My Experience of Spiritual Detachment

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In keeping with my desire to dedicate time towards documenting my thoughts and progress on this spiritual path, welcome to my next installment.  The topic I plan to share today could potentially not connect with some, and others it will ring 100% true.  I can’t currently pinpoint the word for what I have been feeling more and more over the past few months but it could be akin to ambivalence or detachment, but those may have some negative connotations more than what I’m trying to get across. I think at its core it is the more like the following statement “Being in the World but not of It”.

I have been noticing for some time now (coinciding with my massive awakening starting after 2012) that I am looking at the world through different eyes. These eyes are less focused on all the distractions and noise of the 3D world’s tricks and attention grabbing schemes and more focused on the bigger picture of the grand scheme for the raising of consciousness.  The first of which was the massive overhaul to my consumption of TV/Movies and news outlets.

All of a sudden in the past year or two, I had a moment of clarity as I was watching some crime drama show I was following.  Something terrible happened on the screen and as I was locked onto the scene mindlessly, something snapped and I had an epiphany. I stepped back and saw that I was watching all these shows without understanding as being an empath, I was feeling every sensation from people on the screen. It was like I woke up from the programming of the show and was like “OMG, I am actually mirroring the emotions I am watching in my body” and couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed before and it was absolutely affecting my vibration.  I stopped the DVR right there and threw the remote down.

From that point forward, I stopped following all mass media news outlets cold-turkey. I was conscious of how they were causing discord to my energy field. This followed through to the massive amount of TV shows I was watching. I just deleted and stopped recording over half of the shows I was following such as crime dramas, reality shows, etc. and was drawn to more comedies, documentaries, nature and sci-fi. I was instinctively guarding my vibration from any negative influences. At one point, as I was wiping away a huge amount of stored movies and DVR space I thought, “Why isn’t this bothering me more. I’ve watched these shows forever and I have no attachment to them anymore”, but I just shrugged and hit the mighty Delete Key. If I was going to spend time in front of the TV it was going to be watching things I truly enjoyed and left me lighter than when I sat down. I subscribe to many positive YouTube channels and maintain a subscription to GaiaTV ( streaming network which focuses on programs that empower the evolution of consciousness.

Outside of the whole TV/Movie thing, I have also felt that I’m less distracted by false flags and spinning of global events aimed at creating fear and separation. No matter the tragedy, I have a sense that it is part of the greater plan and all the parties involved signed up for that experience on some level even if subconsciously as part of their soul contracts in which they agreed upon to come. It again is a perspective and calm I never noticed before until recently. Even with the craziest election in history, I just observed from afar and looking at it as a measuring stick of our progress of ascending to a new paradigm. I couldn’t get on board with either candidate, as it was the situation of the lesser of two undesirables. But I’ve never really been a political person even before awakening as I’ve witnessed the polarization of people’s stands on it and the emotions behind it all. I’ve been witness to massive arguments and felt all that angst and turmoil too many times to know it wasn’t my game to play.  It’s important, I know.. But for some reason, I just don’t feel part of it or I have skin in the game. That’s other people’s part to play.  That philosophy realized is yet another example of how I feel I’m separating from the world. I have sent out compassion and love to both sides of the coin when I see the hate and awfulness being spewed out to the human collective. I have on many occasions accidentally caught a news zinger “Death and Destruction, details at 11”, and find I speak out loud or even telepathically to the news anchor, “oh Chet, don’t spread the fear”.

This detachment has also greatly extended to my relationship with my 3D job as an engineering manager.  I think for the past few years, I have noticed a gradual decline in my career motivations of “climbing the corporate ladder” which has been inversely proportional to my acceleration on the spiritual path fueled by my recent dealings with Marconics and related exploration and education in all such topics.  I see it as a waystation of sorts right now, allowing me beautiful comforts and a wonderful home and I am truly grateful, but I don’t seek fulfillment from my job anymore. I am going through the motions, eagerly waiting for the clarion call to pull me with enough gravity and financial means to switch tracks, 100%.  Right now, the difference is far too great. I’m OK with the balance I’ve achieved, but it is when the stresses of corporate life rear their ugly heads is where I feel a drop in vibration that is just intolerable for me if it is not fleeting.

The idea for this blog actually came about a few months ago when I was in Austin, TX for a trade-show / conference I was attending for my work. I was walking from one session to another in this giant conference center when I just stopped and looked around at all the business people chatting and wheeling and dealing and taking it all so seriously like it is the only thing that matters in the world and I just had a profound sense of separation for that world. It was a weird sensation that made me feel invisible and yet peaceful and aware. I wish I could pen the exact feeling I was feeling to this blog, but I’m having trouble putting it to words, but like in the opening paragraph I felt I was in the world, but not part of it. I had peeked outside “the game” and was seeing it for what it was. A game.  As I stood there as people hurryingly past around me I just swelled with compassion and love for them all as they aren’t yet awakened to what else is out there to consider. This wave of gratitude came over me as I smiled and just appreciated my journey over the past few years to allow me to get to this point of clarity.

