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Well I figured that I would chronicle my latest adventure in Marconics. It has only been about 2 weeks since my foray into the Level 1 No Touch Protocol Practitioners training and in that short time I have been able to integrate that experience pretty well. As discussed in my last sharing, I have noticed a substantial difference in my baseline level vibe and that had a fair amount of spontaneous chakra movements strong enough to make me stop what I’m doing and just integrate. I bought myself a massage table via Amazon even before I had taken the Level 1 course, because I knew that I would want to get practicing right away once I went through the No Touch Protocol. I fortunately didn’t have to wait terribly long before I had my chance to practice!

I routinely go over my friend’s Jeff and Lindsey’s house before our weekly volleyball game for dinner and to see their 2 wonderful and special children, Adam and Lily. That whole family is really special and I have been best friends with Jeff for almost 30 years (OMG!) as we met in 5th grade and I’ve known Lindsey for almost just as long as she was in the same high school class as my sister. Jeff is one of the most stand-up guys I have ever met and we’ve marched through early life together, both fairly unscathed. He was my protector should anything get out of hand (which it RARELY did) as I was definitely less equipped for anything physical in that rough, playground scene. We’ve never, not once, ever have had a fight or pissed each other off in all that time.

Lindsey’s a very spiritual person that’s done a great job thus far being a parent and custodian to two of the most incredibly special children I have ever met. Adam (10) and Lily (6) are definitely crystal children. Adam is one the most advanced kids in both his academics as well as his interests. He researches quantum physics and all things science on his iPAD before bed. He’s also creative, caring and compassionate and has a gift of writing and an eloquence that is quite remarkable. Lily is just as precious but she’s just a complete ball of light. She is close with nature and animals and just loves and loves.. She is equally smart for her age, but she’s all about experiencing fun and games (what 6 year old does). She does about 4 wardrobe changes a day but also likes to help her dad with yard chores, etc. I consider both of them as my nephew and niece as I currently don’t have any biological ones.

Anyways, Lindsey has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to my spiritual growth and she’s always wanting the blow-by-blow playback of my experience. She was one of the first people to ping me after I left the Level 1 class and bravely volunteered to be my first guinea pig whenever I felt ready to give it a go. Well I didn’t waste any time and I brought my table with me to their house this week and after dinner we both decided to give it a go. She’s never had a true energy session done to her before and she would be my first non-Marconics student that I ran the energy on. She described her feelings as being “anxiously excited” as I set up the table and I would have to admit I was too, although I was trying to remain confident in my demeanor. We were sequestered from the kids and Jeff and although there was much curiosity, they respected what was going on and waited VERY quietly upstairs until we were done.

Lindsey laid down and I called in the energy and instantly felt the familiar boost of energy arise in my hands and body. I approached and entered her field and started the Protocol. Instantly, I saw her eyes start to dart back and forth in REM state. I just smiled and was just sighed a bit thinking “Phew, she’s responding well to the energy!” I ran through the protocol remarkably well with little references to my notes. I could easily feel her energy field and I was trying not to think about anything by being a conduit for the Marconics energy although I was dying to know how she was feeling. In my limited times working on a client, I seem to burst into hot flashes when I get going and this was no exception. Thank goodness I was dressed for volleyball already, but wowzers those clothes got a double workout that night. LOL!

I finished the Protocol and honored my client and removed myself from her field and sealed myself off and just thought, “Holy moly. I just completed my first practice session. Lordy, you’ve come so far, SO FAST, Josh!” and I reached out to ground Lindsey. She reacted like I expected and jumped back in her body. After some time for her to get back integrated into her physical body, I asked her on her impressions. She said, “Wow, that was incredible. I do have some interesting things to share.” She first commented that she was embarrassed when we first started as she noticed her eyes started to spasm immediately. She said cutely “OMG, I couldn’t stop them and I didn’t want to freak you out”. I smiled and beamed out love and explained that it is normal and that I was SO EXCITED to see that happen. I don’t think she truly believed me so later that night, I forwarded her a YouTube video from the Marconics channel where Alison (the founder of Marconics) explains that side effect. She also asked if I was working on her 3rd eye at all, which I said yes. She told me that she’s always been able to see a white light in her inner vision when meditating, and this time it was the case as well, however as she noticed it, she said it became the most brilliant blue she’s ever seen and was just mesmerized by it’s color and beauty. She also indicated that she had also experiences a strong, yet unfamiliar smell during the procedure (and no, it wasn’t a byproduct of my dinner digestion, lol!!) When she asked herself, “What is that smell? I don’t know what it is..” she got an immediate response: SANDALWOOD. She said “Sandalwood? I’ve never smelled that before.. I have barely ever heard of it.”. I asked her to smell me and see if it was me at all which she indicated no.. I didn’t think so, as I too haven’t had any recent or frequent sandalwood encounters. She also felt really relaxed and energized at the same time. I asked her if she was satisfied with the session and she gave me a hug in affirmation. I was just so happy.

