Attack of the Cat!

Originally written on  Dec 25, 2014: 6:33 PM

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.. lol, I do a bit better now as I am freshly out of a Himalayan Sea Salt bath. Phew, It’s like an auric shower.  I’ve been told by my massage therapist (Robin) that my aura is huge and I usually keep it open naturally, sucking in all the surroundings.. Well that can explain things, huh? It totally makes sense to me that our auras are really a reflection of our feelings, thought processes, and overall level of connectiveness. I guess once we ALL are living more open, and in the higher vibe, all the space that “separate” us will be gone and we will be one. Wow, that’s a profound thought. But it’s true right, if our auras are projecting from us at various lengths, then sometimes those bubbles intersect and mix etc. So you can “feel a vibe” of a room, or a person, or a situation.. I guess it will be one of next true senses as we continue to ascend and figure it all out. Anyways, Robin usually cleanses it via a Reiki session and helps me bring it in and seal it closer to not get all clogged up.. As in my research for earth angels after my Sedona session, it really clicked when looking at all the symptoms lists on the internet.. I was VERY close to the Pleiadian Starseed checklist, but a few things weren’t perfect, but the incarnated angel checklist, I am pretty sure that’s a perfect 100%, included issues with weight.  A couple of the articles state that alot of earth angels are prone to puffing up to “protect” themselves from the onslaught of emotions and energies that they collect in this world.. and that it is hard to lose since it’s subconsciously wanted.  Well, I’m not in the mindset to say, well there’s the reason, heck with excercise and “where’s the twinkies”?? No but it is an important insight for me where it could subconsciously driving me to eat more and exercise less, and awareness of that is something I need to help tackle the problem which is lack of grounding and mindfulness of my aura. I do want to be slimmer not for vanity sake, but really to be healthier and be more comfortable. It is awfully uncomfie to be bigger, clothes are a nightmare and it doesn’t help your confidence when out on the prowl 🙂 You know, cuz that’s me.. Out on the bar scene, just trying to hook up.. 🙂 But regardless, it is an important challenge in my life I’m looking to also transcend and just be done with.. So all that to explain my nice salt bath. Ha, but hey this is how my mind works.

So the rest of Florida was nice.. No real craziness or extra cool things. Just felt great and the energy kick from the sun, and sea and Florida land really recharged me. My brother-in-law took me to the airport and I got in and through security without any issues.  Time for boarding, and since I paid $25 for the exit row leg room (OMG, so nice.. I would have paid $100 for it) it was priority boarding and a nice window seat. I was feeling awesome and listening to my new favorite song I heard and Shazaamed while watching Napolean Dynamite (Music for a Found Harmonium by Patrick Street), which is an Irish ditty with guitar, fiddle and accordian.. Just makes my heart sing, in fact, I just started it as new background and it’s already amping me up.. Love it.. Anyways, on the way to the airport, we were telling stories of airline nightmares in seating and the occasional awesome ones.. Well wouldn’t you know, on this flight back, I had the only middle buffer seat! I just smiled and had a level of gratitude in my heart for the gift after talking about it less than an hour before. Love those little moments, hence it’s deserved place in my new blog.. Well the other cool thing was the lady that sat in the aisle seat in my row.. I was seated for a good 5-10 minutes before she sat and was just listening to my song over and over pulling in as much Florida energy I could to bring back to New England and to store in my being for later.. She was probably late 50’s to early 60’s and had the same vibe as my Aunt Mary.. She sat down and turned to me to say hi and she kinda did like a double take.. didn’t say anything, but I knew she could probably sense my bliss I was in at the moment, i was beaming and blessing everyone as they entered the plane to have a good flight.. It is so fun and enlightening to do that and the person has really no idea that they’re being enveloped by my love and light.. I try to see if it has an affect but not attached to the outcome. So she started with some small talk and I was just loving her in the moment.. I locked eyes and could sense a familiarity to my aunt and that vibe. Anyways, she stopped talking in the middle of speaking and kringed her face and said, “You look SO familiar, where are you from again” I told her and she said she was from Gloucester but moved to Northern Maine, and now retired in Florida, coming up for a xmas wedding.. But there’s that “you look familiar” line I hear all the time.. As well as the strangers pouring their hearts out to me, or the constant people stopping me to ask for help or directions.. Don’t get me wrong, I love it.. It was weird for me early on, but now, and especially the past year, it makes my heart sing.. It makes me feel good my aura is warm, friendly and helpful because that’s what I’m here for. I truly believe it was purpose for reincarnating here again..  Oh, and I got a new experience of familiarity while in Sedona in October.. On two occasions: one at a tiny coffee shop and at the Crystal Store that they both told me I was there earlier in the day and I wasn’t.. That was so exhilerating (and freaky) to me.. Do I have a dobbleganger there or maybe I was bilocating? Regardless, just awesome.. I got to go back there soon to continue the adventure and I know there’s going to be alot of importance there when we really start to bloom and the world enters the new age.. Just know it.   The rest of the flight was great, no issues, and felt really quick, and I wasn’t achy or uncomfortable.. Well we landed to a dreary night, damp and cold 35 or so.. which is OK, I don’t mind that, but man, the energy was SO different.. I can’t explain it, but it was SO MUCH HEAVIER than I felt just 3.5 hrs before.. So I got on the road and bam, traffic like you wouldn’t believe. Took me almost 2 hrs to get home from the airport just 35 miles away. But the whole time, I felt like a tornado too, energies swirling and pulling down.. Well, it must have done a number, since POOF, I got a bug/cold in my head/throat/sinuses. What?? I haven’t been sick in over a year, not even a sniffle.. A fact I jinxed while saying it down in Florida.. It’s good to have it sometimes, I think, kind of like my back issues.. It is contrast to the light/health I feel usually.. My herniated disc pain I had in 2013 turned my light off for like the first time ever, so I missed it and realized it a gift, and it helped me get into a mindset of healing.. Same with this annoyance.. Makes you value when you are healthy.. A good mindset for me to start the new year and my quest for bodily health..

