14.. Corsair F4U.. Marconic Energy Session Highlights..

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Hello all. Greetings again. Where does time go? I know that I am in just a time warp where weeks feel like days and the past year like months.. It’s quite amazing. Someone will ask me when something occurred and I tell them that I’m timeline illiterate at this point. I can’t pinpoint timing outside a week or two now. Anyways, when I looked to see when I last wrote (December 2016), I almost gasped as it doesn’t feel that long at all. Boy has there has been quite a few happenings especially around my adventures as a Marconics practitioner.

As I have been feeling compelled to write again, I started to try to focus on what has been some highlights and important events that have been taking place as the purpose of this blog is for me to chronicle my journey through my spiritual development.  I reached out to my higher self and asked, so Josh-on-High what shall I write about and several thoughts jumped out at me.  First I had an idea to write my coming of (spiritual) age story from my walkabouts in Sedona through the whole series of synchronicities to get me here today, (like a consolidation of several of my past blogs). But I’ll save that for another day. Before I get started, just wanted to note, that the names were changed for this story and permission to share the story was given to me to help demonstrate the healings facilitated by Marconic Energy. I value the privacy and sacredness of what goes on during a session, but the parties were excited for me to share the experience in my blog.

The first thing I’d like to chronicle is the amazing experience I had when I was asked by one of my friends Leslie if I would be interested in having a “Marconics Demo Dinner”.  You see, Leslie has always been super supportive on my spiritual journey and was one of the first people to get on the table when I first went through my Marconics training.  She has had about 5-6 sessions thus far all with amazing experiences for her own growth. She was recently talking with several of her girlfriends about what it was all about and there was a lot of curiosity and interest in learning more about it so one night she asked if I would be interested if she had a dinner party and I would be available to do some ‘No-Touch’ sessions on them all. I of course said, “Absolutely” and we planned the date. Well as things happen, several of the people cancelled at the last minute except for her sister-in-law and brother.

Given that Leslie’s husband Jack, has been my best friend since 5th grade, and their kids are considered my niece and nephew, I would have just come over anyways for a home-cooked meal, so I said it wasn’t a problem if there were only going to be a few sessions. It was still my pleasure to have someone on the table to help start their own evolution of consciousness.  So Leslie’s brother Barry and his wife Missy showed up and we had a nice dinner.  I was asked by Barry what the heck he was getting himself into as he was not familiar with energy work of any kind and he just came for the meal, but after some prodding from everyone, he was intrigued and said, “OK, maybe I’ll give it a shot”.

Well as we finished up dinner, my nephew Andy came over to me and said something that blew my mind. Now mind you he just turned 12 in December.. He said “Uncle Josh, I have been thinking it is about time I start ramping up my spiritual practices this year and I have been doing some research and decided that I should start with lucid dreaming and meditation.” I just stared at him for about 5 seconds, mouth agape and then said “Wow, buddy! That sounds like a good start. Go for it”. He also asked me if I would be willing to do a Marconics ‘No-Touch’ session on him too, as he felt it would be a good way to kick off his studies and was excited to get on the table. I told him that I would if he was sure he was ready and that his parents were OK, which they were. So I said, “Ok pal. It’s on.. You can go first tonight if you want”.  He agreed and started to get excited and also a bit anxious as he didn’t know what to expect. I told him it would be OK and that I’m sure he would get exactly what he needed to start his journey.

So after dessert, we decided it was time to get started as I would be doing 5 sessions in a row.  I said to Andy, “Come on buddy, let’s get to it” as we headed downstairs to Leslie and Jack’s office space in their basement. My table was all setup and the room was lit by 2 candles I brought. Andy said he was buzzing with excitement and I told him to get up on the table and just relax as I was going to get started and to just keep an open mind and be OK with what comes (if anything). He quietly said “OK Uncle Josh” and then I called in the Marconic energy. As my hands and field activated, I entered his energetic field and it was unlike any other session to date. You see, we typically don’t work on children unless they explicitly want the energy as they are still higher vibration for the most part than adults. But as I entered Andy’s field, all I could feel was what I would describe as exquisite energy and almost like a sense of nobility or purity. I immediately felt like my field was receiving something as I started the protocol.  His field was palpable and stood out strong as I performed the ‘No-Touch’ and I immediately saw that he was reacting to the energy. He slowly started to move a little and adjust and as I continued, I could see him moving his mouth like he was talking to someone. I couldn’t wait to see what his experience was as I finished up and started to ground him.

