JOSH UPDATE: My Marathon of Marconics Events

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Hello all readers of my blog.. I have been wanting to write for sometime but have been so busy with everything going on in my separation of worlds. Since March, I’ve been running at breakneck speed juggling the corporate and spiritual life in almost a full time capacity. For the past 3 months, I’ve put in my 40-50 hours of corporate work, and then like a superhero, I don my purple Marconics shirt and black pants and set off helping people on their spiritual quest through Marconics. Take a look at my weekend dance card the past 3 months:

March 17-19, 2017: In New York City representing Marconics International at their booth at the annual New Life Expo at the New Yorker hotel. It was a marathon for sure including driving down, setting up and manning the booth all three days for a total of almost 30 hours! It was a very interesting weekend but as it being long, it was also very rewarding and I (along with my 2 cohorts Nadine and Mary Pat) spoke to at least a hundred or more people, had over 50 sample sessions and actually signed up 4 students to the two teaching events we had planned! We even had other nearby booth exhibitors come over to our booth not only for sessions but also were funneling people over to us after their experiences! The energetics of NYC are a bit too much for me empathically and the lack of nice people was getting to me. Every interaction with the locals was at best ambivalent, but mostly rude. It was a good exercise for me to stay in my high vibe state vs. reverting to my shell and retreat. I wasn’t sad to head back home though after a long weekend, but was just excited to be part of it all.

March 24-26, 2017: Another expo in Vernon, CT. This one was heaven compared to NYC as it was from only 10-4PM.. We had plenty of space and actually had help from several local practitioners that came out to support us and also help with giving sample sessions. I remembered my first time at an expo in Marlborough just a month or two after my first class and I was excited and nervous as heck to be interacting with people and giving sessions where I was just freshly out into this spiritual world and still in awe of me finding the courage to be an active Lightworker. We had some strange adventures with our AirBNB accommodations, but made it through. We stayed in a local house and the host left us instructions for unlocking the lock box to get the keys to get in. Well when we finally got to place, it was around 9PM and dark and with our phone flashlights we were trying to unlock this thing for at least 15 minutes. To me, it felt like we were clumsy cat-burglars that were trying to break into a house and I had visions that the police were going to whip into the driveway any second to bust us, lol. Well after several calls to the host, I just centered myself and asked my Higher Self for help (the Commander), and instantly I got a thought to try to scramble the numbers a bit and on the first try, CLICK.. Eureka! Thanks Commander! I quietly yelled to Nadine, “I GOT IT!”. The place was creepy inside, but we made due. It wasn’t a place to hang out other than to just sleep in between expo days.

Speaking of which, it was a nice time, meeting nice people and we had another 30-40 people have sessions and we picked up 3 students for our upcoming Suffield, CT class. It was funny that one of them was again our neighboring exhibitor. I could see him watching us curiously, as he was promoting a local organic farm or something like that, I believe. He started talking to one of the volunteers which shortly led him to get on the table. He told them that he was a Reiki practitioner on the side, but as I watched the session, I could see that he was reacting quite strong to the energy. He was moving his arms and body and I could feel the intensity of the session. It was awesome. After about a few hours, he beckoned me over as he wanted to buy the Marconics Book, and then at the end of the expo, he cleared out his earnings from his booth to drop a deposit for the Marconics class. Awesome testimony on being exposed to this energy and another successful weekend!

March 31-April 2, 2017: Supporting the new Level 1 Teacher’s class! Hard to believe it has been a year since I picked up the Teacher’s mantle. It’s been an amazing year (although it feels like only mere months) of learning moments and incredible ones for me and my teaching partners. Our first class, Putnam, CT did not pan out, but our next in New Hope, PA was incredible, still a major highlight of the year.. We had 12 students, and a perfect venue and local practitioner support. WOW! Natick was next with 6 students, of all interesting paths. Then Japan! I’m still just amazed that I was asked to be part of it in the first place, never mind being the front man. A night-time lecture, over 30 sessions, and then teaching a class of 60 students? What? I’m still so honored and humbled to have done it and so look forward to the second trip this year in September! Next was supposed to be another Natick class which did not pan out and led to some changes to our teaching team. After almost a year together of being a teaching team of four, two decided to go their own way and Nadine and became a teaching pair. It was very hard to swallow, but spirit tested our foundation to see if we could build higher but apparently there were cracks that I chose to ignore or discount as nothing. Regardless we are still friends and just going in different directions. I really do thing that the Universe prevented Natick Class #2 to happen as it was JUST when this shakeup occurred. Divine timing rules!
As for the new teacher’s class, it was amazing to be there to support the ones that applied and were picked to go through it. It amazing part was that there were over half from Japan, many that were students in class I taught or the one from the year before. Amazing! It was also awesome to see the other half of familiar friends and fellow practitioners answer the call to teach. I got to observe and support the whole weekend and all did an amazing job!