It was really weird those sitting in the traffic to feel for the first time that New England didn’t feel good or maybe feel higher vibe than Sedona (obviously) or now Florida.. Hmm, food for thought at the moment. So after some running around and work for the past few days, I threw in the towel and didn’t go to my uncles to see them. Like I mentioned before, their vibe is awesome and earthy and gregarious, but definitely not was I need today. Plus I wanted to be beaming for my brother who I feel is in need of a recharge. I think the reason I have a lot of friends is that I help charge the viscinity.. They always want me to come out with them and are really bummed if I am not there. Maybe because I usually I play the role of sheep dog (protecting them from harm and themselves).. I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA and will never shun it away.. We’re out of the major stuff being almost 40 years old, but man the early 20’s.. I was too busy montioring everyone else to have fun myself sometimes. It’s OK though, I’m aware of it since the light path was reawakened in me and I can do both (if necessary). Plus I’m vocal about not wanting to play that role (to the friends that it applies to).. But I can see that my taste in spending time with others is leaning more towards positive and light infused people like my friends Jeff and Lindsey and their kids and talks with my coworker Jenn, and my dear friends, Jeannette and Stetson. And now my interest to go to these events like the Natural Expo, Golden Light Circle, Oneness Mediation at Women of Wisdom Shop (which didn’tehappen since I was the only one that showed, including the teacher, lol!! but the attempt is/was HUGE for me.. “Don’t Be Afraid”, the slogan of the new Josh 2.0 birthing since Oct and my SEdona adventure. Maybe one day I’ll write a solo entry just on that trip, man it was so important to me.. A privotal one, in especially the reading as it just opened my mind to being a participant in the path versus just reading about it or listening to YouTubes.  For YEARS all I did was read, read, listen listen and mentally exercise it in my head and heart, but not in true action.. But jumping on a plane solo to explore Sedona and be 100% open to anything even it was “artsy fartsy” or “hippy new age” whatever, I can’t be ashamed of it anymore. I’m SUPER opposed to being preachy, but if someone wants an opinion, I’m all for sharing 🙂 I’m overwhelmingly uncomforable around people that are oneminded (especially around religion) and fanatical about their beliefs are the ONLY and RIGHT ones. That’s so scary of a thought, as it is so closed off to the true meaning of the message.. There are SO many different messages all about the same thing, like there are languages in the world. You are born into one, but are free to learn others and grow in learning differences between them. I take a little of this, and that, and those, and these, until I have a roadmap I plan to follow all the way back to source and bliss.