He was slow to come back to his body but as I helped him up, I asked “Hey bud.. How was it? Anything to report?” He sat there for a second or two and said “What, what, wow, wow.. I. I. I can see! Everything is so clear in the room and I don’t even have my glasses on.”  I smiled and told him that I’ve had that same experience before, where for short while after a session once or twice, I too had temporary 20/20 vision.  He also was having a hard time conveying all that happened but he described that he felt SO BIG.. He said that he could have sworn that his arms were so long that he could feel the edge of the table below his feet and that he felt like he was not on a table anymore.  He also described that part way through it he was just laying enjoying the sensations when a pigeon/dove like bird started to fly right in front of his face hovering and it had eyes that were humanlike in such that it focused eye-to-eye with him. He kept saying to the bird, “Mr. Bird, what are you doing in my mind?” But it didn’t answer it was just there like it welcoming him to some unknown world. He then shooed him away and shortly thereafter a scene out of Daktari showed up and a beautiful gazelle like animal slowly walked over to him and then bowed, and then pressed his nose against his body. He bowed back and then the scene disappeared as I had just finished the protocol and was grounding him.

As we made our way upstairs, back to the party, he kept saying “wow, wow.. I just need to lay down and process this. Thanks so much Uncle Josh”. I told him the pleasure and honor was all mine as I felt so peaceful and high vibrational. Sometime during sessions they are intense for me and I get really hot and usually perspire a lot. This one was so cool, calm and collected, like a laminar flow of a stream. Amazing.. The rest of the adults just sat there silently as we went to the kitchen, awaiting Andy’s report.. He just said “Wow. That was amazing” and I suggested that we hold off on reporting until everyone had their session not to influence or suggest that the same experience would happen to someone else since every session is different and every person’s reaction to the energy is also different. I personally haven’t had any visions yet really. I’ve experienced feelings, songs, and pressure, and tingling and such, but never anything visual, etc. We are all different.

So I spoke up and said, “Who’s next?” as everyone just was silent and looking at each other when Missy said, “Barry, you go next..” He said somewhat unenthused, “OK Josh, let’s get this over with. I’m sure you’ll say my “energy” is dark or non-existent”.  I explained to him a little further that he did not have to do this if he didn’t want to and that I had little to do with the session other than to just facilitate his connection to his higher self and spiritual guides/team. He admitted that he did want it as he was curious, but had NO CLUE what to expect given he’s never heard of anything like this. He is a good man, who works hard in a trade to support his wife and 3 kids. I told him just to relax and be open to whatever and if he felt like he wanted to fall asleep, then that was A-OK. You see, for most of the males I’ve worked on, especially if they are not active Lightworkers, they typically fall asleep within a minute or two of their bodies being flooded with this energy. There is no judgement or anything, it happens often to all people where the work being done to release density could be too much for them so their team put them under as almost a “spiritual anesthesia”.

Well as he closed his eyes, I started to call in the energy and all of a sudden, I felt my heart start to pang and it felt like I opened the dam to Niagra Falls. That peaceful flow for Andy was erased in 3 seconds as the energy flooded his system. I took a second to adjust myself and started the protocol. I could feel that the energy was rushing like a whitewater rapid into his field as my temperature increased and the sweat built on my brow and back. Being no stranger to it, I just continued the protocol as I looked to see if he was reacting at all.. Not really I thought. I said to myself “Oh boy, if he says that he didn’t feel anything, I’ll be very confused given my reaction”. But I quickly just focused on the protocol. At one point, I thought I saw a tear or two come out of his eye, but assumed that it was just the dim light playing with my eyes.. So as I grounded him, and helped him up, I started to say, “So Barry, how did it…..” and he interrupted with a loud voice saying “ 14…. Corsair… 4FU..” and I said, “Excuse me?” and he repeated it 3 or 4 more times without elaborating “ 14…. Corsair… 4FU..”.. I then said, “Barry, what are you saying, are you OK?” He then seemed like he snapped back in his body and almost seemed emotional wiping his eyes..