We went upstairs and Adam was the first to ask how it went. He was very intrigued and asked if I could work on him in the future. Given that working on children is not necessarily encouraged, unless they ask directly, I told him I would in the future after I’ve had some more practice and if Lindsey/Jeff felt it was OK. All the meantime, Lindsey jumped on her phone and Google to research her experience.. The first Google hit produced this spot on explanation:

“Frequently the appearance of an Angel is accompanied by a heightened sense of colors, especially blues and greens, as these are the hues associated with Angels. They also may appear, trailing wonderful fragrances in their wakes. The unexplained scent of roses or pine in the air may be a clue that an Angel has passed by. The refreshing smell of a rich pine forest is associated with Angels on a healing mission. A sandalwood fragrance may also mean healing Angels, but more often indicate those who arrive with creative and inspirational messages or instructions. Guardian Angels radiate a fragrance that is sweeter than a flower garden in bloom.”

She just was floored by it as she did say that she was hoping to get some creativity / ambition to continue to work on her labor-of-love of authoring a book on parenting and when she read the passage about sandalwood above being involved with creative endeavors, she just looked at me with her mouth slightly ajar and said, “OMG Josh. Wow, just wow!” I smiled back and said, “I think you got what you were looking for, so I expect I’ll be seeing a draft of your book soon!” And off Jeff and I went to volleyball. I’d love to get him on the table sometime, but that may be a stretch. We’ll see.. He’s very open and accepting but it’s not his cup of tea. I already offered and should he want it, I’ll be there with bells on!

As I mentioned last time, I’ve continue to heed the call of my Higher Self’s need to push myself into action vs. just being static or observant from afar (as usual) and volunteered to help man the booth with the Marconics’ team at the upcoming Natural Expo next weekend. I hope to have a few more practice sessions this week in preparation of that with Lindsey and a couple other very close friends that have been very supportive and excited about my rapid spiritual growth. I am planning to test out the remote version of the Protocol with my friend Jenn as she’s up in Maine and I’ve yet to get up to her spiritual haven she’s been building for the past 10 years.

I also participated in a Marconics event this weekend called The Gathering of the Guardians. It was a practitioners-only event that reconnects people that may have not seen each other since their last practitioner’s class. I hemmed and hawed about signing up for it as I wasn’t sure if I should given I JUST took the course, but my Higher Self punched me in the arm at 11:58 PM, 2 minutes before the registration deadline, and demanded that I make up my mind and don’t take the easy route and just let the deadline pass. I agreed and signed up with a minute to spare. I’m very glad I did. Although it was a very up-and-down experience. I just got back from that event and it was VERY VERY interesting in a multitude of ways. I am still processing some of the news brought forth from that event on what’s going on in the whole Galactic / Higher Realms that Alison and Lisa have channeled. There was some news brought forth that I wasn’t expecting nor was I expecting how my body reacted to some of it. It was the first time since my Recalibration that some uneasiness and anxiety returned. But that’s for another blog (maybe even for a private one). I just kept getting a small whispering saying “Hang in there Josh.. It’ll be OK.. You’ll process and move on and enjoy tomorrow”, which I did especially after some discussions during some of the breaks which a few teachers (Thanks Gina & Mary Pat) and attendees (Susan, Heather, and Diana).

I meant some really great people this weekend and made some awesome connections with some other practitioners and got to learn about their journeys in these things and how they‘ve grown as most of them have gone through Level 1, 2 and the subsequence recalibrations. I also got to meet another Master Teacher that didn’t come to my Level 1 Training class, Rosemary. She again had a great powerful vibe and I immediately felt like she will be a great guide for me like the others going forward with this journey. I am very grateful that I didn’t miss out on the weekend. See, another reason to just jump in and have no fear..

The highlight of the weekend for me (by far) was when we got to run the energy on each other and I got to perform a No Touch on a Level 2 practitioner on Saturday and it was yet another opportunity to practice for the expo. And I got to experience the Marconic Recalibration as the Level 2’s got to practice on me. I had a really great session of being a recipient of Marconics energy again and a wonderful experience having a Higher Self integration during it (Thanks Eleni!). During the session, the lights were way down low in the ballroom and of course my eyes were closed. As soon as the crowning procedure started, the light I was seeing behind my closed eyes ramped way up and I thought “Oh they must have turned up the lights” as it was that dramatic but realistic. And then the light just kept getting brighter and brighter until it was like someone placed a LED flashlight against my closed eyes. . I also had the swelling of love enter my chest and it was so so pleasurable. The energy spread into the rest of my body very gently and I could feel a smile go across my face uncontrollably. The session finished and Eleni grounded me and I opened my eyes to find, yep, the lights were still very dim and I was like WOW that was cool. It took me some time to get off the table, as I was still integrating back to the physical. I gave her a hug and thanked her for an awesome session.

So, I plan on doing some more practice this week in prep for the expo that Joyea helped me identify as a goal in Sedona. I am definitely planning on advancing to Level 2 and hopefully beyond as I continue this trek. I received some excellent confident boosters this weekend from some of my fellow attendees as well as teachers (Thanks for the talk Lisa!) Healing work is something I always what I wanted to be part of and so far, I feel like I’m on the right path.. Although I think it is more like a HOV lane on a highway rather than a scenic nature path in the woods given the speed of which all this is manifesting right now, but I’m going with the flow and being aware of the sign posts being placed in front of me. And most importantly, I’m acting on them.

Well that‘s enough for now. If you enjoyed this sharing, stay tuned for next week’s episode of JustJoshingYou to hear all about my expo experience!

As always, Be Well, Peace, Namaste,


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