Suffield, Mount Shasta & More

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Hi all.. Again, I’m in a time warp, and here we are over 2 months from my last post and it feels like no more than a week or two.  Since my last post we’ve conducted two classes! One in Suffield, CT and the other in Mount Shasta, California! Both were amazing in their own ways and I just continue to be so grateful to be a part in my students spiritual journey. To imagine, only less than 2 short years ago, I wasn’t anywhere near the situation I am in now, travelling the country and world, meeting amazing Lightworkers and sharing in their experience with Marconics and spiritual development. It just blows my mind.

The Suffield, CT class was hosted at a beautiful wellness and massage center of a fellow Marconics practitioner and friend, Dee.  I originally met her during a Level 3 class I was supporting last year in Chester VT and just hit it off with her and her friend Joanne. Following the Chester, VT class I continued to see her at the Gathering of the Guardians events that are held for Level 3 practitioners a couple times a year. We would say hi and chit chat, and experience the awesomeness that are the Guardian events, but we didn’t necessarily group up in things.. It wasn’t until Nadine and I were contemplating where we should have our next class when the Universe step in to make it happen. We were thinking of having a class in the Western Massachusetts area when Lisa Wilson said, “Why don’t you see if Dee will host you? She is not far from there in CT, and she has a lovely space we’ve used before for a class”. Hmm, I thought, that could work.. So I looked up her information and sent her a brief email, saying explain what we were looking for and just ask if there was any interest at all in maybe hosting us..

Well, I don’t quite remember if it was within hours or a day or two, but not long, I get a phone call from her and as I answered she sounds very excited. She told me that she just read the email and was shocked/stunned at the timing of it. She explained that she was JUST talking with her staff about wanting to really focus on more Marconics and higher vibrational healing out of her venue and said that she was going to contact Marconics to see if they would want to host another class. Literally, it was within a 24 hour period, and POOF, in comes my email etc.  I got the chills immediately when she told me that, and said it would NO DOUBT be an awesome venue as well an awesome class. Talk about divine timing, huh..

As soon as we made the decision, the class registrations started coming in and continued until we had 9!  As I soon found out, they came from a variety of locations and vocations, but one thing for sure, they were powerful Lightworkers ready to get their show on the road.  Several of them came from some local expos Nadine and I manned in prior months. Some signed up without really knowing why, but they just knew they had to come.. Others were all researched up and ready to go.

One student was a 70+ year old stroke survivor that healed himself from being completely right-side paralyzed to who he is today, which I couldn’t tell anything at all happened to him. He just said that the Universe put healers and knowledge in front of him that stretched his beliefs and mind to be able to will himself to health, and now he helps counsel people on how to do it themselves or at least show them it is possible. We had a young man entrepreneur just starting out in life, to experienced healers, to an ex-military squad leader and his fiancé. One or two never had done anything like this at all but when it was all said and done, they were naturals.  The thing is they have done it all before, we’ve all done it before, countless times in the past or even in other realms.  We just are remembering and relearning it in this time and place.. At least that’s my philosophy.. Regardless, it is just so fascinating and amazing to meet all these people through this journey.  It’s one of my favorite parts of what I am doing..

Class registration was a snap and the students filed in for the lecture and subsequent table time. Between our host Dee and a few other Marconics practitioners that came to observe, with us and the 9 students, the energy in the small yoga space was immense. It was the first class to receive the recent upgrade in the call down of the energy that took place only months before at the Guardians event.  Nadine and I marveled how awesome the students were in picking up the No-Touch Protocol and experiencing the energy. There were a lot of healing, clearing, and vibrations raised during the weekend.  Nadine and I really had a marathon of a time though.

We had decided to commute the 1.5hrs to save some money for our upcoming California class and not get a hotel room. That was a not-so-good idea as we had two additional students want to get their Quantum recalibration which meant we stayed at least 2 more hours than the class ended on Saturday. With all the energy of the day and place we were ABSOLUTELY fried. I remember getting in the car and saying “Oh Higher Self and Guides, please get us home safe and sound” as I knew Nadine would be passed out in a matter of moments.. Yup! Out cold! Didn’t blame her, I would have totally too. As I drove back home, I was doing all the tricks in the book to try to stay awake.  Sang, hummed, pinched myself, but it wasn’t working.. I was losing the battle. Then, I got an idea from my Higher Self was to practice and recite my little pet project I have been learning while driving.

