My Martha’s Vineyard Marconics Memories- Part 1

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Wow, what a week I just had. I’m sitting here trying to process all the experiences that went on, and how to get it out of my head in a coherent manner as it was truly a multidimensional experience. I guess it logically makes sense to at least start with what the heck I’m talking about. As I briefly discussed at the tail end of my past sharing, I just got back from a week long Marconics conference consisting of 2 parts. The first part was my privilege to be a teacher’s aid/volunteer for the Level 1&2 “No Touch” Practitioner’s training, and the second half was my participation as a student in learning the Marconic Recalibration Practitioner’s training. But ultimately it was much more than that. It was a whole week to be immersed in the energy and meet like-minded spiritual warriors that have heard the call to become more active in spreading the light and develop themselves in a variety of ways (spiritually, metaphysically, etc).  It was also an opportunity for me to develop relationships and be in a place that welcomed open talks about just about any esoteric topics and not feel awkward or concerned that someone would think I am crazy or weird. I tell you the vibes were off the charts helped in part by the event was held on a beautiful providing a semi-isolated / protected space to shield the outside world with just enough time to retool and regroup before all of us are to set off back to the world to do whatever duty calls. And in this case, those duties whether it includes being an energy healer, or a mother, or an artist, or whatever, the person’s vibration is forever changed from being part of this Marconics experience. At least that’s my belief.

Well given the amount of material I could write about, I’ve decided to separate this sharing into two; The Volunteering Experience & Quantum Recalibration Class (soon following). Enjoy!

Day 1 – Welcome to the Vineyard

So as I stated, the trip over was easy, despite me of course cutting it too close for comfort for catching the correct ferry. I think I had about 1 minute or less to spare. But as the anxiety started to flare, I just asked the Universe, “Am I going to make it?” and the answer was quick and firm, “Yes, don’t worry”. Well I was a bit worried (although I could have just taken the next one in an hour) but as I parked at the Ferry Lot, the shuttle bus was right there and as soon as I got on, it took off and got to the docks with ease. Thanks Universe! As I settled onto the shuttle bus, I looked over to see a familiar face of a young man and fellow practitioner (AN) that I met during the Expo a few months back. I am fairly good with remembering faces and names, so when I called out his, he was a bit startled and took a moment to remember me. We chatted a bit for while racing to the Ferry terminal. He too was going to the event as a Volunteer and to experience his “I AM Merge” apparently he had already taken the training I signed up (level 3).

As soon as we landed in Vineyard we headed up on foot to the wonderful Mansion House Hotel. I could already feel the vibe as I stepped into the lobby and knew it was going to be a good week. I checked in and got settled in and then headed down to the room where the Level 1&2 class was going to take place. You see, the class consists of some lecture and some hands-on (well actually hands off, it’s a No-Touch protocol, lol) and the first day is always a riveting lecture by Alison David Bird and Lisa Wilson. I got down to the room on time and excitedly saw all my teachers and mentors from my past Marconics experiences. After the hugs were made, we got right to work setting up the chairs, class materials, A/V equipment, and logistics. I don’t know why but I like that kind of stuff. Whenever I have to do a customer demos for work, or a job fair, or host a dinner party or bash, I would like the stress of getting set up and ready to host.

I saw AN and also met several other familiar faces that helped volunteer at the Expo a while back. There was OD and JS (two lovely ladies) and BR one of the guys that were in my own Level 1 class. I could immediately feel the familiarity and closeness of the volunteer team. We were all there to help out and do whatever was needed to support the class, teachers, etc. We all took it seriously, but all were psyched to business. 🙂

I could feel the excitement in the room especially as the students started to roll in and get seated. I just got settled in the front of the room and called in the energy and just started beaming the room (along with some of my fellow volunteers). I could instantly feel the familiar energy start running through my body and I just quietly beamed away and just vibe the crowd. I could see that some of them were already reacting to the energy as their eyes closed or they just looked like they were relaxing. Others were very anxious or nervous. My empathic powers have consistently been ramping up since my awakening, especially since my meditations with Little Josh (inner child) assuring him I’m ready to take back the gifts I shunned as a kid (which I talked about a while back in another sharing.. Click here).

