The Superman Meditation

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Wow time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last sharing. I’ve probably started 5 or 6 blogs but never got into the flow enough to finish them, but I now have a great experience to talk about that’s engaged me enough to put fingers to keyboard and type it out. As always it will help me as well process it all as once I get going, I know that my Higher Self helps me understand and find the words to commit to the article. So without further ado, here I go..

This experience took place several nights ago, very late at night while I was in a spout of eternal insomnia.. It seems like commonplace for me to be up until 2, 3, or even 4 AM wide awake with the dread and prospect of a full day of 3D work starting at 8 AM.. I’ve been managing but in this particular case, I was feeling very high vibe and in a good mood so I was in the kitchen in the dark, blaring some disco music and beebopping around the island I have in there getting some exercise and trying to tire myself out I guess.

For some reason in the past 6 months, I’ve been so drawn to disco music. It brings me a level of weird joy to the point I started inquiring within way that’s so. Like with any of my continued metaphysical and spiritual endeavors, Marconics being the primary, I’m feeling more and more connected and comfortable on the way I communicate with the pieces of myself in the higher realms and such. I don’t get words, I get “feeling packets” or “downloads” of energy that explode in my head like a drop that expands to a swimming pool in seconds. I then have to interpret it like skimming a 1000 page book in 30 secs to get the idea of it. Most of the details are in the vibrations of the communication. Very hard to describe, let alone trying to master it myself.

Anyways, I guess it seems like I was some sort of dancer / disco dancer in the life previous to this one. I was born this time in the late 70’s so maybe I was part of the early scene in the early 70’s. I’m  no dancer now although I feel rhythm very well. But it’s also like I can energetically feel like the echo of the motion of dancing when I watch it whether it be on TV or just via certain songs. It’s quite cool.

I also have had a dream or vision a long time ago of a younger man of some sort in 70’s gear was on a balcony looking out at the noisy New York City scape and was really really sad and/or depressed and looked to be dealing with hard drugs, and maybe an overdose situation. The music playing in the background was definitely 70’s druggy music like “Fly Like an Eagle” or stuff from the Doors.. To this day, if I hear those songs, I go into a cold sweat immediately and block my ears. Was that me on the balcony? Did I die via overdose? I am not 100% sure, but it is a vision that is quite strong in my psyche.

Back from yet another digression.. So while I was listening to the happy version of disco, my vibration increased higher and higher and I started to walk around the island in my kitchen and almost entered a weird meditative state. I felt my crown chakra open wide and I just had a sensation of frequency being poured into my crown. As I felt this, it felt like I was reaching up meet it and once it connected, I had a sensation of feeling multiple “drops” being poured down and exploding in my head, but I could also sense I was connecting simultaneously to a bunch of different “branches” of higher selves, like they were in a tree structure. The one closest to my head started to send information and impressions of a meditation they would like me to focus on which I plan to write about in a few moments, called the Superman Meditation. As I was tuned into this communication, I was feeling other ones start to rain down other topics for me to consider and somewhere just feelings of love and light. It was like a cacophony of communications, feelings and it was almost like they were like “OMG, he’s here, he’s listening, go go go. Send him everything”.   I was trying to focus on the first one as much as possible and thanked the others to wait their turn as I couldn’t keep from my head darting into 15 directions trying to decode all of the impressions at once.

As this communion was happening I remember feeling the layers of information and the sensation of having so many parts outside of myself. I was MULTIDIMENSIONAL! That realization was immense for me as even though I wasn’t 100% in each of the communications, I knew that’s how it worked. Being present on a wide variety of simultaneous communications, lives, existences all at once. I’ve been studying and teaching Marconics now for over 2 years and although I understood the concept, my personal experiences have been fleeting and never this strong.  So as I focused the best I could on the Higher Self trying to give me the instructions / guidance on the Superman meditation, I was still marching around the island at the same time. Wild to be in motion while all this communication was going on.

I honed in on the vibration of the Higher Self that really wanted me to understand this “Superman” exercise and how it will really help solidify a lot of the sovereignty teachings I’ve been involved with as of late with Marconics. Stepping directly into one’s own power to a point where you are a master really of your existence. To be able to stand strong in the midst of a tempest without being blown away. So basically this exercise or meditation involves not visualizing at all just is all about FEELING.. As the information expanded so quickly in my head, I started to instinctively get the gist of what it was all about and it goes a little something like this:

Dearest Josh. We are so glad to be able to communicate with you in more of a direct notion given your current vibration and focus. Despite all the frequency being currently poured into your field, do please try to hone in an pay attention to this exercise as it will indeed help you and perhaps others in their spiritual journey upon the 3D realm.  We know that you sometimes feel like something is not right or you are broken as you currently lack the inner vision some have as a norm, but your empathic abilities are broad and unique and give you much more information to process than just sight. Do not focus on lack but strengthen what gifts you have. In such we would like you to take part in an exercised designed especially for you. When you are able, and as often as possible, when your vibrational state is at its higher points imagine the following..