If someone feels that with the bible or koran, or whatever, my heart sings, but if you say I have to read and believe this or else, well then, “I head for the hills”.. No thanks, no need for arguments, or judgements or whatever, it isn’t meant for that.  And any message with any mention of violence, well, that’s even worse. OMG, it is scary and I’m so glad I can hold a vibe and light that rarely attracts that and plus I’m really good at blending in my vibe, ( I call it the Ninja Vanish) where I can almost wrap my aura in the surroundings so I’m not a bright light in a dark place attracting unwanted attention. If not the right situation, then fear can creep in and then it is like a drop of blood in a pirana tank. Frenzy. Jared (my brother) is the master of this vibe.. a solid light cloaked in the muck he either likes to dwell in or at least is comfortable being in..

So I’m still on the mend, maybe I’m taxing my body too much with the amount of light I’m exposing myself to. That is a good segway and leads me to the final story of this entry: The Loki Encounter! So this was Tuesday night, after my decision to try to use some of my energy skills on myself to help heal my growing cold and also to aid my liver which has been enflamed due to excess weight.. So I think I took a shower after work and went to bed fairly early. I decided to get buzzed and laid down for what I call my meditation session. I feel my body and energy field with my hands and it is magnified (at least currently) when I’m buzzed. I don’t like to do that, but if I do, it is fairly infrequent and limited. I consider it a mild case of say “training wheels”.. Well I was starting to feel good, and vibey and as usual I focused on moving my hands in an elongated ferris wheel motion while laying down starting near my heart.and sure as shit, I feel like there’s two strong magnets in my hand that repel and pull as they pass over each other.. Once I get to that state, I usually have been using the right to pinpoint a spot like a radar dish or parabolic mirror and the left to harness “energy” to the mirror like the sun and a magnifying glass. Well this time I remembered my first Lisa Gawlas reading of the vortexes and started imagining that I could start a vortex versus using the “beam” I was using.. So I was kind of playing with these and all the while, Loki (my 17 year-old male cat) was pestering me to pet him.. rubbing and butting his head which I did quickly and then focus back to what I was doing. I was just forming the tornado to head into my liver when he did something he never has before, he latched onto my arm and stratched and bite it and then ran off. OUCH. i could feel he scratched to blood (not bite), and I was like “OMG, WTF Loki..” So it immediately got me wondering if he didn’t like what I was doing and he was “protecting” me, (but so violently?) or was he just pissed  was ignoring him so much? or maybe he isn’t was influenced by some negative thing to do so, I don’t know.. It really flummoxed me, and still does.. When I jumped up he almost looked evil in his eyes, or at least mischeivous, like when I have to put him in a cat carrier to got to the vet (that’s the only time I’ve seen him pissed and nasty).. So after I washed the multiple scratches and poured a ton of H2O2 (peroxide) on it to make sure I didn’t get cat stratch fever (no lie, it’s real.. I know someone who just has gotten over it for one of her cats), I yelled out in my room to the heavens, “What the heck am I supposed to make of that? Did you ask him to do that? Was I doing something wrong?” But I was feeling great, and light and it felt good doing what I was doing.. Well, I’m no closer to an answer. I’ve been waiting to get some inspiration on it, but haven’t got it. If I had to go with my gut, is that maybe it was too much for him and he reacted. I haven’t tried that vortex “method” again since, but maybe I will to see if something repeats. A mystery (for now), and I rack it into the realm of this blog. I did lock him out the rest of the night, fearing a repeat attack.. Man he wanted back into the room, meowing and stratching the door, but I didn’t let him in. I’m not mad at him, but my trust is broken, so I’m not overly affectionate or pet him tons until I know he’s back to normal. I always wondered about him and Penny (my other cat – female) they aren’t close, but Loki stalks her sometimes and violently attachs.. She’s a sweet heart and other than being REALLY annoying about getting fed, she’s SUPER lovey (when she knows you) and she absolutely loved Christophe and ADORES Stetson.. but any other males, poof, she’s gone. Weird. But Penny really looks at you like a person, where Loki has always been more distance and aloof. Maybe Loki (who I favor) isn’t as wholesome as I think. .I don’t know, I’m still processing the incident and maybe will need to just chalk it up to a fluke or something. I’ll definitely readdress in a later blog if something comes to me, or another event takes place.

With that, I think my insipiration is waning and changing to the need for rest.. That salt water is working I hope and with some good sack time maybe my lesson of this cold will be over 😀

With love,light and peace..

Be Well, Peace, Namaste! (BWPN)


PS. Here is a pic of Penny  and Loki(in order)

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