Florida Trip – The Land of High Energy & Dolphins!

Originally written Dec 20, 2014, 10:48 P.M. Location: Bonita Springs Florida

Well I’m sitting out on sister’s lanai (sp? – screened in porch) with a few glasses of wine and Irish whiskey intermingling with my brain cells, but overall I’ve been really just sober and drinking a whole lot of water and some sun.. The energy and air here is something healing.. A different yet palpable feeling consistent with the feeling of Sedona.. I can see way my mom was drawn here.. It is very helpful and I kind of think it is the reason for all the Ponce de Lyon myths of the fountain of youth or the cliché of all the white-haired people here.. Not only the nice weather (no cold winters), but there is something else going on.. I really like it however, there’s also the crazy southern energy in the natives.. A more male essence.. Testosterone and 4×4 trucks with rebel flags etc.. As I see myself  raising in vibration, all different styles of people that used to scare me, or intimidate seems to be more like a fascination and there’s space to observe and feel without any worry of being accosted or beat up..

What I love most about my long term growth since my early life (pre college) is that I am at a place that is aware of that change and feeling of secureness.. I feel connected to source and feel like I’m truly getting aligned to my life’s purpose of helping everyone else in the matters of ascension and post-2012 way of life.. I know I’m fairly new to party compared to the early ones that are now considered gurus but all the same, it’s like they did their part and now I’m part of the 2nd (maybe 3rd) wave of lightworkers holding the higher vibes and light to capture and hold the collective while the new ones, sweet little ones are streaming in with vibrations and light like no others. I can see it in my friend’s kids that I love like a niece and nephew (ages 10 and 5)..  They are full of the high vibe and light. Super smart, and intuitive. That is just a wonder to watch..

Ok, back to the main reason for the blog entry.. I had 2 great experiences that inspired me to type tonight. The First was my “experience”, with my friends, the  Cetaceans (a.k.a. Dolphins!)

Yesterday while dining in a great little spot called “Flippers” in northern Bonita, we were seated right by the water front.. The restaurant is feet from the shore. Anyways, it was a nice place, fancy food but dining was basically a deck.. Anyways, the s view was a million bucks and overlooked a bay.. My brother-in-law stated the reason it was called Flippers was that sometimes a dolphin or two would be seen way out in the bay.  Well my mind wondered to Sirius and the cetacean species and all the stories from my research (Spirit Science History of Earth, Other Blogs, etc).. I’ve always been drawn to dolphins and whales and have a true love of them.. Flipper, Darwin from Seaquest, you name it.. I love them and my mom, well she’s mildly obsessed with dolphins.. TONS of figurines, t-shirts, etc.. And unicorns too.. All over the house growing up.. Now as a more learned study of mysticism and metaphysical studies, I can see why I “picked” incarnating into my family.. She is a hippy nature spirit.. Very feely.. She reminds me of the moon for some reason.. Anyways back to the story, I was sitting there looking at my family  and just taking in the 3D experience of it all. For the most part, they are very earthly and I love them all so very much. I just want to hug them for eons, but also feel like I’m a foreign exchange student for the most part.. A loving home, yet there’s an infinitesimal separation between us .. I do feel closest to Amy and Jared, my two siblings, like we are super kindred.  Me, I’m the super feeling Pleiadian/Angelic one, Amy the uber creative and whirling emotional one, and Jared the one here to intermingle with the most 3D world. Almost like he’s here to help with the border of the dark side.. I don’t have the stomach nor constitution to do it.. He in many cases is stronger than me in that regard.. Teetering on that border.. OMG, so tough.. **Get Back to the Story, Josh!** Whoops, that’s my inner voice talking (or maybe the Jameson). Ok.. Now where was I, oh yes..