He then looked at me and I said “Welcome back. What was that you were telling me, 14.. Corsair 4FU?” He said, “Holy Shit.. I was in a cockpit of a WW2 plane and I was the pilot.. I knew everything to know about the gages, and the levers and everything.. It was my plane!” I asked him if he knew a lot about planes and he said “No, not really at all”. I suggested we go look up the Corsair 4FU when we get upstairs and he agreed.. I then asked him, “Barry, what does the 14 represent?” He said, “I.. I.. I don’t know, but it makes me SO SAD”.. as he almost snapped back to the vision, and then he said quietly, “It was the planes I shot down”.. and he again shed a few tears. I told him it was a safe space and that it was OK to release it and that’s why it came to the surface for clearing. We all carry unconscious past life dramas / karma from one life to the next for clearing. He just sat there for a minute and then just kept saying, “What just happened? That didn’t just happen?! But it did.. Wow!” As we headed upstairs, he say everyone waiting in the dining room and just said “W…T…F…?!?” and I smiled. I let him take a chair as I scooted for my phone.. I searched for Corsair 4FU and showed it to him, and he exclaimed, “That’s it.. That’s my plane!”.


Everyone was eager to hear about it as I went outside to get some air as I just felt like I was set ablaze with energy.  So much for waiting to compare notes, lol! I was just humbled and honored to have been a part of that for Barry. It was the first really vivid past-life regression of a client I was a part of. It goes to show you that someone that had no context for anything like that can have something happen more than someone that is so in touch with their energetics, etc. Amazing.

I think Barry’s experience clouded Missy’s experience (who was next). I could feel the resistance to the flow of energy from the second I entered her field as she was scared/nervous for something like Barry’s to happen to her. But as the session went on, she relaxed and had a nice pleasant experience. She vowed to get another one, soon when she could be in a better mind space.  Jack passed out after 5 or so minutes and slept his way to a nice session, feeling refreshed afterwards.. Leslie, the seasoned Marconics ‘No-Touch’ veteran, had an amazing experience as she usually does were she felt like she was being lifted up and up and that if she didn’t let a tiny bit of fear in and didn’t want to release control that she would have floated out of body and probably had an amazing experience like Barry.  “Next time..”  she said, and I believe her.

Amazing huh?  I continue to be blown away by the stories of the clients once they get off the table!

To be part of someone’s journey has given me such a profound sense of gratitude and purpose outside the mundane 3D life experience of job, bills, and going through the motions. I’m grateful for finding the courage to start the journey back a few years ago and I can’t wait for the future to unroll and help others on their own wonderful path to Source.

The “separation of worlds” seems to be accelerating too in my life. The focus of my awareness is primarily on continuing to foster the seedling called my new life and just tolerate the 3D game as long as I have to. I was told some time ago by my Higher Self, that I would know for sure when it was time, when I would be needed fulltime to help others and that the transition (financial, et al) would be easy and equal to or greater. It does seem like it’s lining up somewhat more and more and I feel / know that something BIG is coming around the corner. Closer and closer each day, it feels like I’m creeping towards Christmas day as a little kid, opening an advent calendar.

Case in point, I just got back from New York City where I and a few others helped support a spiritual expo for Marconics. Over the weekend, I talked to dozens and dozens of people and facilitated about twenty five 20 minute sample sessions, where many people had some other profound experiences.   This weekend, I’m off to another Expo in Connecticut, and then next weekend a class in Boston, and the weekend after that, a class in Long Island, NY, and then Asheville, NC and soon thereafter New Jersey and Connecticut. I am just out of this world excited for all of it.  Go to Marconics.com if you are interested in any of the classes available, mine or otherwise.

Well I guess that’s enough for now. I have several other thoughts that I need to write about, but I want to keep these somewhat tolerable in length vs. a novel. LOL!

Thanks for reading about my adventures. I am constantly surprised that ANYONE would find these on the outskirts of the internet and actually read them, but I’ve had 3500 views since I started in 2015. That’s just amazing to me. Small I’m sure to the millions that a celebrity gets, but I’m in this just for me. I know when/if I’m old and gray (or forever young!), I’ll love to read these back.  Go find your own adventures in Spirit! They are out there waiting for you to experience!

Be Well, Peace, Namaste friends,


6 thoughts on “14.. Corsair F4U.. Marconic Energy Session Highlights..

  1. WOW …..JUST WOW…….SO glad to read about your recent experiences……KEEP GOING JOSH…….YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR CALLING and PATH…. LOVE YOU DEARLY~!!

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  2. As always, complete affirmation, that you are on the right path. Marconics is a beautiful and undeniable energy. The spark that begins others on their own spiritual journeys. So proud of you, my friend, Josh. Love, love, love your blogs. Keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Josh. . .if you ever stopped blogging it would be an injustice to humanity. The empathic souls (both new and old) live and experience through the words you write whether they have begun their journey or not. I bare witness to this as I am one of them. I laugh, I cry, I breathe through the words you write. Others who blog you may not admit it but that is why we follow you in the first place. Stay true to this path and let us journey with you Commander!

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