The Student Becomes the Teacher.. My Marconics Teaching Experiences

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Greetings and Salutations dear ones. My gosh, where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s practically been 6 months since my last sharing. That’s going to change. There is so much to tell you all about! How wonderful is the universe as it has heeded my intent to make amazing things happen in my life especially around my spiritual journey. I feel drawn to make this first sharing as yet another Josh update. Where to begin? Where to begin?

Well I guess I will start off with where my last sharing ended. I had just completed my Marconic Energy teachers training and I mentioning the fact that I (along with my Teacher partners) had our first Marconics class lined up for Putnam, CT in June 2016. Well, guess what? That actually didn’t happen. Despite the best of intentions and even some excellent synchronicities, we just didn’t get any students. I admit, despite staying positive and putting out the “I guess it wasn’t meant to be” slogan, we were disappointed. Looking back now, I see that area of Connecticut (northeast) was just not ready for us (yet).

Although a nice, cute town, Putnam seems to be very 3D in nature with few outwardly spiritual individuals. Maybe because of the density of the energy there as it was populated during early American times where there were a lot of gruesome and deadly battles with Native Americans. I grew up not too far from there and learned in grade school about such battles and early settlement issues. Putnam also was an early industrial mill town that boomed for a while and then busted around the Depression and then rebuilt as a modern “Sleeper Town” where it is nice to live but not a lot of work options.  It seemed quaint enough to try to have it as our first venue.

I saw a Yoga Studio that just screamed out to me as a potential place to hold it as we were walking around the town one morning. The owner was super supportive and basically was going to give it to us for virtually no money to “help us get started in this adventure..” The owner Rhonda, even asked us to share her booth for free at the Putnam Annual Town Festival. We jumped on the offer and setup some materials and were available to answer any questions on Marconics, but also give sample sessions to people to promote our Level 1 Marconics class.

For the most part, people were very confused by us and some actually gave a wide berth around our booth in some cases. We didn’t get offended, it was just quite comical and a clear indication that it can be uncomfortable to be in a higher vibrational presence. The opposite is true for us as we don’t like being in a dense / low vibratory location as well. We had a few brave souls stop by the booth (mostly younger crowd) and one or two people jump on the table, but mostly we were just present, beaming the crowd going by. But as the weeks passed, no one signed up and we made the tough decision to cancel our first class attempt.

But when you are in divine flow, a closed door may lead to several more open ones. And in this case, it did in the form of a phone call from a lovely (and spunky) Marconics pal named Mary Anne. I first met Mary Anne during my first Marconics class last year and she was actually the first person I said hi to in the class when I nervously entered the room. She turned to me and with a warm smile introduced herself and asked how I learned about Marconics. I gave her the 5 minute version of an hour long story (which I plan to write soon) and I found out that she was from Pennsylvania, and a mother and wife and was a healer for a while, especially around Body Talk but when she experienced Marconics for the first time, she was blown away and had to fly up to Boston for the first available class. .We really didn’t work much with each other during that class and much the same when we reconnected during our Level 2 and 3 class on Martha’s Vineyard. It wasn’t until the Marconics Practitioner’s event in April that we really connected as friends. And after a great weekend of being a part of all that goes on during one of these retreats, I just assumed I wouldn’t hear from her until the next one schedule 6 or so months later.

But three days after getting back to my 3D job, my cell phone rang and it was Mary Anne. She was all fired up and said that she hopes that she isn’t bothering me but we have some important matters to discuss. I was definitely intrigued and closed my office door. She then described to me that when she came back from that retreat, something amazing happened to her and she now had clarity on what she wanted to do with Marconics in her area. She wanted to help us have a class in her area and she was going to make it happen no matter what. It was a new side of her and I instantly felt the energy coming through the phone all the way from PA. She said that she just KNOWS this is how she can help spread this wonderful energy down the east coast not by going out by herself but help facilitate others to join in this important Lightworkerness. This was a new side to her and I loved it. So confident, so bold and full of enthusiasm and I loved what I was hearing. So without any hesitation, I said, “Let’s do it!”.