Ok, so I’m sitting there and then I just start thinking of my “friends” the dolphins and although I have seen them before in the wild, I really didn’t have a mystical experience with them. So I turned my chair and started just sending out my love vibes and telepathically called out “My dearest cetacean brothers, if you can hear me and sense me, I would love to just say hi to you.. So if you are able and willing and not going to cause yourself any harm, come say hi”.. Of course thinking I’m a master wizard and they would just jump out of the water that moment.. Well nope, nothing.. Kinda figured.. Well I ended up doing it a few more times in the next few minutes and then turned to enjoy the company and delicious food.. Yum! Well after about 10 minutes or so, my brother-in-law said “Hey look”, and I turned, and I saw a fin, and then another, and then another, and another.. A small pod, 4 swimming towards parallel to the restaurant from the left.. A nearby boat slowed and investigated.. The restaurant and wait staff were all excited.. Then just when they were about lined up with me, they turned and started swimming towards the restaurant. My heart swelled, and I was like, “OMG did you guys come see me?” My heart was pounding and a HUGE wave of love filled my heart.. I was so excited that they came.. And then all of a sudden I saw 2 more dart from the right to meet the others.. WOW! Everyone was watching and I was just in awe.. Then all of a sudden, they all turned and a few flapped their tails once like a big hello. and then poof, all of them went under the water and then gone.. Like they disappeared. After about 30 seconds I did see 2 fins pop up for air a good ways from where they were. The weird thing was they were heading back to where they came from on the right.. but I swear to you, They didn’t go past me on their trip into the channel.. Like they came from the sea, into the channel, and then said hi and then right back out towards the open ocean some mile or two away.. We were in a bay like river section of the waterfront. Just amazing.. I sent my warm love and thank you for the experience and just smiled.. No one in the place knew of any of it.. It was like my little secret and just a neat thing that happened. Did I summon them? Who knows, but in my heart, the answer is a big yes.. I was just in a calm mood the rest of the day and night.. OMG that experience was a life long story for me, now encapsulated in this blog while it is only a day old versus 20 years from now..

IMG_1482Rainbow SkyAfter dinner, we went to a nearby place to watch an amazing sunset on Ft. Myers beach.. A few of the pictures I snapped actually look like the sun is a heart. I doubletaked them this morning when I was reviewing them.. I then walked down the long beach with SUPER soft white sand to the water’s edge alone to commune with the ocean, Gaia and Florida.. As the sun went under the horizon, it painted a beautiful sky in a near full half sky rainbow of huesAwesome.. I was there for a good 15 minutes in complete oneness and totally present with minimal self chatter.. A great day..

The second event was my second spiritual reading by Lisa Gawlas. (I’m referenced as guy #1, click here)  I got up a little early to be ready for my second reading by Lisa.. I love her blog and then amazing views she gets of everyone’s energy and the field of the higher plane.. Man I want to have her visual prowess. I’d be so neat to experience or “see” what she does. I feel it is more tangible then 3D than my feeling sense. I wouldn’t want to trade, but to experience it, man I’m intending and waiting for that system to come online.. Come on 3rd eye and pineal gland.. Funny, I switched to non-fluoride toothpaste, and place my crystals there to help jumpstart.. Well regardless, I snuck out of the condo to the steps and waited for 10:00 AM.. I did review some YouTube posts and as most days I dived right into the Suspicious0bservers.org YouTube post (channel click here), especially when it advertised details on an X-Class flare.. I do get excited about them. It is so weird how I stumbled upon the channel a while ago and just when I was ready to understand their significance and their assistance to us. I do feel that the sun flares are related to our development. Who else to give us some energy boosts.. Well, I was informed (as always) from Ben, the host, and his palpable passion for the sun and the Earth weather.. Totally scientific but really thorough.. No mention of metaphysical nature, he’s all about the facts and figures.. Love it coming from a technical background myself.. I just love that I have the other side of things to merge them both.. If I adhere to my thoughts that I’m a lightworker here, I do see that I have the tendencies of several.. Definitely Starseedy around the Acturians (for healing) and Pleiadians (for science and the creative arts), but also now the Angelic side of things as discovered as part of my Sedona adventure.. Well anyways, so I’m outside on the steps in the sun soaking in the X-flare (lol) and Florida warmth when Lisa called my cell.  Well she greeted me in her super smokey voice, so earthy yet from the great beyond.. She almost immediately started in saying “Holy Cow, I’m seeing the sparkles of the X-Flare this morning.” I was like OMG, wow.. But as I was customary not to feed information in right away and let the reading unfold, she said that she was seeing the Sun flaking down into my reading coating some of the ground around me but not everywhere.. At least for these first two readings she was bamboozled by reading me in having a hard time describing the scene unfolding in her inner sight.. I was like another egg of light, opaque white with blue and being coated and incorporating golden light (wow, that golden light theme again.. Love it).. She said it was like an egg without a shell and the “white stuff” was being drawn out like an anemone all gold and reaching around me.. She said the “yolk” was my inner nature already golden in the core, but now as we are going into 2015, I’m continuing to incorporate all the light coming into this realm and making it my own to then use in my new adventures.  She was so cute and funny and flummoxed trying to make sense of it all. She said I’m well through the “needle” eye of all the new energies, well on my way to becoming a galactic lightworker.. She had an interesting blog on the “eye of the needle” that was cloaked in the Dec 11th wall she couldn’t see past in my first reading..

