My Marconics Expo Experience

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In the “finale” of this series of my early Marconics experiences, this sharing is about my volunteering for the Marconics Team during the Natural Living Expo that took place this past weekend.  The biggest take away is my shear awe on the progress I’ve made in my spiritual and personal development, not only in the past year, but in the past month or two. It has definitely been following an exponential curve!  Multiple times during the weekend as I helped on giving energy sample sessions, answered attendees questions, and ran logistics, I just kept on thinking “I can’t believe I was on this side of the table!!” and feeling all the feelings associated with it; excitement, anxiousness, pride, etc.

Last year, I was a shy, timid attendee who SO interested in learning about ANYTHING healing related, especially Marconics given my stumbling upon it during my post-Sedona research.  Despite attending that first lecture by Alison in 2014, I didn’t have the guts to talk to the Marconics folks, let alone hop on a table and get a sample of the energy. I must have walked past the booth 4-5 times watching what was going on, almost jealous of the people on the tables. All I had to do was walk up and talk and try. But nope, I just wasn’t in that state of mind. Looking back though, I have no regrets. The just being out at a spiritual-oriented convention with others vs. alone at my house was a trophy moment for me. It also piqued my interest even more on all things spiritual and metaphysical and shaped my year of development beyond my wildest expectations.  Of course, this journey continues being unfolded via divine timing, but I am just so glad I’m past that Timid Josh stage and into the Active Josh one.

This year when I arrived at the expo, I was so surprised that there was virtually no parking between the venue and adjacent hotel. It was completely packed! I actually had to park at another hotel down the street and huff it back up to the hotel quickly to attend one of the only 2 sessions I planned to see out of the 60 or so that were offered over the 2 days; Alison David-Bird’s Marconics: The Clarion Call.  Side note: The other was on Sunday with a Key Note speech by an author whose books I read early in my 1st incarnation of spiritual development, Dan Millman. (“The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, “The Life You Were Born to Live”). It was good, but no Alison David-Bird lecture, LOL!

I arrived in the seminar room and saw all my familiar Marconics teacher’s faces and wasn’t sure if I was going to be helping out or just a spectator.  Well after a few minutes it was clear that I would be helping in beaming the room with the energy as well as offering each attendee if they’d like to experience the energy and perform a quick session on their head.  As Alison started speaking, we all were stationed around the room and beamed the crowd the Marconics energy. After only a minute or so, I could totally sense the energy building and as I observed the attendees while listening to yet again another riveting lecture from Alison, they seemed to be sensing it too. Some people started to look around at us, some started to yawn (not in boredom but by energy overload) and I noticed that the lights even flickered a few times.

I was really excited to be helping out but it was a bit intimidating as it was the first time I was giving out quick head-based samples to complete strangers and not my fellow classmates or friends volunteering to help me practice. But I just stood confident that I was in my own power and a pure conduit for this energy and off I went. I could feel the energy strongly and could sense a few people react to my samples (proof by their subsequent visit later to our booth as I recognized several, which tickled my heart). Once it ended, I decided to head down early to the expo center and planned to mill around a bit at the huge array of vendors there, but figured I’d start by seeing how the Marconics booth was going..

I was greeted warmly by Mary Pat despite it being super crowded (by the influx of people just out of Alison’s talk), so she put me RIGHT to work. She said, “Grab a Marconics shirt and hit table 2, Karen’s your first client”. Wow, OK, this is happening was all I thought and away I went. I greeted my first ever paying client and welcomed her and proceed to quickly explain that it was a No-Touch session and to just relax until I grounded her at the end of the 15 minutes. We were running an abbreviated protocol consisting of the head, heart, and grounding vs. the 45-60 min full one.

And with my first deep breath and my calling down the Marconic energy, I was addressing (and subsequently conquering) one of my biggest fears and limiting governors I’ve placed on myself.  It’s been the Fear lock that’s caged me from my highest potential and robbed me of countless opportunities put in my path over all these years, from relationships, from becoming a healer, etc.  In this case, it was a big fear that I would let my client down and they wouldn’t feel the energy or that I would not be a good ambassador of Marconics. Well, it was time for me to take back that power and not let it get in the way of my divine greatness anymore. NO MORE fear. Be gone. Jump in.. Be strong, brave and embody the light.