April 7-9, 2017: Our Long Beach, Long Island NY Level 1 Class! No rest for the weary, our fourth weekend in a row doing Marconics. This time we headed back to NY to teach our latest Level 1 class in Long Beach, NY. It was hosted by a local practitioner and she allowed us into her home for the whole weekend. We ended up collecting 8 students (several from the NYC expo) and had an amazing weekend. It was Nadine’s first time as a speaker as usually that was me and Olivia’s job. She did amazing! The class was transformative for many of the students. There were many different types of people but all came together to learn the protocol and jumpstart their ascension through Marconics. I thought the class flowed nicely and the whole weekend just energized me, as it had been such a long time since teaching. All of our students loved the workshop and some are planning to go to the next Levels of Marconics.. The greatest of compliments to a teacher!

April 15-16: A respite weekend, but also a sad one. After being my partner in crime for over 20 years, my dearest pet cat, Loki passed away peacefully at home in my arms. Although it being very sad, this journey has made me appreciate the death transition and not fear it. Given our bond, I know his spirit roams the house and we’ll meet again sometime, somewhere.

April 21-24, 2017: Off to Asheville, NC for our next Level 1 class! Once again we had 8 students (what’s with the 8’s? lol) Hosted again by a wonderful soul and Marconics Practitioner Suzanne, Nadine and I fly out to one of the coolest places, Asheville, NC. As soon as I got off the plane, I could feel the energy was VERY compatible with me. It felt like home, high vibrational and pure. We headed to Suzanne’s place and had a wonderful day exploring the city and its eclectic style. It is a very tolerant city of all diversities, cultures, and ways of life (much like other Marconic hotspots Provincetown, MA, New Hope, PA, etc) The students came from all over Iowa, Florida, Ohio, and NC. And we had once again an incredible weekend teaching the Spiritual Alchemy topics as well as (my favorite) the protocol.. All the students did remarkably well and again many plan to move up into the other levels of Marconics.

April 29, 2017: Nadine and I exhibited at a tiny expo in Canton, MA which was in an old church. Our teaching team exhibited last year as well, but I was supporting a Marconics class so I did not attend. It was in one room and I believe there were only 7 or so exhibitors. And out of the 7, we were the most professional looking and put together. There was a strange man in his 60’s who sounded Polish or Russian arrived and set up a poker table right in front of booth with nothing but a business card. He said he was a healer of some sort but I was uneasy about him the whole day. The rest were vendors selling crystals or jewelry, etc. I thought that it was going to be the slowest day ever, but as people slowly came in, they would eventually make it to our booth and most of them would decide to get on the table and experience Marconics. And more and more people came and seemed to head right for us and then after their experience, leave the expo. By the end of the day, we had done 18 sessions! We were in awe, but it was so rewarding to have had several people be blown away. And guess what, yet again, our other neighboring exhibitors (husband and wife doing neural rebalancing) were drawn to our booth. The wife, she COULD NOT believe we were there and next to her as she had JUST found out about Marconics only days before and was planning to buy the book online the next day (we just happened to have some copies for sale!). She also was our first sample session of the day. The husband, he was the last session of the day and he just couldn’t believe what he experienced. Love it!