Then her attentions focused on a surprise guest that entered her kitchen.. It was Jesus! and Jesus with a weird turbine.. She got a kick out of that. “So cool, so cool” she said over and over.. Well she said that Jesus to her was a man that lived a long time ago as an incarnation of Sananda.  It was funny she said that since I haven’t really ever connected to the spirit of Jesus really.. (except for the long YouTube channelings of  the Matthew Ward where it tells a more realistic account of Jesus’ life here as an Ascended Master according to them) since I find he’s co-oped by all the religious people on Earth.. I sometimes feel bad about that, and sometimes I feel that way about the word God too.. It just feels tainted and I much prefer the other myriad expressions of it, Source, Universe, Prime Creator, Father/Mother God, etc.. Feels better, but I know it is just a word in one of a million languages.. Anyways, it was really interesting to me that he showed up.. and in her kitchen, and to the left side which she said is VERY rare.. if someone “shows up” in her house and not outside the house, it usually has an interesting meaning as it pertains more worldly or 3D meanings.  Anyways, he said he was a small chap of no more than 4ft with a turban of some sort, but the biggest thing is that he was holding out a brilliant “gift” towards me, something she couldn’t really make out or “see” but it represented something in my earthly life than I have in my heart’s desire but never acted upon, and that I pushed or “sacrificed” (interesting word to me..) for the betterment of my spiritual development.. That was a “HMMMPH” moment of wonder what that is….which she kind of asked if I knew what that meant..  Initially I was like, maybe my desire to “life the path” vs. being Mr. Corporate man.. but she didn’t feel it was that, but said I should meditate on it.. So I put it aside.. She was still having a hell of a time making sense of all the info she was getting. She did say a few times that my Crown Chakra was being protected.. Interesting “Protected??” as I thought “Protected from What??” she said it out loud at same exact time, and she said almost immediately, “Oh, from radiation. See Josh, I asked a question and got an immediate answer..remember that”.. She didn’t elaborate, but I only assume that it for a reason I’ll soon understand.. I do feel like a few times in the past few weeks that I was mediating in the bath while a little buzzed, that I could have just floated away to the higher realms.. Maybe that? Again, I’m sure I’ll get something soon that makes sense..   So we finished up our session and she asked if I had any questions, to which I said the only one is “where is all this going” which she laughed and said I wish I knew since she’s being lead along in small chunks of time and vision and not “allowed” to yet see the entire picture, which I think is true.. Seeing the whole picture would diminish the journey of discovery.. She wished me well on my trip and in small talk she mentioned that her son was moving up to Boston and she would someday be coming up and said “When I do we should do lunch”, I was like OMG yes, it’s on me! So we’ll see. 🙂
So, I headed out to the supermarket to get stuff for breakfast while my family slept after I hung up with Lisa.. As I was driving and processing, the Sananda “gift” I did get a POP of insight, an epiphany, and only one word.  Love.. A Loving relationship.. A partner.. a true connection.. I do feel that I have pushed all that relationship stuff aside since my bad relationship just in the thought that it was consume me and distract me from the path, or mire me into the yin yang / push pull / give take which is all well and good.. But I truly feel that’s all 3D stuff. I would need a 5D relationship.. Someone on the path, ravenous for my newly jazzed journey of discovery.. I know there’s someone out there for me.. Or maybe my divine companion is in the higher plane as so many others are.. Which I do have a feeling is the case.. It just makes sense in that relationships have NEVER really been my forte or drive.. From high school, college, and even after, I just haven’t had it be a driving force for me.. Is that because of my early lack of self worth? maybe a little, but in self reflection, I don’t think so.. Sure, I would love to have a true partnership like Jeff and Lindsey or others.. Just not at the expense of my growth and freedom, especially not not at the beginning of my accelerated / warp speed spiritual journey I’m now on. So I’m going to meditate more on it, in the sense of feeling and waiting for that A-HA moment or epiphany I get. I sense right now, that’s my closest experience to channeling or true meditation versus the “channelings” of YouTube or visual meditations like Lisa or others.. As discussed before, I don’t have much luck (currently!!) with visualizations.
Well It’s now 12:25 AM  the Winter Solstice!!  A super duper energetic day I’m sure.. If not here with me personally, definitely here on Spaceship Gaia (Earth).. Lots of love, light, and peace.
Be Well, Peace, Namaste!


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