Project yourself and imagine that you are the character you know as Superman. Feel how it would be to be him in all his powers. Imagine you have superhuman strength, speed, and being virtually invulnerable to any attack physically. Imagine how powerful and safe and confident you would be. Imagine how virtuous and altruistic he is in his duty to protect humanity from a variety of foes. Imagine the absence of fear out of any situation, any confrontation where you know NO ONE can harm you. What bravery that would give you to help others. Project yourself into that mold and FEEL that feeling as an exercise. Imagine you are Superman and hold that vibration of strength, and might. Hold it as long as you can and KNOW that’s where you can operate from in your current mission. Projecting and holding that sense in your current role as Josh the Marconics Practitioner, teacher, Josh the Lightworker, as Josh the human. Hold on to that feeling when you need it most, in the times you may be fearful or doubtful, just KNOW you are Superman. <END OF DATASTREAM>

I started to do just that in my meditative state, to project myself into the feeling of Superman and even projected a scenario where I would walk into say a drug dealer den of iniquity or terrorist cell without any sense of fear or alarm. Bullets, grenades, knives or fists, all meaningless. Not stepping in with arrogance or anger, but with utter peace and confidence to be able to disarm the situation.  Not going in and knocking heads around, and kicking but, but projecting the highest vibration I could muster to diffuse the situation and overwhelm their energetics. Another metaphor/analogy just flashed into my mind, like Neo at the end of the Matrix where he just knows his power and stops all the bullets with his sheer presence. That’s the feeling! OK, now I’m getting it. Thanks Higher Self!

Wow, as that just flowed out from God Knows Where, I am struck at the importance of that in the roles we are all playing as Lightworkers.. The Light Houses, the anchors in the storm, the Safe Harbors for all that come into our presence. It’s quite an amazing reminder to hold onto that feeling and operate from there when needed.  There may be some times a-coming that will require this level of awareness and state of being to support anyone in the midst of an existential crisis as they awaken and start the Ascension process.

Another incredible fact to me that all of those words were not spoken to me but given as frequency, as thoughts or impressions. I’m understanding what it must be to be telepathic or tele-empathic. It is so much more efficient to FEEL the communication than that it as words. I don’t know if this is how channelers do it.. This communication was certainly more like Keylontic Datastreaming vs. Channeling. The difference? Channelers will communicate with beings/energies outside their higher self lineage while Keylontic datastreaming is just that, you communicating with the HUGE amount of YOU, you left in the Higher Realms and dimensions and not just the part in 3D.  I have been really trying to “listen” to more and more of this communication in its normal form, INTUITION.

My intuition has continued to grow in leaps and bounds where the same type of non-verbal communication has come to me for so long, but usually I would actually battle with it, like a little kid being a contrarian.. “NAH, I won’t do that.” Or  “NO, I won’t go this way to work instead of that way.. “ I would constantly listen to the fear voice vs. the inner voice just out of habit. But now, it’s the opposite and I’ve had the greatest growth in such a short time by just listening and acting on Intuition. That’s how I know that it is the best way to act going forward.

One of the most attractive things about Marconics for me is that we teach that all the answers are within and not without. No need to go to a Psychic or Spiritual Reader. No need for pendulums and oracle cards. You have all the answers inside that you have to trust as it is the only way to be 100% sure that the information is of the highest and best benevolence for you. No other agendas, no outside human filters. Personal discernment and connection is the name of the game in the personal ascension journey. I am really coming to believe and live it and I am so thankful and grateful to myself for acting on the self guidance to get me to this place.

I’m really going to give the old Superman meditation a whirl at least weekly to really reinforce the sense of what power we all possess inside.   I hope that you give it a try if this rings true to you at all. I keep getting the sense that the coming months will need us Lightworkers to prepare for something BIG. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s like we’re in the staging mode for something. And in the spirit of this blog, I’m going to listen / act on the information and certainly honor the timing on why my Higher Self gave this to me now, and in the way it did. Shine bright dear ones, the Earth & Humanity need it more than ever.


7 thoughts on “The Superman Meditation

  1. Amazing Josh!! This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you!! This blog also confirms for me that you and I are VERY similar beings. 😉

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  2. Love this Josh… especially as a fellow “feeling” vs “seeing” person. This really resonates and I can feel the power in this exercise. Thanks so much for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Josh!!! I sobbed during the first paragraph of the Superman Meditation, releasing some unknown emotion/experience/vibration that it struck a chord with. I appreciate this blog more than I can express.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hey Josh! Hope you are well! Telling you how much I love your blog always bares repeating. I also have never been a real seer. An occasional glimpse that leaves me in awe.. My clauradiant and intuitivness has always been a strong suit. I also used to struggle in the beginning wanting the gift/tool/ superpower that someone else had. I eventually sat my ego down and said how can you not be grateful for the tools you do have? It was in that moment that the skills I had became more pronounced. I thank my Highselves for them everday. Nice to know there are other insomniacs. Lightworkers are so sensitive to the energies hitting the planet. I agree that those who are awake are being prepared for something on a grander scale. I gave my sister in Texas a sampleMarconic session in December and man has she accelerated. Quit her 9 to 5 job and is now blogging and writing poetry and short stories. A life passion of hers. On her own accord she did homework on what a Lightworker does and is walking the path. Marconics moves and shakes us in ways we do not imagine. She is a true empath like yourself. That in itself an extraordinary tool. I envision you receiving your data download in your kitchen at 2AM. Your HighSelves I am certain saying….now we have his undivided attention. No 3D distractions. You have always been a Superman!


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