You see, when I have to drive long distances, I usually give myself a mental challenge of some sort to keep me occupied and alert vs. drowsy and a danger to myself and others on the road. This comes for years of conditioning from my mom when I and my siblings were kids. She would bribe us with penny candy if, when we got in the car, we either went to sleep or even pretended going to sleep while she did errands. It almost became automatic that when we got in the car, we would just all go to sleep and she got to ride in silence or even rocking out to her 70’s rock. It didn’t matter, we were out cold. So I’ve always had that ability to sleep in a plane, train or automobile fairly quick.

So in this case, I had on the list for some time to try to learn and recite the 52 character password that Lieutenant Data used to lock the Enterprises computer in Star Trek the Next Generation (Season 4 Ep 3 – Brothers). As a kid, I always wanted that to be my password, lol. Such a nerd.. Well over the past weeks, I ended up learning it in chunks by listening to a clip on Youtube over and over while driving.  At first, it was like FORGET THIS, but little by little, I started to learn chunks and then linked the chunks and then when I stopped trying to think and remember and just cleared my mind, the WILDEST thing happened.  It just FLOWED, all of it. FLOWED out like I was Data.. All 52 characters.. All perfect. While my mouth was reciting it exactly in flow with Data as I listened, I even had the capacity in my mind to think OMG, I’m doing it.  It was actually a spiritual experience, a lesson.  I got out my head out of the way, and poof, I just KNEW it. Like it was the easiest thing in the world: 173467321476CHARLIE32789777643TANGO732VICTOR73117888732476789764376.

I was blown away from it, that I tried again, and it was going great until I was trying to think and then I’d mess it up. Darn it, was it just a fluke. No, I was going to try again and focus on NOT THINKING, isn’t that weird, NOT THINKING TO REMEMBER? What? But yup sure enough, I did it again, and again, and again, like it was the ABC’s.. 173467321476CHARLIE32789777643TANGO732VICTOR73117888732476789764376. in perfect unison with Data.

This was the solution that popped into my head as I was struggling to stay awake.. So as I pulled onto the last leg of the trip I quietly started YouTube and queued Mr. Data and Off I went,

“Computer.. Establish security code for access to all functions previously transferred to bridge: 173467321476CHARLIE32789777643TANGO732VICTOR73117888732476789764376 – LOCK”

As soon as I finished, I re-queued it and repeated, and repeated, and repeated.. As I did it, I got more and more alert, like the use of that part of my brain triggered some adrenaline or something to keep me aware and focused on the road. Of course I was barely whispering and I had the sound in the car barely audible as I didn’t want to wake Nadine. Over and over done the highway I went saying this and as we approached my exit, (YES almost home to bed!), she slightly awoke to hearing me saying these numbers all in a row.. She told me she thought I she was either dreaming or I was speaking tongues.. “JOSH?!? What the hell are you saying or talking to?” LOL.. I told her the story and then showed her my password remembering prowess and she was like “How the heck do you remember that? That’s impressive”.  I retorted that it was the time that kept us on the road for the past 25 miles.

In a weird and funky way,  I found my Mantra, my OM, my mind quieter. And mental substitute to coffee in a pinch.. LOL.  And in learning this feat, I declare that I am an official, proud, card carrying super NERD now.

This experience of NOT THINKING reminded me of a time a LONG while ago, way before any of my spiritual development when a similar thing happened while playing Guitar Hero in my house. I was trying so hard to learn a Metallica song or something  but was sucking so bad, when one time, I just stopped concentrating and thinking and my fingers started to move like I was Slash from GnR. I remember looking down at them moving on their own accord. But as soon as I stepped out of that flow, poof, awful. Just this past weekend, I was talking with my friend Stetson and showed him my new “superpower of Data password” and when he said HOW THE HELL, I said I don’t think about it and it comes through.. And his eyes went wide and said, “YES that just happened with me not to recently ago when he was playing guitar for a group of people at hospice suffering with cancer. He said, that as we was playing, all of a sudden, he was just in the flow and really was not playing but something was playing through him. He said that he never ever played as well as that day, and that it was his first and only truly spiritual experience in his life. He felt spirit and what it was (and he’s not really a spiritual person at all)..  WOW, there’s so much more to life, isn’t there?

Day 2 of Suffield went without a hitch and the students just blew our minds on how well everyone was picking up the protocol. By the end of the day and for the most-part, the whole class performed a full No-Touch without really any prompting from us. They just knew it and off they went.  We were proud teachers. We will definitely be going back to have another class there for sure!

