Josh’s Japan Journey 2017

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Konnichiwa! I am freshly back from my latest Marconics adventures, and as you might have guessed it from the greeting,  this time it is all about my Japan trip! I was honored and blessed to be asked to go back and teach the Level 1&2 Marconics Advanced ‘No-Touch’ Protocol along with being available to conduct Quantum Recalibration sessions as well (and a little more sightseeing too!) This year, I was accompanied by my partner in teaching & Marconics, Nadine and also another dear teacher practitioner Jacqueline.  The journey to the Far East actually was tolerable but still grueling. A 13+ hr direct trek from Boston to Tokyo. Oye!  But we made it in one piece.

As we got settled in, I was staying at one place in a great part of Tokyo (Hiroo near all the embassy’s) while Nadine and Jacqueline were rooming together in a condo owned by the company that was hosting us and organizing the activities called “The Voice”.  Despite being a bit disoriented the first night, it was no big deal and worked out just as well as they were closer to the Voice office where we had our sessions.  The first morning, I got up early and the gals walked over to my apartment to gauge the distance and then I returned with them back to their place for the same reason. We were just hanging out mid-morning waiting for our lunch welcome meeting with the Voice host, Masumi. We were just chatting when all of a sudden, I felt the whole house rock forward then back like a rocking chair 4 or 5 times. We all looked at one another and asked, “was that an earthquake?” and after a quick Google search, yup it was a 4.6 magnitude one, not too far from Tokyo. I experienced my first one ever, and on Day 1. I always thought it would be a like overall shake vs. a rocking but maybe there are different types. Japan has officially welcomed us to their wonderful lands.

The rest of Day 1 was great with an authentic Japanese lunch at Gonpachi, the site of the Lucy Lui fight from Kill Bill the Movie and some site seeing. The evening consisted of me giving a presentation on Marconics open to the public for anyone that wanted to see what it was all about and also to take advantage of attending the class that we were teaching in the next couple of days..

After another full day off to explore Tokyo and the rich history of their temples and shrines mixed with their ultra-futuristic modern structures (like the Tokyo SkyTree Tower), we settled in to prepare for the next three days of teaching. I just love the Japanese culture. It is totally built on respect and politeness. The overall feeling is one of peace and safety and that’s reflected by little children being unescorted on all the subways, to the people taking care of the elderly, as well as the cleanliness and respect for their city. No trash, no litter, and no jerk faces to be found.  They have millions of bikes just sitting outside a restaurant in Tokyo without anyone worrying about stealing it. It just isn’t in their mindset and just doesn’t happen.

I just saw a video someone posted on Japan, while I was there and it was so true. I’ll try to find it and post it here.

The class was amazing. There were 32 new students and about 10 helpers from Japanese teachers to past students and practitioners as well as 4 translators.  Even though the population of students was about half of last year, the quality and level of Lightworkers present more than made up for it. As the Marconics Energy continues to expand in intensity, it seems to be calling for a more selective (but very advanced) level of student. Nadine and I have seen this too in our classes, that the students attending are not just looking for the next workshop, but wanting to really focus on their ascension and energetic development.

One certainly blog worthy story, just so happened on Day 2 of the trip. As usual, I rushing in the morning to get ready and out the door to meet the gals to take the 3 different trains to get to the class venue and I grabbed everything on my desk and threw it in my bag and in this case, it included my passport.  I usually don’t bring my passport with me at all times fearing I would lose it, so I actually asked Jacqueline while waiting for the train, if she carries her’s with her in her purse, etc. She said that she didn’t and I said, “Yeah, I have mine today for some reason”.   We had a good day at class and Nadine, Jacqueline and I packed up and headed out to catch the train back to our domiciles.

We were chatting and just going over how great the day was when all of a sudden I just stop in my tracks, practically in mid-sentence. The gals asked, “What’s wrong?” and I just took a minute to process why I stopped. I asked my Higher Self, what’s wrong and I got one thought, clear as day.. “Passport”.. So I said to them, “I gotta check for my Passport” and I proceeded to rip through my bag to try to find it. I searched every pocket and spot and sure enough, it was not in there. Nadine mentioned that she saw me have it in my hand during the day while I was on a break pulling stuff out of my bag in class, so I was like “OK, maybe it fell out there”.  I instructed them to stay put and keep checking the bag while I retrace my steps and see if I can get back into the classroom to check.