Mary Anne said that she would be our eyes and ears and feet down there to help vet venues and help market. Soon, another beautiful soul , Autumn, who lives relatively close to Mary Anne wanted to join this venture. Great! And off we went and I would say the whole thing was a complete 180 from Putnam. It was like there was no resistance ANYWHERE. NONE! And the coincidences and support was incredible. For instance, where were we going to have the class? Mary Anne is about an hour from Philly so before I could even open Google Maps to look for towns, I got a Higher Self thought that screamed in my head. “DO IT IN NEW HOPE JOSH”. New Hope I thought? Of course, New Hope! Two of my closest college friends grew up there and I visited once or twice. It was a very eclectic, open-minded, and I’d say spiritually bent town not too far from Philly. Would that work? I asked Mary Anne and she said “That could definitely work and it would be a great place to market Marconics too.”

The first place that popped up was a cute yoga studio called the Tree House at a big fitness center in town. I thought it looked good to host an assumedly “small” class as I just first assumed it would maybe as hard to fill as Putnam, CT. Mary Anne and Autumn eagerly set up a time to go look at it for us and see what it was all about. Well upon seeing it, Mary Anne said to the manager there, “oh yes, this is nice but far too small.. Do you have something else to see?” and in fact there was a huge yoga studio across the street that just happened to have an opening on the projected weekend we planned to go. So when I get the phone call from Mary Anne later that day and asked her how the Treehouse went, she told me she passed on it and helped secure a larger space. I was like “what? Why?” and she adamantly told me we would have far too many students to be held at the Treehouse and that she got as a great deal for the larger space. I said a hesitant OK, and she said lovingly but firmly said to stop worrying and help her intend students. I love this new Mary Anne.

But the grace and providence of this class didn’t end at the venue. No way. Several days after that, Mary Anne found out that there was a big spiritual expo that was going to held in New Hope a few weeks later but all the vendor spots sold out, but what did you know, that another lovely Marconics practitioner named Suzanne actually booked a booth there a while back and was more than willing to market our class. Amazing huh? So Mary Anne, Autumn, and Suzanne all worked their magic to get sign up after sign up during that expo and other networking and marketing. It was amazing and I’m so happy to say we had 12 students! And along the way, to that weekend, Mary Anne and I talked, texted, and emailed as she was relentlessly marketing and supporting us to make sure it was all set for us when we got down there.

It was like waiting for Christmas as the days clicked by and we approached the time for us to depart for New Hope. The PA gals were able to secure most of the massage tables we needed for the class so we didn’t have to lug our down there. Me and my teaching team packed up my car and off we went for the 5hr ride to Pennsylvania. It actually went by pretty fast and we arrived just after lunch the day before class. We met our wonderful host Janice, who was amazing and definitely a lightworker herself. We toured the facility and saw where we were going to be teaching. It was awesome both in size and in energy. Perfect. Janice said that she would ensure that we had ANYTHING we needed for the weekend she’d make it happen. The town was as quaint and quirky as I remembered and I could sense that the whole area was rising in vibration to prepare for our class. I only wish I had the gift of clairvoyance to see if there were any lightships stationed there, but I could feel them. Good enough for me.

We headed to our hotel and settled in and after an early dinner we congregated in the girls room to prep and practice for the big day. Olivia and I were going to be the lecturers and table-side support (along with Jean) and Nadine was going to be the caller of the protocol. As Olivia and I practiced what we would be speaking, Nadine and Jean were giving constructive pointers and commentary. It was pefect. We, as a team, work really well together and are in harmony 99% of the time. We all respect each other and what each person brings to the group. It’s really special and amazing not to have any of the problems with ego, or other lower vibrational states when we are together. We work through issues with respect and a sense of friendship.

Once we felt like we had it as best as we were going to get it, we got some rest and were ready to make the big dive the next morning. I retreated to my room and just laid on the bed and remarked that I was on the eve of something I didn’t think would ever happened, but I also felt that I was home. I felt like this is what I want to do, and at least right now, how I could help the most with my lightworkerness. I feel asleep quickly and woke up refreshed.

