The Superman Meditation

To listen to the audio version of this blog, click below.. Wow time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last sharing. I’ve probably started 5 or 6 blogs but never got into the flow enough to finish them, but I now have a great experience to […]

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My Kryon Experience!

Even though I haven’t blogged much I have been busy with my continued development in all things spiritual. I went to a “Wholistic” conference in early April. I have had a couple of spiritual readings from Lisa Gawlas. I’ve had a distance healing session with Anna Merkaba, and yesterday I was excited to have been […]

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Attack of the Cat!

Originally written on  Dec 25, 2014: 6:33 PM Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.. lol, I do a bit better now as I am freshly out of a Himalayan Sea Salt bath. Phew, It’s like an auric shower.  I’ve been told by my massage therapist (Robin) that my aura is huge and I usually keep it open […]

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