Well the class was a lot larger than mine in Saugus (about 24 vs 9) so it was a little tight in the room we were in, but cozy nonetheless. Of course, I was steamy and could feel the sweat starting to rise as I repositioned myself to the back corner of the room to beam and watch the lectures. Some of the material was similar to my class, but there were also some stories and topics that were brand new. I love getting new information and weaving it into my databanks. I listen to so much metaphysical materials, from a variety of sources (all benevolent), and I have noticed that for the most part, the information all jives. Of course there is some variety and conflicting explanations, but that’s where DISCERNMENT comes in. I just open my heart center and feel the information and let my being make the determination if it resonates with my views or to set it aside in the parking lot in my mind for future evaluation. I love that I came into this incarnation with a blend of right/left brain.. I feel I’m super creative and embrace my divine feminine traits of compassion, care, generosity but also have the logical, analytical engineering side of my being. I’m a natural problem solver. It’s no doubt that I am in charge of the “Service and Support” team of engineers at my job. I’ll all about the service. 🙂  I’ve maintained that Yin/Yang balance of the two for most of my life, and I can call about whatever skills I need for the moment.

Well the class finished up and we volunteers got to work reconfiguring the room, prepping for the night’s first Marconic Recalibrations for some students as well as tomorrow’s hands-off training. Just as we finished, I was approached by OD and asked if I would like to join them (OD, AN, and JS) for dinner and perhaps run some of the energy on each other afterwards. I was ecstatic for the opportunity as I hadn’t had a session done on me for over a month or two. We had a nice Chinese/sushi dinner but what struck me were the conversations. The four of us naturally and openly discussed our experiences with Marconics as well as any other spiritual or higher-self integration events that occurred since jumping onto this path. I didn’t care if anyone else could hear and I didn’t censor myself in any way. This fact didn’t go unnoticed by me. I was amazed how comfortable I was being with “my new peeps”. Old Josh defaulted to be VERY shy and reserved, listening intently and vibing the crowd. I would have also been uncomfortable with discussing such topics worrying that others would eavesdrop on the conversation and pass judgment. Nope, none of that. I couldn’t have cared less, and I bet some there were intrigued if they listened in, as the conversation was fantastic. I chalk it up to my Marconic Recalibration. Since then, I’ve noticed that I’m much more grounded and secure in myself and gained so much more personal power. The clients that I’ve been working on as well have indicated as such. My massage therapist (owner of a wellness center) had a very powerful session (and quite possibly an integration) and has taken care of a lot of outstanding personal issues and even finally removed some negative people from her practice and life. This is powerful stuff.. It is WAY more than just physical healing. It clears out the gunk and negative thought forms that have taken hold like a giant tick. My friend Lindsey also stated she got a giant and powerful message from her last session: EMPOWERMENT. Just love it.

So we wrapped up dinner and headed back to their room (OD, JS, and AN shared a room). We borrowed a table from the class and OD/JS brought their own one from home. They are roommates in real life and luckily exchange sessions very often. Lucky ducks.. Well we decided that AN and I should split up the two ladies and I just felt like OD was my partner in session. As I worked on her, I could feel that her energy aura was huge and that she responded really well to the energy. She’s had several strong integrations of various higher selves and is gifted in clairvoyance (an area that is mostly OFFLINE as of now for me). It was so natural and effortless as AN and I performed in unison like a coordinated dance across the room. Once finished we recounted experiences and then switched and I had a lovely experience of lightness and love (my typical Marconics experience, a swarming of unconditional love for all, especially myself which has not always been the case).  No visions or extreme integrations, just an awesome Marconics session. All four of us had great sessions and I was psyched to have found some other practitioners to create a bond with to practice after this week. A good way to end Day 1.

Day 2 – Session 1 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

I woke up recharged and ready to hit the ground running. My room overlooked the harbor and I went out on the balcony to get some fresh sea air and to chill a bit before class. I was feeling such gratitude for being to come here and be part of this and hopefully contribute towards other’s experiences. I made it downstairs to say good morning to my new Marconics friends (the gang OD, JS, AN) and get ready to set up the room from massage tables to chairs for the morning instruction, etc. As soon as the doors opened, we volunteers whooshed in and took care of business. We also got the downstairs YOGA room ready for the new practitioners to learn the No Touch Protocol. I couldn’t wait to have the students dive into the energy themselves and start to feel what it is like to come into their lightworker-ness. I didn’t have to wait long, as the morning flew by and lunch consisted of a nice sandwich and a light walk around Vineyard Haven solo.