We got ready to leave and saw our wonderful Master Teacher mentors Robin and Gina who came all the way down to PA to witness our class. They have been so supportive and a great source to hammer out the kinks. They were just there to observe, that’s all. No safety net. I kinda am glad by that. I wanted to be plunged in and just work our way through it. I knew they’d give us some great constructive feedback on how we did. So we rushed off to the yoga studio to start this magical day where the student becomes the teacher.
Despite the best efforts for me having a system, registration was a bit hectic as a yoga class was just let out while our students arrived. We got through it fine and were ready to get going. We setup the room with our projector and computer and set up the chairs and tables, etc. Shortly thereafter, we were all setup and it was show time. For me, the lecture piece was the most stressful. The slides and content were familiar yet not perfected given it was going to be my first time delivering it. But I was ready, I knew I could do this and I knew it would be alright.

Olivia and I started with introductions and then we started right into the content. Olivia is very gifted in public speaking and she has a natural and energetic tone. The night before she had a wonderful 10 minute presentation of her first few slides, discussing the introduction and the origin story of Marconics. Well despite her looking as cool as cucumber, she later told me she was freaking out. I could tell only that she whipped through the content in less than a minute. I was like “Oh boy. My part is coming up quick” in my head as we had a block of time allocated to this and we wanted to fill it all. But no big deal, I just beamed her with peace and love and calmness and she looked over and spoke a million words in one look. I beamed back a smile beamed “it’s OK” in my eyes. I took over the presentation and did my slides which gave her time to ground and when I pinged the presentation back to her, she was AMAZING from that point on. She gathered her strength and was enthralling the rest of the day.

I felt I did OK myself, as I handled the more scientific topics but I was a bit nervous myself. I knew that repeatition and time alone would be what I need to be as flowy and natural as Alison and Lisa. There were a few times though that I just skipped the content and told a story and I could feel that I deeply connected to the crowd and energy was exchanged. It was awesome. Olivia and I finished the lecture and we proceeded to do our lunchtime recalibrations for several of students who signed up. All of them had amazing experiences and it brought me back to Saugus in October 2015 when I had mine. I was just once again amazed I was in the position of now being the practitioner for someone. Wow.
The rest of the class went swimmingly, Nadine did an amazing job calling out the protocol and demonstrating the techniques. Jean did what she does best by being a wonderful coach and student support specialist tableside. And I and Olivia roamed to support the rest of the tables as we had 6 going at once.

I truly believed we would do a good job, but I would say after all said and done, we hit it out of the PARK! It just divinely flowed, not only the lecture, but the class in general. We addressed any issues and guided our students the way we wanted to be taught. All of the students did an amazing job with learning the protocol and supporting each other. We all bonded over the experience and I know that they all will go great as they go forth with all their individual callings.

I remember when I finally got back to my room after dinner and a nice wrap up session with the Robin and Gina, I laid down on the bed and just smiled and got a little emotional. It was a good release; it was a way for me to honor the journey that I’ve been on and recognize how magnificent the universe is and how once you enter divine flow, how nothing can stop you. In as little as 6 months, I went from a spiritually timid squirrel to a brave and confident llama. Llama? Sure why not, it was the first animal that popped into my head. Dalai-LLAMA-like.  But nonetheless, I knew it was only the beginning to my adventures.

Several months later we held another class with only 5 students, in Natick, MA. It was also a fantastic class with its own dynamics. The venue’s energy was a bit off due to it being a center that does several types of energy work. It was a good test for us to be able to prepare the space for our work. The students were great, all very powerful Lightworkers with a new dynamic all its own compared to New Hope. Again I felt we did a great job guiding them to learn the protocol and help them shed the density and release the spiritual sandbags that were holding them back. The weekend flew by and again, we released 5 more practitioners armed with the protocol and Light to do their work. Wow..

Lastly, and by no means least, I was asked by Alison and Lisa of Marconics to be their head teacher for a class that was to be held in Tokyo Japan! Yes, that’s right Tokyo.. The first time I was approached about this possibility was during my Level 3 and Teacher’s training last January. They asked if I would potentially be interested in going instead of Lisa this year to be the head teacher. As I was listening intently to their request, I clearly remember the energy surges and the cheering from my spiritual team from on high as we were freezing cold in the parking lot of a sandwich joint in Martha’s Vineyard in January. Well it was only an INQUIRY at this time and would be based on if I completed the Teacher’s Training successfully and if the Japanese organization that organizes it (The Voice) invited Marconics LLC back as Lisa, Gina and Mary Pat went over for the first time last year. Well as you know already, I did complete the teacher’s training, and around June or July (I believe) we found out that they wanted Marconics back to Japan so the trip was officially ON!