It forged in me my desire to be available and ready to help any fellow human with their own journey whether it be holding the door or smiling at a sad person, or paying for the coffee for the car behind me. There are so many ways we can all start to crack the shell of the hardened souls so they can start to feel again versus just being in an induced coma of the 3D way of thinking.. Survival and ruled by basic urges depicted on TV/Movies, and history.

I have noticed that I am also looking at people differently and they are responding in kind.  I have noticed even more than usual that random people are drawn to have a conversation with me or will come up to ask for help or directions. And of course, I’m happy to oblige, but as I do, I just beam love and light to them for as long as they are in my presence. And telepathically wish them well in the game as we depart company. I’ll purposely beam love and light to someone that I see as angry or agitated should I see them in my sight. And I find I’m less and less likely to take things personal if someone attacks me personally.  I know instinctively they are in their own universe and it is only if I agree to take it personally is when it transfers to my world.  Fortunately I seem to be invisible to that vibration of anger and violence. It really doesn’t appear in my path ever.  Side note: If you looking for a good book on this topic, may I suggest The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz.. It came to me early in my spiritual path and I like to read or listen to the audio book each year.  I try to live by them. They are and I quote:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word.Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love…”
  • Don’t Make Assumptions.Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life…”
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally.Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering…”
  • Always Do Your Best.Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret..

Also, there is less and less mind commentary or snap-judgments when I see someone and an overwhelming sense of love and understanding even if someone is rude or crass or acting like an egotistical jerkface. I know the spark I’m feeling is within them and that we are of the same making. Sure, I sometimes go less conscious and find myself into older patterns of thinking (or actually back to that instinctual No-Thinking way) but they are short lived or I’ll get a punch from my Higher Self telling me to snap out of it.

The most remarkable thing to me is that for the past 3 to 4 years of researching, reading, and listening to countless channeled messages or books about unity consciousness and oneness, I am REALLY starting to get it and feel and embody it myself. It’s really happening! It’s not just an intellectual concept to me, but a reality only getting stronger with my commitment to Spirit and the Universe to help raise the vibration of this Earth school. I know without a doubt that’s why I came here yet again this lifetime. I’ve put in the work of countless reincarnations so I can amass all the variations of the Game, experiencing all I could to be able to understand and step out of it so I can help others do the same. That is the game we all decided to join and try. Wondrous isn’t it?

From this new place, this new perspective, I feel I will be able to only help everyone more. The connections are truer and purer and it’s all bound by love. It’s almost a paradox; the more you let go, the closer you can get. Does that even make sense? Well I’m going with it.. It does to me. It’s a freedom, a liberation of fear of loss. I understand Buddah’s quote more profoundly: “The root of all suffering is attachment”.

I look forward to the coming year of 2017 as 2016 is rapidly coming to a close. I really have a sense of hope and optimism for the world, despite on paper that it looks rather precarious. I have faith in Humanity and sense the Lightworkers of the world are awakening faster and faster to help start a revolution in consciousness via entrainment and just being, living, and embodying the Light. We can do this together. I know we can. This is the year to do it. Are you with me?

Be Well, Peace, Namaste all that found this sharing..



2 thoughts on “My Experience of Spiritual Detachment

  1. Thank you Josh. Eloquently stated as always.

    Yes, the TV emphatic connection rings strongly with me. I cannot stand the vibration of news, their presentation is so hurried and causes anxious feeling in me. And I cannot stand dramas at all, they just would sink me down emotionally. Violent movies drains me, just cannot keep from tightening up all muscles in my body. I am also partial to science fiction, but most of it just expresses darkness. I would love to see spiritual movies and science fiction where low vibration consciousness is overcome by love and light instead of violence – this is what I would love to see more of. I always been romantic at heart anyways.

    I started doing more guided grounding visual meditations. Or meditation on light, oddly when I am visualizing light, I can perceive its heat with high intensity on my body and hands with strong tingling sensations. I used to do white light mediation in the past with out the experience of such an intense physical connection as I feel it now. It must be the new energies that are coming to Earth right now.

    on what you wrote (quoted):
    “It’s almost a paradox; the more you let go, the closer you can get. Does that even make sense?”

    That rings so true to my self, the more fear I release, the closer I am able to connect with others. Well I personally have still some ways to go. What is helping me is seeing everyone as my children that I love and provide for unconditionally.

    The Four Agreements is truly a wonderful book, thank you for reminding of it. It is so easy for me to fall back into my old ways.

    On the things that inspire me are channeling with AA Metatron, AA Michael, and Joshua by Pamela Aaralyn.

    As always I am inspired by your journey. Keep on writing.

    With light and love,


    1. Thanks for the awesome feedback Libor. I’ll check out the channelings you suggested. I appreciate you reading and I will keep writing until my time is done here or when I ascend. Lol. Catch you on the astral my friend. Josh


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