I pull out my phone and turn on the flashlight and meticulously start sweeping the ground and sidewalks all the way back to the venue. I am checking in with myself and I am confused why this was happening and why I brought my passport today and most importantly that I wasn’t FREAKING OUT inside. I was calm as a cucumber and really don’t think my heart increased a beat or two. I know that this scenario was so frightening to me when I travelled abroad before to Europe, etc and I had nightmares of losing it (pre my spiritual awakening)..

I am almost back to the venue when I am greeted by Masumi and my translator Fuki and a few other students as they were headed to the train as well. They asked if I lost something and I said, “I can’t seem to find my passport” and they all gasped and joined in to scour the path back to the room. We got back in the classroom and looked high and dry and still nothing. I was starting to get more concerned, but still, I felt like I was going to find it. We all left and I was resigned to either a student picked it up and I’ll get it in the morning or maybe the janitor will find it and leave it in the office. As we left, we asked the front desk and nothing was turned in.

So I was walking with Masumi and saying that it looks like I know what I would be doing on my next day off after class (going to the U.S. Embassy and starting this nightmare) when she asked, “Can you use Marconics to find it?” I said, “Well not the energy per se but there is something I learned last year when one of our class helpers lost her car keys while we were packing up for the last day.”   I started to explain that sometimes when things are misplaced, they can be returned by invoking your pure intent and demanding of the Universe to return them to you. Like sending out a blast of intention energy and stepping into your power to force it so.  So I turned to her and said, “Let me give it a try”, and we stopped walking as I planted my feet, took a deep breath and said outloud while looking to the sky, “OK UNIVERSE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I DEMAND THAT MY PASSPORT BE RETURNED TO ME IMMEDIATELY. NO MORE DELAYS, NO MORE LESSONS, I WANT IT NOW” all the while, I was blasting my intention from my body and solar plexus (will center).  She said in a cute little Japanese accent, “wow, will that work?” and I said “we’ll see” and we started to walk. No more than 10 steps from that point, I point my flashlight down to light our path back to meet Nadine and Jacqueline, and I shit you not, my flashlight illuminates a blue object a flap UP and it was my passport.  She looked at me mouth wide open, as I did the same to her and I reached down to get it. I was relieved, dumbfounded (sorta) and grateful all at once.  It was on the path that I retraced on the way back to the venue. I would have seen it for sure and it wasn’t there. I just continue to get goosebumps when thinking of it.  Did I summon it? Did I just somehow miss it? I have to go with the first. I just have to.

The big thing for me in this situation is not only finding it JUST after demanding it to be returned, but also the sheer fact that I was stopped dead in my tracks to look for it. It wasn’t on my mind, I had no clue and I could have easily just realized it when I got back to my apartment. And why did I bring it in the first place. The only day I did such a thing.  These moments are big lessons for me, to just remind me that there is higher things at play. The engineer mind still questions sometimes what the heck am I doing and am I just playing out some game or fantasy, but I know that’s NOT the case. I’m aligning with Universal Flow and my Higher Selves and when that occurs, magic happens. Like manifesting a lost passport out of thin air. THANK YOU UNIVERSE. Lesson learned.

The other stand out occurrence while in Japan this year was our real first MAJOR higher self integration with one of our students. In this case, it was really intense, amazing and at times, concerning as even though we’ve seen it many times in our classes, and the classes and retreats held by Alison and Lisa and the Core Marconics team, our classes have been and tend to be on the lighter side. I’m actually not entirely surprised given the amount of energy that was present in the room from all these wonderful and powerful Japanese Lightworkers.

The student, who I will call Hiro for this story, is a young man in his early 20’s. I’m not sure of his entire background, but as I found out he is a physical therapist or something of the sort. I first noticed him on Day 1 as he was what we call “a mover” while on the table. Some people react in a bodily way while being exposed to the Marconics energy. It’s like some people are ticklish and some are not. Some people see the YouTube videos and such and expect that reaction and are disappointed when it doesn’t happen, but even Alison (the originator) doesn’t move much.  Anyways, Day 1 finished and we started Day 2 with Hiro coming into class with a mask on. It is customary for the Japanese to don a mask anytime they do not feel well to prevent spreading (how considerate a people!).