I was beyond excited when I heard the news. I was going to be going to Japan, a place I’ve always wanted to go, with two of the lovely Master Teachers (Gina and Mary Pat) for 2 weeks, to do this important work. Wow. Just wow. I have always had a connection to Japan and Asian culture in general. My house is primarily decorated with that flair and I always used to joke to friends that I must have had several good lives in Japan or China.

Despite all the excitement there was of course going to be some pressure as well. I was going to be the head teacher, in charge of the class, in charge of the lectures, and representative of Marconics International LLC. I knew I was ready for it, but I’m never one that loves to be the center of attention so this was going to push me further and further into the unknown. Despite my early fears of the unknown or change, I now LOVE it, no matter how scary it is. Those situations have already been the forge to strengthen me and prepare me for my life’s missions.

My teaching team was nothing but the most supportive friends ever and allowed me to take on every role between our two classes in New Hope and Natick to practice for Japan. They stepped back during Natick (which I admit was uncomfortable to me) so I could step forward and have an at-bat before going to Japan so I could work out the kinks. Alison and Lisa gave me private sessions on several occasions to help fine tune my lecture material and go over the objectives. I was able to volunteer during a Level 3 class in August in Vermont where a beautiful soul, and representative of The Voice from Japan, named Masumi , came to observe the class and get introduced to me and witness my teaching style. It also gave me the chance to get to know her before I headed 7000 miles to the Far East.

The universe and my higher self was assisting me all along the way, consoling me was I was starting to get too in my head, to allowing me to find the most perfect, direct flight to Tokyo that wasn’t advertised anywhere but one site, and at a huge discount. I got to practice with my teaching team and get their guidance and support before I jetted off. It was just so divinely guided. I am not surprised about that anymore. The universe will move itself to your beck and call if you believe it and are following your heart and true intentions. I am just so honored to be conscious and awake and aware now to see it unfold. Nothing and I mean nothing boosts my energy and vibration more than when I am in that flow and recognize the synchronicities and “chance encounters” leading me to my desires. The gratitude I emanate to all involved in this journey of mine is continuous and pure. Perhaps gratitude is the fuel for the whole process to occur. At a minimum I’m sure it is the lubrication to make it flow like a gentle, supportive stream.

So off I went to Japan in September and to call it amazing would not do it justice. We were welcomed with arms wide open from Japan. The Voice was an amazing host, getting us from the airport to furnishing us each with our own apartment, to supporting anything we needed. This wasn’t a vacation though, there was a lot of work to do, and I dare say it was more work that I’ve had to do in a long time but every second was the most satisfying experience compared to my 3D job that currently supports my life. Despite me not telling my 3D job the whole truth of my journey to Japan, they were very supportive of me taking 2 weeks off in a row (I’ve only done that one other time in 18 years) as I am in charge of the entire customer support division at my company which typically needs constant attention.

In the two weeks we were there, we only had 4 days completely off to see the sites of Tokyo all scattered throughout our itinerary. I had to conduct a lecture the first Friday upon arrival which I think was the most pressure for me. More than the class to come, more than the sessions to give, that 2 hours was designed as an advertisement and introduction to the class and sessions we were planning to give. It also was the first time for me to interact with my fantastic translator, Fukiko, and see how it would be to lecture only 1-2 sentences at a time. As we were waiting for the hall to fill, I expected to be a little nervous, but I wasn’t really. I think I was more curious on how it was going to go. I felt this AMAZING support from my guides as I could feel them all flood the room with energy and support for me and the attendees. I cannot “see” them but my empathic side doesn’t let me down ever, and my developing telepathic communication with my higher self was gently assuring me of a great talk.

It went really well, despite some getting used to with the breaking of my stream of consciousness when speaking about Marconic Energy, etc and the translator. I’d give myself a 7 out of 10 for the lecture but the demonstration of the Energy and the Q&A I give a 9 or 10 out of 10. We asked a young lady to come up as Gina demonstrated the energy and she reacted quite strong to it. Little did I know that she was a student from last year named Chie. Apparently I found out that during the past year she’s performed over 200 No Touch sessions to her clients.. WOW. It was clear to me that the people of Japan are so pure in their spiritual intent. Almost all of them where focused on me and the lecture, taking notes the entire time. They had excellent questions and showed extreme enthusiasm. It was great to see.