So off I went, and it was a great session, the first of over 25 that weekend! As I finished and grounded Karen (I remember her name purposely), I thanked her telepathically for being part of my journey. She had a wonderful experience (of course, what was I worried about? The Marconic energy is amazing!) and wished she could stay on the table longer. It was such a great start to a crazy busy day. I didn’t stop for 5 hours. No break, just was basked in the energy, the experience and sopped it up like a sponge.

After a solid 2 hours of delivering sample energy sessions, I got a break from the tables and cooled down (as I become super sweaty and hot when running this energy). I then was able to turn outward and talk with people. It’s a skill I LEARNED from all the years at my company being a project leader and now manager. I have had to give product demos, training sessions, and speak at client meetings since early in my career. With all that practice I have become pretty good at it (once I’m confident with my skills). But holy cow, that wasn’t the case either in the early days. Well that’s what life is about right? Learn stuff, master it, and then applying it to new experiences later in life.

After a few awkward descriptions of what the Marconic energy is and how it is different from other modalities, I got my elevator pitch as well as great metaphors and analogies to help connect people to the concepts being presented. I was able to make people more comfortable and subsequently some even decided to take that jump I was too scared to do last year, and hop on the table. For me, it’s not about convincing anyone on anything, it is just giving them enough information for them to act. I have ALWAYS lived by the motto, “Do no harm” and that includes any coercion of any sort. Hence my fairly karmic free life (this time around at least, wink)..

I was able to gage my timing on the table and experience a vast array of personalities and energy fields of all different shapes and sizes. Every single one helped boost my confidence, helped me learn-by-doing, and provided unique feedback to continue to help me grow as an energy worker, healer, etc. This opportunity to volunteer was so so huge given the exposure it gave me. To be able to perform Marconics on 25+ people would have taken a long, LONG time otherwise. I’m so appreciative of the Marconics leadership team for providing it for all us practitioners.

  • A couple of the standout sessions I can remember were as follows:
    One client said she was able to connect to her deceased daughter during the session and receive a message (finally) that she was OK on the other side and not to worry
  • One client asked me “When did you turn on the table?” and I asked her what she meant and she said that the table was vibrating so strongly that she thought it was mechanically done. She didn’t believe me and looked underneath and examined it for a minute or two in disbelief
  • One client only paid for 5 minutes and I was going to only do the head and grounding sequence, but was strongly guided to also perform the heart sequence. After I completed the session, she asked if I worked on her heart as she felt it finally start to feel less constricted after some time. She saw a lot of green (chakra color) in her inner vision and felt so much love. She stated that she’d been completely shut off to love after a difficult relationship and was attending the expo to find some way to help open her back up. She said she got what she was looking for and I got a nice big hug for a tip
  • One young client (couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, tops) came up quietly towards the end of Day 2 and was milling around when I approached and asked her if she had any questions. She just quietly asked for a 15 min session and I took her to a table. As I performed the session, I could see her body responding to the energy pretty immediately. I finished and she opened her eyes in disbelief. She said that she saw a figures outline in her inner vision and then it followed up with another row and then another row of figures reaching out to her. She also mentioned that she felt really really cold / but hot like ice fire.. She was having a hard time explaining it. I remembered from class that Alison or Lisa said that that “cold energy” was representative of Guardian-type energy. And when she said that she looked almost shocked and asked, “Oh my god. Really? Have you worked on many clients suffering from PTSD?” I told her no, that I was only a month out of class and that this was my first real experience as a practitioner. She then said, “Well you have now, as I’ve been dealing with it for years”. My first thought was “Oh no, that’s so sad to be so young and have traumatic event(s) occur.” I didn’t pry and she didn’t offer any more details, but she said she felt more at peace as she has for a long time. She seemed so glad that her guardians may have come through. I told her to meditate on that image and see if she could connect more to them.
  • The very last client of the weekend came up to the table with 5 minutes left in the expo and almost demanded to get a quick session. I was up for it of course, but we were almost at the point of breaking down the booth. I asked Lisa and she approved for 5 minutes and I set off giving this audaciously confident lady a session. She was tiny but seemed pretty responsive to the energy but at towards the end of the session, she bolted up and looked down to me. I had just finished grounding her and was in the process of disconnecting energy fields. She laid back down and said sorry and I finished. Then I grabbed her ankles (indicating we are done and to ground her completely) when she explained that she felt like someone was touching her feet and that they were buzzing. I told her that I never touched her feet, but we were working on them at the end of the session. She confessed that she was a “spy” for a friend considering to take the Marconics class, but given that she’s herself is a total skeptic, if she felt something that her friend would take the class. I said, “Ha, that’s interesting. Did I pass?” and she said “Surprisingly yes. Good job.. I’m very shocked that I’m still feeling something.”