I made my way down to the Yoga room where everyone was anxiously ready to get going learning (and me helping teach). I surveyed the room and the students naturally gravitated mostly into groups of compatible energy. I ended up taking a corner of the room and between the volunteers and the Master Teachers, we had just enough to have a one-on-one mentorship for a table with a group of three (a client, a practitioner, and an observer) just like I had in my class. It’s a great way to be able to learn, as while you are the practitioner, you are in the moment and a bit anxious (at least I was at first) but when you get to observe, you can see many people’s techniques and other student’s movements, etc. Well on my table, I actually only had 2 people Ess and Jah. Ess was a petite, older woman and Jah was a younger one both gave off a nervous and anxious vibe. I was stationed right aside the table and was ready to help teach the hand/movements as Lisa or Alison called them out. I looked over at Ess as she stood for the first time at the head of the table while Jah was on the table and noticed that she looked like she was going to be upset. Her lips were quivering and hands were shaking and I felt her emotions as well. I walked up to her and said “It’s alright, you don’t have to worry. I’m here to help and we’ll walk through it all together.” She explained that she had never done anything like this and she didn’t want to do something wrong to “hurt” Jah. I told her that there is nothing to worry about as we are all well protected by our Higher Selves and guides here assisting us all in learning. She just looked into my eyes as I beamed my calmness and love and she settled down and took a deep breath. And away she went, and she did great. If I noticed something I kindly adjusted her position, all the while giving encouragement. It’s that natural teacher side of me. At my current career, I take on the mentoring role for a lot of entry level engineers, co-ops etc. I love to see someone just take some guidance and bloom like a flower. It is really the most rewarding part of my job. I always tell my team, that as a manager, my success is their success. After the first part of the No Touch protocol, Ess came around the table and gave me a hug and thanked for the support and guidance. She said it really helped her learn. I was honored and told her that the fun has just started, but I would be here all weekend if she needed any help. I had a similar experience with Jah but could tell that she picked it up quick and any coaching I gave her was really more about fine tuning. It was so enjoyable to feel the energy in the room (it was pumping) and watched as all 9 tables were experiencing this great modality. I just kept shaking my head saying, “Oh my.. I can’t believe I’m here doing this when just 6 months ago, I was still so isolated.”

My mind raced back through all the synchronicities and guidance I got from a variety of sources, Joyea, Sedona, friends, meditation, higher self. I just smiled and beamed love and gratitude and congratulated myself for just DOING and jumping in and not be stopped by fear. Just like all these people in the class. I could tell that for the vast majority of them, this was a HUGE leap of faith and jump into the unknown, but they heeded the call. Just awesome.

Day 2 – Session 2 – Time to Crown

Day 2 was a long one. After dinner there was another session to learn and experience The Crowning procedure. Starting with this class, the crowning procedure was broken out of the protocol so that a whole session of the day can be devoted to it. The Crowning provides a sacred space for one’s higher self(s) to descend into the body, or maybe just reach down through the dimensions to say “Hi-di-li-ho Neighbor”. Some of these integrations can be quite profound and beautiful. They can be physical where the person is moving about or overcome with emotions of joy, etc. And for some, like me, they are more internalized and experienced with little to no body reactions.

During my class in October, the Crowning wasn’t split out like this class and it was the 2nd part of the protocol we learned. So you can imagine for someone that just performed the first section, like Ess, they would immediately be shown how to facilitate a client’s higher self into their body. Even for me, I can remember that it was a bit overwhelming. Therefore, Lisa and Alison modified the curriculum where Level 1 is the No-Touch without Crowning and Level 2 addresses it after the students have time with running energy. The new Level 3 is becoming a certified Quantum Recalibration practitioner for Marconics (old Level 2).  I think that was an excellent move. Well the students did great learning the rest of the protocol and I believe Ess and Jah returned to my table (by request). I was appreciative they trusted me and desired my support.