The next 5 days after the lecture were packed with private client sessions. I couldn’t believe that Masumi from the voice said we had 78 out of the 90 slots full months before we arrived and out of them almost all, 85% where Marconic Recalibrations. That was incredible to me. We had 6 sessions booked a day, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Having 30 client sessions was going to be a lot of work and a LOT of energy.  It was also fun to navigate the underground Metro through 4 different lines each way to the place we were set up to practice out of. I felt like I was living/working/commuting every morning just like one of the locals.

The sessions were nothing but amazing and humbling to be part of each of these wonderful Japanese Lightworkers spiritual awakening and path. I had about 5 or 6 of the most powerful Higher Self Integrations I have ever facilitated along with many many tamer ones for the rest of the clients. They all received exactly what they needed. Much of the same occurred for nearly all of Mary Pat and Gina’s clients. It was really great to see that a good majority of them were coming to the class on the following weekend to become Marconic Energy practitioners themselves.

It was interesting thought that there was a lot of the same theme for most of the Japanese. There was a lot of pent up sadness or shame or fear that they felt release from their hearts. These beautiful souls and Lightworkers have been repressed by their societal obligations for generations upon generations. Their own desires are trumped by pressure from their families or their work and for most; the freedom of expression seemed to be a distant goal or even rumor. It was amazing to energetically feel that break up and be removed from their energy field as I worked on them. I could palpably sense and feel it happen usually followed by a physical body reaction like a HUGE deep breathe or even tears. I again just felt that gratitude to be put in a position to help them as their practitioner. And for some of the younger ones or more elderly ones that seemed to be more free spirited and not concerned of Japanese expectations, they were the ones that were OPENED enough to have remarkable, what I call “the Rolls Royce” experiences of visions, extreme energetic events, etc.

And then lastly, THE CLASS! The final weekend of the trip encompassed the 3-day Level 1 & 2 class which was held in a big conference center down by the water. I was beyond amazed at the turnout. We had 60 students sign up. SIXTY! That’s over 3 times more than both my other 2 classes combined! This class also was going to include the Level 2 curriculum which I was taught on but never taught myself. We were only taught to teach Level 1. The protocol is very straight forward for Level 2, but it is where you are facilitating the Higher Self Integrations, so should they all occur during a class (which they typically do) it is typically reserved for Practitioners that plan to be practicing on others.

So when we arrived that first day, and I saw the amount of students, it was rather quite a site. I just was sitting preparing my slide presentation when I just started to smile as I was feeling excited more than nervous. I wanted to get going and get the party started. And off it went without a hitch. The lecture flowed nicely with Fukiko my translator, thanks to the lecture experience. Gina and Mary Pat assisted with the questions that followed and I was really happy for our performance.


After lunch the first day I led the class in the attunement of the energy and that was a feeling to behold. The intensity of energy in the room almost shorted me out as I went through it all.


Once we got to the tables, that’s where I got to see where the Japanese really shine. They were the most observant and intense students I’ve ever seen. They wanted to see the EXACT way to do it and wanted to be so precise it was at times comical. They wanted to know angle of hands and speed, and you name it, they wanted to know and took extreme amount of notes. I hate to admit it but they put the American’s to shame in the technique department. I can see why their reputation for academic excellence is world renown. But what I would say they lacked is the HEART of what I’ve seen in our American classes. Despite a few examples, most of the students focused on the technique vs. opening themselves to the experience of the energy and what was going on. I repeatedly implored them to take advantage of this gathering of Lightworkers and energy provided but most kept their cards close to the chest vs. physically expressing like the US students do.


The most remarkable and sense of pride I got was on the final day of the class where we practiced the entire protocol with the class. Imagine 20 massage tables all lined up each with a person on them and a practitioner behind them. Typically, the teacher would have to call out each step of the protocol for the students to demonstrate. There are a lot of steps for the No Touch protocol and there isn’t a whole lot of time for students to commit it to memory 100% especially since the steps is broken out over several days. I explained to the class that I would speak out the protocol but only minimally so that the clients on the table could experience a full session. So I began speaking the points, and after about 3 or 4, I got a Higher Self message cajoling me to take the training wheels off.. So the next work out of my mouth was “Next position” and not the actual point on the body. And without a hitch all 20 practitioners in unison moved to the next position. My eye opened up wide and I looked at Mary Pat and Gina and we were all quite impressed. And I just carried on until the end saying only “Next Position”. Sure there were a few that needed help, that’s what Gina and Mary Pat and the 9 or so volunteers practitioners (people that took the class last year) were to help support tableside. Amazing nonetheless.

