremendously.

As I said, I shared the validation of her reading impressions about my internal shift in spiritual confidence and the power of will. I also gave examples of my crazy Sedona experiences from the few days prior such as the meeting of Robert, the scaling of “Mount Everest” and the Reiki share all because I had courage. Towards the latter portion of the reading, she asked if I had any questions and I finally had the opportunity to ask her about our previous visit, and the offer she gave me to join her at a new healing modality and if it was Marconics. At first, she didn’t really remember was going on back a year ago (how could I expect her to, I couldn’t do that).. But she said, “No, I have never taken Marconics but when you said the word “Marconics” I saw bright stars popping all around your head and feel a strong vibration that it was important.”

The rest of the conversation and guidance from my higher sources was around interlacing the fact that Uriel and St. Germaine are now strong in my life, with divine timing for me to take the next steps in my spiritual development and how it is important for me get out there and being an active and deliberate light worker. “They are pushing the accelerator down on your life, Josh” she explained and challenged me by asking when the next class for Marconics was for which I told her was October 23rd (a mere 3 weeks away), and it was only an hour from my house in Boston. She laughed and said, well go inside and ask the question, “Should I go to that class?“ and as soon as I did, I got a huge swoosh of energy and could feel that energetic punch in the arm. She got the chills (as did I) and we both concluded, I would do it!

She also surprised me even by stating that she got a strong sense from my guides that I need to personally get involved an upcoming expo of some sort in my area and that Uriel was insisting that I get some sort of table at it and PRACTICE something spiritual whether it is Oracle Card Readings, or just doing my own healing thing, like I did at the Reiki Share.. Something, it was just important to get out there and Practice!!

[Side Note: It just so happens that I pulled the “TALK to your Angels card, The PRACTICE card, and the TRUST card” from Doreen Virtue’s “Life Action Oracle Cards” – which out of the three decks she had, I was drawn to that deck. The message of those three cards combined is quite powerful.]

She said, “Do you think you can do that?“ and I just laughed and said, “Wow, I dunno.. That’s a BIG jump.. That’s the equivalent to me going from kindergarten to college in one step.” We both laughed hard. But she said that it was really time to start to believe in myself and finally start to use my gifts that I came into this existence with and help people. I did tell her that I saw from the itinerary (which I got a few weeks prior) that the Marconics team was going to be there again at the expo demonstrating the energy and providing sessions. I said that maybe if I took the class, I would maybe be able to go participate that way as Archangel Uriel strongly suggested.

And unfortunately, the alarm when off, indicating that the 60 minute session was over in what felt like 5 minutes. We exchanged some wonderful hugs and gratitude as it was a true metaphysical and spiritual give-and-take for both of us. We also exchanged our contact information and vowed to stay in touch which we have so far. Yet again, a super powerful Sedona experience that I’m truly grateful for. Thank you Joyea and my guides.. And Thank you Sedona. I will be back and I will live there someday. It’s my spiritual home.

So shortly after the reading, I set course back to home. Fueled by my spiritual courage during the week and remarkable experience conquering my fear of practicing energy work on someone via the Reiki Share experience, I jumped into the deep end of the pool and signed up not only for the Marconics Level 1 Practitioner Training course, but also a Marconic Recalibration session as well.

Spoiler alert: Both of these events happened last weekend and I look forward to sharing that experience in my next post. So stay tuned!  I also have some news about the upcoming expo.. I’ll be helping out the Marconics team! Originally I was only going to discuss my Marconics Practitioner training and recalibration, but figured it was better to give some more background and not have a novel-length posting. LOL!

I think that there is a lesson here and I’d like to share a quote by Marianne Williamson that my friend Jenn just recently shared with me. It was so powerful and really demonstrates what is the true reason we hold ourselves back:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

So do yourself and the world a favor and stop procrastinating sharing your life. Whether it is healing, or art or music or writing a book, or making pottery… Just listen to your Higher Self and obey! Be courageous. Be Brave! Jump In!!

I am truly changed and definitely resonating to the highest level yet and only now look forward to my upcoming adventures.. Thanks for reading.. Stay tuned for Part 2! My Marconics experience!

Be well! Peace! Namaste!


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