After some discussion about what we were about to do, it was time to demonstrate the Crowning to the class and work with them to deliver some Higher Selves to this earth plane 🙂 As we just got back from a dinner, I looked over at Lisa and she indicated that she wanted me on the table as the class test subject. I was like, “OK this is happening.” It was actually the first time either Lisa or Alison worked on me personally and a it was going to be a Crowning nonetheless. It turns out that I only really had maybe one or two light integrations thus far and maybe they were even considered “handshakes”. It didn’t really matter as integrations are not a sign of higher spirituality. In fact, Alison and Lisa discussed that sometimes if the connection is clear enough the higher selves will decide to stay in the higher realms and not have to experience this 3rd dimension. Although, hearing about some of Master Teachers and OD/AN/JS experiences I was a bit longing for some holy cow moment. Well I didn’t have to wait long.

As I lay there, I started to feel my 3rd eye start to blaze and my energy field start to expand. I got a sense of my crown starting to open and what I can only describe as that I felt like a wave of golden energy rushed into my crown and like the ocean, rushed to my feet and bounce off and started to head back to my head. My heart started to beat faster and faster and I felt a warmth rise up my body. It settle for a moment and then tingling started again from my crown chakra and then WHOOSH, another wave of the same light. I could barely hear Lisa’s breathing and discussion to the class as I was focusing primarily on my bodily sensations. It was heavenly. There was a sense of power and strength as the second wave settled around my heart area.  My breathing started to slow and I thought it was over when just then a 3rd smaller yet powerful wave came through filling me to the brim. I laid there as Lisa finally felt that the energy had fully passed through and grounded me. I lay there on the table as heavy as ever. I felt like I was filled with liquid gold and just let it bathe my body, muscles, DNA, etc. It was by far the most intense Marconics experience to date. After a few minute, I finally was present enough to get off the table, but when I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that everything was in hyper HD, like my vision increased by double. I was looking out onto the class differently or maybe it was one of my higher selves looking out into the physical world for the first time. I had a calmness and serenity I can still feel and remember today and I just had to sit and relax and ground for a good 20-30 minutes. Phew.

I was the class observer and watched as these young Padwan’s started on their Crowning experiences. Some were uneventful, while a few were wild. One older student I talked to said that it felt like a strong orgasm while another also had an uncontrollable urge to laugh. Some only felt relaxed. The great thing about this is that there are no rules, and higher integrations are typically very rare, reserved for only when all the variables are ripe for the client, and Higher Self.  Regardless, from my perch it was a fantastic show to watch.

It was about 10:30 PM when all was said and down, so needless to say, I was pooped and not going to be having another session with my buddies. My only session was with Mr. Sandman and my hotel bed!

Day 3 – Go forth and Spread the Light Dear Ones

Day 3 (final day of Level 1&2) the students got to practice the entire protocol in one fell swoop, all stitched together, like they would be doing on a client should they choose to do so. I was back to my massage table and ready to watch Ess and Jah do their thang. 🙂 It was really great to see that the fear and anxiety that were the emotions on Friday, were replaced by mild confidence and excitement. I felt like I was a proud papa. 🙂 I watched as they did the whole protocol start to finish (albeit with abbreviated holds) and I rarely got a look of “Am I doing this right?” as they went through. I was there if they needed me but wanted to see if they could remember on their own. I was like a producer on a movie lot, just waiting for the actor to say “Line Please” to jog their memory. I’d say most of the students vastly improved and after several more hours of practice and a Q&A session my time of being a volunteer/teacher’s aid was done and my time to become the student was rapidly approaching. Some of the students left the island and some stayed to learn the Level 3.  Ess was one that left but I saw her in the lobby as she was checking out and she ran up to me to get one final hug in and a thank you before she set off back to Florida. 🙂


After the class, Alison and Lisa set up a luncheon for all the volunteers at the Black Dog Café. It was really great to sit and chat while having a wonderful healthy lunch. I was fascinated with the discussions and mostly listened to several conversations at once. Everyone was having esoteric and spiritual conversations about experiences, the birth of Marconics, and its maturing over the past few years (as it is a new modality). I was so grateful to be part of the team for this weekend’s event and able to form even stronger relationships with all of the Master Teachers. They feel like family and there’s a comfortableness and familiarity that is wonderful. Well we closed the place down, and I again just kept thinking that the other patrons and especially the staff from the café must have gotten a kick out of our wild and outta-this-world discussions. I was watching them, and some were pretending to not pay attention, but they were listening in. I know if I was a patron a year or two ago and heard this conversation, I would have stayed and listened intently (although would have NEVER engaged).