So after the first group finished to a round of applause from me and the Master Teachers, the next group went and I challenged to see if they could do even better. And sure enough they did. I just said begin on your own accord but pause after a certain move in the protocol, and voila, all 20 tables were in silence doing the protocol. I was so proud of them all and their attention to the past 2 days. It was really satisfying for all us Teachers. That group and the final group after all did the protocol with me only having to say a dozen words throughout.

The weekend closed out with me given some advice and consultation for their next steps as practitioners and then we said our goodbyes. Mary Pat, Gina, and even Lisa warned me that I will feel like a rockstar with groupies wanting pictures with their instructors, and they weren’t wrong. It was really awkward for me to get that much attention but it was great to say “Sayonara” to many of them one-on-one as my picture was taken a million times.

I bid farewell to Japan after a meeting with The Voice that stated they were very impressed with me and my style and felt I was a good fit for their culture and wanted to make sure that we would come back again. That was a gift of confidence itself for me. I know I’m not own worst critic but I felt we did an awesome job, but it was great confirmation to hear it from the people hosting us.

Wow, that’s a lot of blog. If you made it this far, Congratulations! 5000+ words LOL! It’s my fault for waiting 6 months to write about all my Adventures in Teaching. I hope you enjoyed it as I enjoyed reliving it as I wrote.

But as with most of my blogs, I’ll end with this small tidbit from me to you:

Given these crazy times we are seeing with silly elections and all this other misinformation to distract you, the Lightworker, try to focus on yourself to raise your vibration by finding your passion (whatever it may be). I find myself finally at a place of detachment from all the fuss and smoke and mirrors. I see the purpose of the circus, how it is meant to separate and divide. But I stand in awareness and deny it access to my consciousness.

If I were to ask you to take anything from this sharing, let it be an account of what happens when one starts to align with their Higher Self and life’s purpose. It doesn’t mean you have to teach an energetic modality,  or go to an ashram or deny yourself anything that brings you joy. It could be as easy as finding the courage to join some group to find others like you and what interests you.

Stretch yourself out of the hidey hole you put yourself in because you think someone may think you are weird. All of what happened above, including a trip to the other side of the world all happened because I stepped out of the safe shadows and fully into the Light and my own Divine Sovereignty.

Follow your passions; Follow your gut; Listen to the quiet voice in your head that speaks the truth and resonates in your heart no matter how scary it may be. You will be rewarded for your bravery in so many ways. If all of us Lightworkers can do that, our vibrations will spread out through entrainment to awaken the sleeping masses stuck in 3D life and get them to start their own journeys to enlightenment. Then we can have the critical mass to get to business cleaning up this mess and rise to a new world and higher dimensional existence.

Stay tuned for more from me. I am planning to write much more vs. twice a year, lol.. Also, hopefully there will be many more experiences around teaching, traveling and general awesomeness to occur in the coming months and years.

If you are interested in learning more about Marconics, please check out their website at and you can also sign up for classes there whether taught by me and my team or Marconics International themselves or other Teacher Practitioners around Gaia.

Be Well, Peace, and Namaste all.. I mean it from every fiber of my being.


7 thoughts on “The Student Becomes the Teacher.. My Marconics Teaching Experiences

  1. Love taking the journey with you Josh! We are so super proud of you and all that you’ve taken on board. Your team is blossoming and we see wonderful things in your future!

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  2. Excellent Post Josh…..So glad you shared your adventure in such detail….Loved your sensitivity towards your students….you are an amazing guy~!! 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed learning about this step of your journey, though it was a year and a half ago. Almost as much as I enjoyed receiving my I AM Merge structures from you in Falmouth during February, 2018. I’ll be emailing you about the wonder-filled experiences I’ve had following my receipt of those structures in a few days.


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