From there, our next trip was going to out west to a place I always wanted to go since learning about it in my spiritual studies. MOUNT SHASTA! As with the Suffield venue choice and “synchronicity”, Mount Shasta’s genesis was exactly same..  Nadine and I were literally talking about wanting to plan out the rest of the 2017 calendar for classes, and we decided on a few potentials: Sedona, Mount Shasta, Seattle/Portland, and maybe Hawaii. Within a day or so of that conversation, I received a phone call from a California number. I answered Hello, and it ended up being a lovely woman Dahlia from Redding California (about 45 minutes south of Mount Shasta). I almost drop the phone.. She indicated that she was good friends with one of our Asheville, NC students and was blown away by how much our student had energetically changed since class. She is a strong empath and spiritual person so she felt the difference immediate and asked what she had recently done. Our student said, “I took the Level 1 Marconics class in Asheville. I think I’ve found the energy I was looking for” and Dahlia said, “OMG yes. How do I get some of that?!?” and she gave her my number and voila, we are now speaking. She wanted to know more about Marconics and the origins etc, so I talked to her like an old friend of many years.. Her laugh is so infectious and amazing that it just was like ear candy. But shortly after I offered to give her a remote No-Touch session, she said, “Would you guys ever consider to come to Mount Shasta? I know of a great place that is cheap to hold it and will help market local, etc.”

“Well there it is”,I thought, “the next locale for a class.” So I told her, about me and my teaching partner Nadine’s exact conversation the day before. She just started laughing again, and we figured out the day and location (Stewart Mineral Springs) in a matter of days.  We posted the event and started marketing heavily as it was a financial investment to go all the way out there.. There was so much interest on the Facebook event page (over a hundred “Interested” parties) , but regardless we only ended up with two students, Dahlia and Kay. Obviously we wanted to have a full class, but we had decided we’d go regardless of who signed up.. We earmarked some of the profits from Suffield class to fund this adventure as we both felt REALLY strong to go out there. We wanted to experience the mountain and area as well. We knew we just had to go.

We just happened to fly out there on my birthday! So on our first leg out to Seattle on our way to Medford, Oregon where we then would drive down about 1.5 hrs to the Mount Shasta area.  I was surprisingly comfortable in the airplane seat (I got the aisle) and Nadine was in the middle sitting next to a pleasant woman at the window seat. Nadine leaned over to me and whispered “I need to talk to this woman. She’s one of the reasons for the trip!”. I said, “Go for it. You’re intuition is growing and been SPOT ON”. I however was enthralled watching Season 2 of Sense8 on Netflix. It’s a great metaphysical action show of these eight Sensates that are psychically connected while across the world. Well Nadine started to chat it up and they didn’t stop for 4 hours! I wasn’t paying attention to the words while I had my headphones on, but the energy was building and I could CERTAINLY feel that. I just smiled and looked forward to the low-down on the discussion.  During a break I opened my bag and saw I had a few Marconics: The Clarion Call books I was lugging as we sometimes sell them at our classes. I heard my Higher Self say, “Give her a book!” so I just grabbed one and handed to the lady and said, “My Higher Self told me to give this to you.. Enjoy it!” She was grateful and surprised (but not really). It turns out that she is a student teacher for a Waldorf School that was in Seattle. I really hadn’t heard of them before, but Nadine found that she was with the same students from Kindergarten through eight grade and they had a wide and less system-based approach to teaching and they also mix in spiritual topics and non-specific religion into it. She explained the continued education that she, the teacher, had to go through and that’s where we was learning about all different types of spiritual matters, like Reiki, Qi Gong, etc. So voila, now Marconics!  Will we see her again? Never know! But it was a nice synchronistic start to our trip.

As we arrived in Medford, I went up to the rental car counter and asked for my car. A nice lady was helping me and she noticed that it was my birthday, so she said, “I’m giving you a $25 coupon today Josh.” And I was course was grateful. A minute or two later as she was typing in the computer she just stopped dead in her tracks and then slowly peered up at me.. She leaned in and whispered, “I have another surprise for you. I’m upgrading you to a full size truck for free..” I was like really? I reserved the cheapest, smallest thing I could get to keep expenses down. She said, “You will need this truck for your trip, and it’s my birthday gift to you.” I graciously accepted and knew that it was at least $90/day more than what I reserved. As we made it out to the parking lot, I started to laugh as it was a MASSIVE Ford F150 truck where even I had trouble getting in, but we both laughed. “OK, Universe, You need us in a truck, we’re in a truck”. So off we went south towards Mount Shasta and Stewart Mineral Springs.