It was a perfect ending to the first part of the week and I am super excited to continue to grow with my skills and hopefully take part in their upcoming Teachers Program and all the opportunities it could bring. Again, wow. Just wow.

Well the final tale of this epic sharing entailed another meet-up post luncheon with my volunteer partners to do a Marconic No Touch Protocol exchange. We switched it up of course and I partnered with JS and AN worked on OD. It is such a unique experience to first work on someone at least for me. Every single client is a unique and the feedback I get from their energy field is wild. The boys were on the table first this time as we started up. At one point early on in the session, I heard a little noise from the other side of the room. It was AN and he was starting to laugh uncontrollably. I mean it was first a giggle and then a chuckle to a full out hysterical laugh. As I am one that loves to laugh, I could feel myself becoming more present listening to what was going on across the room. As he continued to giggle, I heard OD start to chuckle and try to hold it back as soon it spread to JS and eventually myself. It was so contagious and we all just started to bellow for about 1-2 minutes and then it diminished as quick as it came, but one thing is for sure, the energy in the room as electric. The whole vibration was different; lighter, airy, joyous. It wasn’t like it was dark or down to start, it was just more kidlike, more freeing. It was something all four of us picked up on while discussing our sessions later. Well it must have been what was needed as JS started back up on the Protocol. As she continued, I felt a similar sensation to what happened the night before during class with Lisa. I was about to have another integration! As I laid there, I felt the energy pour into my being but not stop, this time it was like I was filled in one fell swoop and then overflowed into my aura. I completely lost track of my body and I was vibrating higher than I’ve ever done before. I could tell JS was feeling it too as I could tell that the she was funneling the energy way longer than a typical Crowning.

All of a sudden I remembered OD’s comments about how she tries to identify her higher selves by getting a name told to her or shown. As I was laying there, I had the hesitation to ask, as I thought, “what if I don’t get a name” but as soon as I had that thought, a word was said in my head “Octavian” and I was like wow, “Octavian?” and when I said it my body shuttered and I felt jolts. Ok, that must be it. Later in the session, I checked in again and said hello “Arctavian” instead of “Octavian” and felt a even stronger vibe. So I’m not sure which of the two it is but again, I’m not hung up on it. It was really cool to just get a random answer without any Josh thought.

he other crazy cool thing that happened during this session was for the first time ever, while I was basking in his golden light bath, I started to notice that I was humming in my head a song and what I can only describe that I was zooming through the lyrics (sorta) as I lay there. Not visually per se, but something else. I can’t explain exactly.. It was a song I heard a while back and I think have on MP3 in my computer, although I’ve never seen the play. It was “Seasons of Love” from the Rent soundtrack.. Here’s a clip of the lyrics and sound from Youtube:

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure a year in the life?

How about love?
How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love
Seasons of love (love)

Well Wow, just wow. What a fitting song to outline my past year of growth in self love. I have never felt the amount of self love that I currently feel for myself. It was a great little message from Arctavian/Octavian and myself. (SPOILERS: another song came through during my I AM MERGE a few days later, but that’s for another sharing)

What a great ending to an awesome experience. And just to think, it was only part 1 of my week! How fortunate am I. Well thanks for hanging in there for Part 1.. I’m going to start to collect my thoughts for part 2, where I become the student.

Be well all. Peace and Namaste.


PS. Update: Here’s the link to Part 2 of my adventure. Click here..

PPS. Alison and Lisa have published their first book on Marconics. You can find it here. Excellent read!marconicsbook


6 thoughts on “My Martha’s Vineyard Marconics Memories- Part 1

      1. Josh…as I was reading this my crowned open and energy rushed in. You write so beautifully it made me even weep a little. You have a calling as engineer, spiritual coach, and now writer. I was sad as the collective and our tight knit group started to separate. The love and energy is undeniable. I have not forgotten my experience on the Vineyard but reading this takes me right back and envelops me with peace, love, and light. Three words of endearment I use often. Thanks Josh! You truly are an amazing man. A gift to us all.

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  1. Hi Josh! I am so happy you shared your Marconic’s adventure with us light minded souls. Inspiration and love flowed through your pen to each and every one of us. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope some day to go to one of the Guardian Retreats and meet up with you again. Sending you a big warm hug from me to you and all Marconians.

    With love and gratitude,
    Mary Anne

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