May 5-7, 2017: Gathering of the Guardian Alliance in Provincetown, MA. Oh boy, my favorite time of year, the Gathering of the Guardian event for Marconics. It is like going to Disneyworld for me. I get to see a lot of my favorite people and not only be exposed to massive amounts of energy (30+ Lightworkers in a room!) but also get to be filled in on a variety of advanced spiritual topics. I’m honored to be part of this group, but alas just as in Fight Club, rule #1 is not to discuss what goes on in Fight Club. But I will say that usually (especially in my teacher’s capacity), I always feel like in an energetic support-role vs. active participant. I don’t ever mind that, but sometimes I truly wish that I could experience some of the visuals and stuff that others do while there. But this time, was completely different. I was an active participant in my own cool way and received several upgrades that I knew were coming to help me on the next few parts of my journey! I am so appreciate to my fellow Guardians for their support during the weekend and of course the company as well.

Busy few months, eh? I’ll say so. Since the Guardian’s event, It’s been nice and quiet for me to assimilate all that went on, but now we are gearing up again for a busy summer. June 3-4 we will be teaching in Suffield, CT and current have (guess how many? Yup) 8 students signed up.. There are spots open if you read this and are interested! Then through synchronicity, Nadine and I are headed to MOUNT SHASTA, CA !! for a class on my birthday weekend (July 8-9). Super excited and I hope we have a nice full class (see for more details). I’ve always wanted to go there and experience the energy of this energetic hotspot on Earth! In August we head back to New Hope, PA for another class, and then in September off to Japan! In October, we are going to Highlands, NJ to teach.. We still have potentials in CT and Florida to hash out for this year! Just such an amazing time in my life all in motion from aligning with my life’s mission to be active in helping people find their path, whatever it is, through Marconics, or using Marconics to springboard them into their aligned path.

I sense that something huge is coming, what? Not sure, it is like I’m feeling a sense of nostalgia at my 3D work, like that is separating somehow? I just celebrated my 19th year there! I’m also feeling like I’m just biding my time, keeping busy until the wheels come off the bus (not in a bad way, but in a paradigm change). I also get reminded of that one scene in Deep Impact, when Tea Leoni and her dad know they can’t escape the wave, and just go on the beach to watch it come in. That sense of acceptance and just letting go.
That’s the feeling, not like death and destruction, but a wave of energy or awareness/consciousness that’s coming that won’t be stopped.

All the support and work I’m doing for myself and all of my clients, students, is all to ready us to be anchored to withstand and then support the masses when it crashes and subsides.. It’s not scary to me, but exhilarating like eons upon eons of time waiting in the doctor’s waiting room for your name to be called even though you had a 10:00 AM appointment, and it’s now 11:15, and you jump each time the door opens. “Is it my turn?”

So, until then, I’m vigilant for the breadcrumbs, the spiritual sign posts along my path, and I’m ready to follow them no matter what. They haven’t failed me yet and just look at my past few months. It’s an effective way my Higher Self and I communicate. It’s not always a voice or thought in my head, it’s a synchronicity and when I acknowledge it and discern that it needs to be done, then there it is, the next leg of the journey. I don’t have to know the whole destination just that I keep following the path until the Universe’s GPS says to take then next turn, and the next and next.. If I don’t follow or miss it, it will just say RECALCULATING and set me on the path to get back to it. It will only take longer. It’s just that now, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of slack time in there to keep missing the turns, so I’m just looking and investigating all paths that jump out at me.

So stay tuned for the adventures of Josh.. I’m sure the next few months will continue to prove to be amazing and shape the 3rd? act of my life. Whatever act, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve done all this before in other realms and times and places. I know it in my being, I just haven’t lifted that pesky veil yet. I guess that’s what makes it interesting..

Until next time dear ones!

Be Well, Peace, Namaste all..


2 thoughts on “JOSH UPDATE: My Marathon of Marconics Events

  1. I have always know 8 ( and if you look at it here) to represent a continual infinite loop. Eight is a great number. Infinite possibilities, infinite knowledge, infinite universal love and peace, infinite number of classes heading your way. Infinite, Infinite, Infinite!! People say that the sky is the limit. Not any more Josh. For you and the incredible spirit you have and the incredible work you do the sky is limitless. Forever the Commander! Beautiful blog!

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