The scenery was amazing, but oh so dry. Mountains and Plains, all wrapped together. It was amazing to watch and then in the distance we saw her, in all her majesty, Mount Shasta. Its cap was almost completely snow capped while I looked at the truck’s thermometer reading 104F.. She stayed in our sight for about 45 minutes as it kept getting closer and closer and bigger and bigger. And when we got there, I just was amazed how much sky it filled. “Wow, it’s huge! It looks like a hologram and not real”  I kept saying!  We decided that we would go check into Stewart’s Mineral Springs where we had our motel rooms and where the class would be held. As we turned off the road, what did you know, we started heading on curvy roads, that eventually turned, (you guessed it) dirt! And as we entered into the SMS grounds, it was bumpy and rocky etc.. All perfectly fine due to my birthday present and Ford Motors engineering. We both looked at each other and laughed, then thanked our guides and Universe for looking out for us. I just swelled with that awe and gratitude to be “looked after” from above. We are protected and watched out in this mission. Just amazing.

We checked in and as we were walking up to our motel rooms, who was standing right in our path? A big, beautiful deer eating some grass. We just stopped and looked again at each other and headed up the stairs. Another sign of Shasta welcoming us.  We dropped our stuff and headed to check out the grounds. Steward Mineral Springs is a lovely, tranquil place that has all sorts of lodging choices from motels, to apartments to TeePees to cabins, all nestled in the woods with a calming river/stream cutting right through. This stream is highly mineralized from it running down the mountains and rocks it runs over and they pump this water and heat it into mineral baths for people to soak. It was on the list to do, but unfortunately, they only book from 8 AM to 5 PM which is practically the times of our classes. No biggy. They had a lovely vegetarian/vegan restaurant onsite and dozens of hidden bridges, sitting spots, and trails all around the place. It was quite lovely and reminded me of the feel of Chester, VT. We walked up the trails to the conference center, where we’d be holding the class, and then headed back down to the truck (and some air conditioning since it was like 105 degrees), deciding to go drive into Mount Shasta town and surrounding area.

We surveyed the cute town and then decided to drive up the mountain as far as we could go. Up and up we drove around hairpin turns, lovely vista point, flora and fauna that was foreign to us New Englanders. We just couldn’t believe we were there, that it manifested so quickly. It was a great birthday present! Again, the truck REALLY helped out with the steep grades and such.. We finally made it to base camp area where all the hikers and climbers were prepping to hit the trails up and up! It was a nice 78 degrees (due to elevation) and comfortable. The mountain peak hung in the distance but there was a sense of stillness and peace like I haven’t felt before. We were in the presence of the Mountain. Nadine and I hiked up only about 0.5 miles so we could quietly “say HI’ to her and honor her presence. Then we headed back down the trails to near the base when I said I wanted to take some pics. Nadine looked around and then her head snapped towards someone and she said yet again, “We are supposed to talk to him”.. I honored her intuition yet again and she walked over to him with a friendly hello. I started to move in that direction when I heard her ask, “Are you a local?” He said, “No, I’m from the East Coast.” We said in unison, “Us, too. What part?”. He replied, “Northeast. New England”. We looked at each other and said, “Us too! Where exactly?” “Near Boston, south a bit. Marshfield!” We dropped our jaws and told him where each of us were from. I think we were both only 30 minutes from him. Nadine next asked, “What do you do? What brings you out here?” He replied, “I’m a healer and last week, I just got a feeling I had to come out here and rest and be in her presence (as he pointed to Mt. Shasta). So I got in my car and drove straight here practically.”  We were shocked he drove, but he said that he was living in his car for the past few weeks and the occasional AirBnB to shower, etc.  We told him way we were out here and healers as well and it was an interesting conversation. We exchanged business cards to connect in the future. We headed back down the road and had a great birthday dinner celebration and prepped for the class the next day.

As the morning dawned for Day 1 of class, I was excited to meet Dahlia and Kay in person. As they entered the conference center, I could easily feel their energies and knew it would be a great class. Kay is a friend of Dahlia’s and they met some time ago during their training of “The Reconnection” by Eric Pearl. Kay remarked that she had fell out of favor with that energy work but was excited to work with Marconic Energy after her experiences from the remote session she and I had. Kay’s reaction was similar to Dahlia’s reaction. Dahlia told me after her remote session, that not only was the energy “Yummy”, but it also reminded of “Home” in the spiritual realm.

Class progressed very well and the lecture was almost like a conversation given it was only the four of us. We had a great time discussing all the Spiritual Alchemy topics and they were excited how all the information provided aligned with their own inner knowings as well.   As we started to get into teaching the No-Touch protocol,  even more so than our last few classes, Kay and Dahlia were practically experts with the protocol out of the box. We showed it to them once with instruction, and they would do it perfectly and they would even explain what they were doing as they worked on each other. Nadine and I looked at each other wide-eyed mouthed, “Holy Cow”. The rest of the weekend and their Quantum Recalibrations were amazing and powerful. The energy with only the four of us was off the charts. I almost fell backwards the first time we drew down the energy after the attunement.