There were so many more cool experiences from people I sampled the energy on. By the end of Day 2, I felt so much more comfortable and confident from when I first started on Karen. The only experience I was fully expecting to confront but never happened was the fear that someone didn’t have a satisfying experience during the sampling the energy. I guess part of me wanted to know how I would react to it, but everyone seemed sincere in their session recap. I’m a human lie detector, so I would definitely feel if they were telling a white lie sparing my feelings. But I just took it as a blessing too as I still could use the bolstering of confidence given the newness to all of this.

Lastly, I was also so happy to see my Recalibration buddy of Nadine from my class. We got to work together for both days as she has embraced her talents as well since class. She has been working on people every day and was ready to start charging for her services, as is the goal for us all. For me, it isn’t needed to make a living, although someday I see it doing so vs. my current corporate life. The big thing about charging is that it is an “energy exchange” for a level of service work. Money currently is the modality of exchange in this world. If something is free, it doesn’t evoke the same level of value or exchange. I was so happy to hear as she’s situated in the heart of Boston and surrounding burbs. It’s so awesome that she’ll be able to infuse the Marconic energy in a high density area.

Well at the end of the day, she asked if I could give her a session while we were slow at the booth. I jumped on the opportunity and as soon as I stepped into her field, I was feeling her energy system more than anyone else’s I’ve worked on to date. She responded immediately to the energy and I could totally feel her field moving, expanding, etc. It was remarkably satisfying and I was determined to run a full session, but alas, fates brought and influx of people to the table and I got the wave to wrap it up to be able to help with visitors. I was really bummed, but agreed. As I performed “the Wave” technique, it was palpable, and just as I was going to do another finishing move, I raised my hand and IMMEDIATELY her hand rose with mine. I was like OMG, and looked to see if anyone saw it. I held it there and then slowly lowered and sure as shnikes, her hand lowered with mine. It gave me butterflies of excitement. It was such a gift and I can’t wait to work on her again during Level 2 in Martha’s Vineyard in January.

So that’s the expo experience. I’m still so amazed at its genesis. From when Joyea in Sedona mentioned during my spiritual reading that AA Uriel and St. Germaine said I needed to be part of an upcoming expo (which I said in my head, yeah, right, sure) to it actually happening (with a Marconics class in between) is a great example of what the power of intent can do. As I said many times over the past few sharings, I hope this account and series will spark you to do something you have wanted to do but haven’t had the gumption to start, finish, or even dream.

I look forward to my continued journey in Marconics and other metaphysical/spiritual experiences and chronicling them here for you to experience with me. Thanks for your attention and time reading these lengthy ones.

Big Thanksgiving Wishes to you all.. Be Well, Peace, and Namaste!


2 thoughts on “My Marconics Expo Experience

  1. Great Post Josh…..hearing about it first hand at the time you were experiencing it pales in comparison to reading it in full detail….. What an absolutely AWESOME experience for you~ And what a great 360 view of your weekend ~ Thank you for sharing~!!….

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  2. Wow, Josh, I didn’t realize how involved you’ve become in energy healing! What an amazing experience you had at the Expo; I loved reading about it. The next time we get together, you can practice on me! Thanks so much for sharing your blog and thanks again for my beautiful crystal xo


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