I started to teach and instruct the Crowning or portion of the Advanced No-Touch protocol that can allow space for a Higher Self to actually descend and merge with the physical body to facilitate one’s ascension journey. Some people have a strong sense of what is going on and can discern exactly the race or role of the Higher Self but for me it was always more of a feeling of filling up with golden light energy and with each integration, more subtle gifts were bestowed to me to help me on my journey. Spiritual Confidence, removal of fear, enhanced intuition and empathic gifts all were part of what I received when Integrations have occurred. Overall thus far from my experience with clients and students, it has been fairly rare for a Higher Self integration to occur. The conditions have to be right on many different levels for it to occur but when it does, it’s amazing and really one of the special and unique part of the Marconic Energy.

One of the translators came up to me and pulled me over to Hiro. He asked if he could sit out and watch vs being the practitioner first as he wasn’t feeling well. Of course I agreed, and when about my business to prep for the instruction. As I scanned the room a few minutes later to lead the students in the Crowning, I saw that Hiro was on the table. I was perplexed, but just assumed he changed his mind. I led the 16 tables in the Crowning protocol and noticed that there were a few students that seemed to be having an integration which I was pleased to see. Hiro was one of them as he was moving even more than usual. We finished up the lesson and the practitioners-in-training grounded and helped their clients off the table. I granted them a 5 minute break in between swapping places on the tables.

I got a drink of water and was talking with my translator when one of the volunteers came up and spoke to us saying we should come over to where one of the students was sitting. I asked if everything was OK and they replied that he felt he could no longer move. I quickly walked over and saw that Nadine was there already talking to him and he said that he felt that the energy was still coursing through him and it was like stuck or not preventing him to move (including his eyes). Nadine stepped in to repeat some of the grounding techniques as this can happen when a powerfully intense integration occurs. A small crowd started to form around him and I asked the class to give him space.  After a few minutes he was able to move his eyes and head but felt like his body was still too energetic to move.

With some help from some of the other males in class we picked him up and moved him to a table so we could again repeat working on grounding the energy. I was standing nearby watching Nadine work on him and I started to address the class that this is a great teaching moment for them as sometimes you will need to coach your clients through the process of assisting the energy to come in and move down the body and integrate and ground into this dimension.  Hiro was now starting to move a little like he was still receiving energy. Jacqueline and I looked at each other and she came to me saying that his shoulders need to be touched, and I recommended she go up to do so, but it was like Nadine heard it or felt the same thing and moved from his feet to his head. Jacqueline told her that she felt that the shoulder touch needed to be done, while I instinctively went to his feet myself feeling I should ground him.

As soon as Nadine touched his shoulders and I touched his ankles and feet, I felt like a dam broke and the energy flowed through me and down my legs to be grounded.  It almost felt like a giant wind was flowing past my ears as it was that intense. Hiro seemed to also feel it at the same time which we coached him to help telepathically guide the energy through his body to integrate it all.  As this energy flowed through me, I gasped as I was hit with the strongest, and most wonderful feelings of pure unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness all wrapped in one. My empathic senses were instantly pumped up to a 10 and I just had to breathe as I experienced this bliss for a good 10 seconds as the energy rushed through. I slowly lifted my head to lock eyes with Jacqueline as my eyes welled up with emotional tears. I was holding back a good old fashioned balling but I could see that she saw what was going on.

I then looked at Nadine and when our eyes connected, she too was instantly struck but the feelings. She told me after it was like a wave of love hit her like a truck. I composed myself a bit and took a deep breath and addressed the class, excusing my trembling voice. I could see that several of the students were also crying as they must have felt it as well (shout out to my fellow empaths).  I described my experience quickly but then turned to Hiro to ask how he was feeling. He said, “Much better.. it seems to have finally fully entered and is settling but it’s barely enough space.”  We allowed him to rest on a table on the side while we got resettled and started the next round of Crownings.