The weekend flew by and it was time to say our goodbyes. As I laid down in the hot (non-AC) motel room, on Sunday night around 9:30 PM, I was hit by an urge from my Higher Self to go experience the mineral water. Now the “hot baths” were closed but Stewarts had an outside pool they dammed off of the river which you could immerse yourself it. The only problem is that the water is a balmy 58 degrees.


Yikes! But it was undeniable that I had to experience it. I changed into my bathing suit and told Nadine I was going to do it. She was like, “What, now? You are crazy. It’s FREEZING cold water”. I told her I agreed but I have to do it. So I tip toed down the paths to the pool and put my stuff down and slowly climbed down the rocks to the water’s edge. I put my feet in and was met with icy daggers of the water. Since it was still in the high 80’s in air temperature, it quickly became refreshing. I slowly entered in until I was about waist deep and I was having weird panting / breathing cadence due to the extreme cold. I  debated just getting out but again, I received a Higher Self thought bubble indicating I had to submerge completely.. “Really? I whined, OK…”  so after 3 minutes of psyching myself up I just plunged all the way in. I stayed under for maybe 2-3 seconds and then launched up and gasped/convulsed/shivered/and swore. Damn that’s cold! But after about 10 seconds or so, I started to notice a change in my body and energy.  I entered a state of extreme peace and tranquility.  I wasn’t really cold so much anymore, but I felt hyper aware and ALIVE.

As I looked around and eventfully up to the sky, I literally saw stars start to appear as the sun had JUST completely set allowing their faint light through. I saw, one, then another and another pop into existence like they were being born for me to see.  I smiled and held my arms out in an act of appreciation for this moment.  Just then see something fluttering above me. A pair of bats were circling above my head, chirping like a birds, almost congratulating me for what I just did. I just swelled with love and gratitude for all things, the world, humans, the spiritual hierarchy, my Higher Selves and Source.  I then started to go towards shore when my intuition told me that I needed to dunk one more time and stay under for 5 seconds to finish this experience. So I took a deep breath and plunged again. DOH! I came up and again gasped and shook for several seconds as I felt my physical body relax. Then I was like, OK I’m out of here. So I climbed up the rocks and grabbed my towel.

All of a sudden, I saw a black shape slingshot out of my towel and move down the rocks. MY PHONE!! OMG, I watched in horror as my phone bounched down 3-4 rocks and then jut out into the water area. I didn’t hear a kerplunk but was surrendered to the fact it was flooded.  I quickly scurried down the rocks and as I got close, I shook my head and wiped my eyes. Am I seeing my phone out in the water “floating” about a foot or so from shore.? I reached down to pick it up turned it over and shockingly, it was bone dry!!!  How is this possible I said? I slowly looked down and to my amazement there was one rock that actually peeked out of the water only about a quarter of an inch with a circumference of about 3 inches around. My phone stuck the landing better than Kerry Shrugg stayed on that rock. I just looked to the sky and smiled and thanked the Universe once again. WOW. I couldn’t believe it. I did see that a small crack formed in the corner. But hey, after 4-5 impacts on rocks and a near miss in the drink, I’ll take a hairline crack vs. a hockey puck. As I was leaving, back up the trail to the motel room, I felt that Nadine should plunge.  So when I got back, I told her of all that happened and told her my sense was that she was supposed to do it too. She looked at me and said, “Hmmnaw. I am Jamaican and I don’t do cold. LOL”. I said, it was just a sense I got but to check in with her Higher Self to see for herself.

What did you know, the next morning as I awoke and was getting ready, I knew Nadine had been up for hours ahead of me (early riser). I said jokingly “How was the water” and she looked up at me and said “COLD!”. I did a double take and said, “You went?” And she said “YUP, I felt I had to too”. She got up at 5 AM, put on her suit and marched down to do the same thing.  She too felt it was something magical and was glad she froze to death to say it was done. So we had our little Shasta Baptism and set off for the plane ride home. Another Class done.

We are now on rest until a busy August/September and October. Coming up next is our 2nd annual New Hope, PA class on August 5-6, and then it’s off to Japan again for most of September (class and sessions), followed by an October class in New Jersey Oct 7-8 and then Watertown, CT in late October (Oct 28-29). Sign up on if interested.

So blessed and so much looking forward to the adventures that await! Thanks for hanging in there for another long marathon blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Be well, Peace, Namaste! (BWPN)



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  1. As always….in love with this blog! Now how many guided synchronistic momments did I count on your trip to Mt. Shasta?…Lol! Pictures a beautiful added touch!


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