Happy New Year! Here’s to a Grand 2016!

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Happy 2016 Everyone! I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly a year since I started my blog and published my first sharing on January 10, 2015. I finished the first year with 22 posts  (which I can’t believe)  and have had almost 1000 views. Yeah, that’s tiny in social media circles, but I am still amazed even 1 person finds and takes the time to read, let alone subscribe and follow.  But pretty much daily, several visitors will come and read something and can you believe, I’ve had visitors from 26 countries! Wait, what? Someone from Mauritius read my blog? Wow..  But followers and stats are not why I’m doing this. I’ve found that it is a great way for me to process my experiences on this spiritual path. If anyone else benefits from anything I write, well that’s just a wicked big bonus.

Like most of us do every January, I take a little time to reflect on the year past and also project the intention for the year to come; not via resolutions per se but just general intentions of what I want to experience through living life. It could be through travelling or classes or just random occurrences, but I have really learned not to sweat the “HOWS” and leave that to the wondrous universe to figure out. Sometimes the engineer side of my brain has a thought experiment on what it would be like to BE the universe and have to take in account all the dimensions and decisions that have to be made in order for the manifestation of my free will choices. Wowzers.. And then if you take in consideration the fickle nature of us human beings, where we change our minds all the time, well that just compounds the complexity a hundred million fold. Pfft.. That’s only 1+1=2 to the Magnificent Universe. Piece of cake..  I can’t imagine all the times I may have been one correct decision away from the final outcome of my wildest desires only to doubt the process, stop listening to my inner guide, or complain it is taking to long to wipe the progress from 99% right back to 0%. Does the Universe get frustrated? Nope! It just smiles and wipes the board clean and starts over marveling on my journey all while proclaiming its love for me.. It has eternity to root for us, so what’s another week, month, eon, or billion years.. It’s all the same. This is about the point my mind starts to fry and I have to go for a walk or take a shot of whiskey before I have a stroke or something, LOL!

This blog has really helped me with the reflection part of my annual New Year process and I’ve gone back to review some of the earlier ones. It’s is like reading an old paper you wrote in college, high school or even grade school.  When I re-read it, I am amazed it came from my mind. I don’t totally recall the extra words or humor I used, but I do remember the vibes and emotions I felt when I was writing it.. It is like each one is encoded with a little of my essence and I get an energetic hit off of it when I go back and read them again. Such an empath, I am..

I’m so excited for the upcoming year and what it will bring. My early 2016 is shaping up quite nicely with a bunch of very spiritual-related events around my study of the Marconic Energy and my energy work with clients. I’ve already started to have some synchronicities of having friends, and family wanting to partake in my new endeavor and then word spreading out like a web to friends of friends, etc. I am still just so psyched in the joy I’ve been getting out of helping people connect to their higher selves through this energy and their own self discovery. It’s quite addicting and I find myself longing for the next session with someone..

At the end of January, I am going to be immersed in the energy for a whole week by attending the Level 1-3 intensive Training course on Martha’s Vineyard (Birthplace of Marconics). I start the week out with volunteering to assist the Master Teachers with teaching the Level 1 & 2 No-Touch Protocol as I did in October, and then dive into learning the Level 3 techniques myself (The Marconic Recalibration). Can’t wait.. It’s my Christmas present to myself. I also plan to partake in the brandy-new Marconics “Teacher Practitioner” class being offered in April. I’ve submitted my application and look forward to discussing those opportunities more! Busy, Busy year in Marconics.

Since my last posting about the expo, I’ve participated in some awesome experiences with my friends and clients so far. My brother even begged to get on the table which was a real surprise to me, given I didn’t think he was into this path (yet). But I think he’s a good example of what’s going on right now. I truly believe that he’s starting to awaken, as a lot of people are, and really trying to reconcile the pull between two worlds.. The old/declining Earth energy system of struggle, duality and separation vs. the new/ascension energies of abundance, unification, and wholeness. He’s not yet informed enough to know what is going on and the result has him thinking he’s going crazy and experiencing the unfamiliar and scary emotions of anxiety attacks and paranoia . He works in the home improvement and construction where metaphysical and spiritual concepts are rarely a topic and resides in a town that isn’t going to win any awards for “Best Places to Live”. He is just immersed in a sea of lower vibes and now he’s activated and he’s feeling the pull of the higher vibe energies bombarding earth. It’s rocked him to the core and he just feels stuck, floating in an abyss between worlds. I had no idea, but a timely May Day call came just as I was pulling into the Spiritual Expo in November.. Imagine that.. Well that started the conversation about all topics spiritual which continued with gusto on Christmas where  I learned more about where he feels so lost. Instantly, I used an analogy that I believe I heard during my Marconics class that I think describes it so well.

Imagine that we’ve all been living life in a big train station where each train represents a potential timeline and/or life track. They are all packed together and you have a lot of options on where you want to go. You can jump on one and then decide that another is more suitable and jump over there. Well now that humanity has decided collectively to start towards ascension, the Earth School is now changing. The amount of trains has reduced (potential timelines) and separating into two categories and they are leaving the station on divergent tracks. You no longer can put a foot on both and you have to start to make a decision and jump. I’ve seen this start to occur not only to my brother, but a lot of friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.  The now-moving trains have created dynamic jump points vs. just staying parked and static.

In some cases, it’s via a personal choice but in others, it has been sparked by a crisis of sort like a failed relationship, by financial woes, or health scare, etc. The universe is going to manifest the conditions it needs to do to make you decide if you want to continue on the old paradigm or be part of the new accelerated and elevated one we all deserve. And I think as the longer one stays in this limbo state, strattling two worlds, the more painful it will be as the trains diverge in opposite directions stretching you until you jump onto one or break into pieces and have the decision made for you.

The good news that I believe is that the universe won’t give you anything you can’t handle, so even the worst of the worst situation is only the start of a new adventure. So hard to believe when you are in the middle of hell, but I believe it is true. It’s the same principle of how coal becomes diamond. With enough heat and pressure comes beauty and durability! It’s all a decision each person makes themselves. We make it so hard on ourselves sometimes. But that’s life!

So here’s to a great 2016, full of wonder and awe.. I look forward to sharing my future adventures and truly hope that you choose the train and track that best feels right for you. If it doesn’t I’d suggest you do just about whatever it takes to get there so you can join me in the dining class car for a glass of New Year’s champagne! But never fret, the secret is that all the trains meet in heaven. Just some go the scenic route while others are express!

Be Well, Peace and of course Namaste to you all.



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