There were several more integrations that occurred but none as intense as Hiro’s. It was by far the biggest one we’ve seen during one of our classes. And I was so honored to be part of it and experience what I did.   After the last round was done, we were on a break when one of the volunteers, Mae, came up to me and my translator and asked if she could talk to me. I said sure of course and she started to explain what she saw as the whole Hiro situation started. She indicated that she is a very visual person, a clairvoyant, for most of her life but her gifts expanded after taking the Marconics course last year.  Anyways, she described that when the crowning and subsequent groundings occurred, she stayed across the room to watch. She said that there was a gold light that started to appear and then all of a sudden a giant gold Buddha figure appeared at the crown of Hiro and it was surrounded by smaller golden Buddhas around his head. She said it was the  Amida Butsu Buddha and it was radiating its energy to him.

She explained that the Amida Butsu is a revered Buddha of compassion and light and love and that he was here to help Hiro overcome his issues and support him going forward. I heard that Hiro had several nightmares the night before class of him being the sole survivor of several battles and awful situations and it left him with such guilt even when he awoke. As she was telling me this, I felt that these were quite possibly past life experiences that have come up for closure which we see a lot for people on an ascension path.

I looked up some info on Amida and here’s what I found:

Amida is the buddha of comprehensive love, “The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light”. He works for the enlightenment of all beings. His most important enlightenment technique is the visualization of the surrounding world as a paradise. Who sees his world as a paradise, awakens his enlightenment energy. The world can be seen as a paradise by a corresponding positive thought (enlightenment thought) or by sending light to all beings (wish all beings to be happy).

As the comprehensible symbol of universal truth (dharma), Amida points to the nameless caring force or truth that surrounds and permeates us, ceaselessly working to awaken us to reality-as-it-is, which is Nirvana. He is considered the Great Parent offering unconditional love and universal compassion that assures spiritual liberation for all. Through this living power of love and compassion, no one is left behind to suffer endless cycles of births and deaths and there is certainly no such thing as a final judgment, end times or eternal hell. On the contrary, because of Amida Buddha’s unconditional love and compassion, all beings are liberated just as they are.

Wow, that sounds a lot like what I felt in the experience. This work is just amazing isn’t it. In another cool twist of the universe, on our last day in Japan, we were invited to go tour outside Tokyo by our translators and one place we were brought was the temple of Amida Buddha including a huge ancient bronze statue of him. Amazing!


The rest of class went amazing and the subsequent 5 days of Quantum Recalibration sessions that followed were intense and transformative for all our students and clients that signed up.  It certainly seemed like all that attended this year were very serious about the energy, learning the protocol and taking it forward to help the Japanese people and world to raise their vibration.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their path and that I continue to be put in the right place at the right time by the Universe.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my latest installment. I look forward to the times ahead. We have several classes booked and I’m sure they will be adventures in themselves.

If you are reading this and haven’t really stepped out in doing anything with your spirituality yet, I urge you to give it a try. Something, anything that will set your own path of light to follow. The world needs us Lightworkers to find the strength to do what we came here to do, whether it is a being an anchor for high dimensional energy, to being a healer or being an example to the crystal / rainbow /indigo children.  It’s all super important in these times to hold the light despite the darkness happening now. Step in your power! You won’t be disappointed.

Be well, Peace, Namaste to you all!




One thought on “Josh’s Japan Journey 2017

  1. Another beautiful blog. We used to get so excited when we would read or hear of other’s stories of Instant Manifestation. Now that you have experienced it yourself in having them drop your misplaced passport directly in your lap (or on your path I should say…lol) it must really be something. Awe inspiring! There is truth to synchronicity and direct intention for it to be just a haphazard event. It shows the incredible support we have from our guides and the power of our own energies. A story I would share at every class. For the 3 of you to facilitate such a beautiful integration and share in the experience with each other in the moment as well as the student was nice to read about! Great intuition! I do encourage many to experience this beautiful energy and to step into their own truths. Lightworkers are definitely needed now to help humanity navigate through such a tumultuous time. Thanks for taking we the readers on this journey with you Josh!

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