The Equinox, and Eclipses, and Blood Moon, Oh my!

Hi There! It’s been a little while since my last posting. I constantly have some topics in my head, but the few times I’ve sat down, I wasn’t feeling the flow that I have in the past. So here’s another try. Being kind of a science geek, I always have been fascinated with weather, space, planets, universe stuff. I loved any TV that explained the Cosmos, etc. So needless to say I was excited to hear that we would be experiencing a trifecta of celestial events in March; the spring equinox combined with a total solar eclipse with a super new moon all on the same day. Well that just perked me right up.

As usual the channeled messages I listen to on YouTube started to increase about how this cosmic alignment will bring forth increased energies and portals for all on the spiritual path. Whenever these things happen, I monitor my own body feelings to see if I can make any correlations and for this whole month and they have followed suit. While at work, sitting in meetings or staring at my computer battling the countless barrages of email, I have moments of complete distraction by extreme high vibration and energetic tingling over my whole body, (primarily in my hands being on fire and annoying twitching on my eyes. And sometimes while driving home or out and about, I would also get this occasional spiraling sensations in my 3rd eye area and almost feeling like something is tickling the top of my head (crown area)). All of them were clairsentience (feeling based sensations) as that is my primary experiential modality that all my at the moment. I am still waiting for any awake visual or auditory experiences that  I hear so many people discuss in their online discussions of their meditations. But I am a patient man, and they will come when its time . I’m sure some people would want to feel the types of emotional messages and such I experience. All of these feelings of lightness and energy buzzing progressed and progressed and then WHAMMO, I developed one of the worst common-colds I have ever experienced.. My nose was a constant producer of nasty substances and I was coughing and just felt like I was a zombie, and this lasted real bad for about 5-7 days, all the way up to the equinox. The thing that was so abnormal to me is that I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a cold. Sure I’ve had a few stomach related issues or even a flu here and there, but this was a go-to-sleep perfectly fine and wake up the next morning going, WTF!?! It was awful enough for me to take not only a sick day (which is a rare occurrence), but 3! But despite my body system being embattled from within from an unknown infection, it allowed me time to just be, sit and rest. I either got too much of my share of light which broke my body, or it was my higher self saying, OK, enough’s enough, time to rest. Regardless, It was heaven being able to rest for 3 days and hell combined. I coughed and snotted and just detoxed and released. By the weekend, I finally started to feel that I was over the worst, but it continues all the way to March 20th , the equinox.  I was back to work for it, sounding much like Grover or a nasally phone operator, but for the whole day, my heart area just felt like it was swelling and swelling with good feelings, peace and calmness and I rode those waves all day.

Since then, I have continued to feel that my body is bursting at the seams with energy and in the past week or so since the equinox, I have some of the most vivid and extreme dreams I can remember. All of them are very similar in that I’m in a foreign, unknown city of some sort with the normal hustle and bustle is going on, but I’m on a mission to find something  or I’m leading a group of other people I don’t know towards a destination that eludes me. The others are crazy wacky dreams that are really almost cartoonlike or fantasy-like. One dream in particular I had this week was set at my childhood house (I have a lot of dreams set there) and in the big back yard, a bunch of random people (like 20-30) were preparing for some sort of event. They were setting up flags and banners and tiki torches, etc.  From what I remember, the border of the property was populated with but various characters of light and dark alternating.  There were characters of light such as wizards or healers or other cosmic book looking heroes as well as monsters, or black wizards or villains. It was dusk and it seemed like the main event was going to be the next day, but all of a sudden a “scrimmage” of some sort started.  It was like a video game in that 1-2 of each side came together in the middle of the yard and battled for a win. I can only remember a tall women dressed in all white holding a golden staff and when she lifted it, the bottom curved out and this green healing light came out of the staff  and healed several people around her.  The other experience I remember was some soft of match where I actually got involved in with others (as the light of course).  There were sort of dark shamans or something shooting fire into the air and it spiraled down to the ground at us while we were dodging and blocking with force fields of light. All of a sudden, I had a premonition that one was summoning a giant fire bomb to dropped in the middle of the yard.  I yelled for all my compatriots to get back to the border of the property where it was out of bounds and somehow that would protect us. Sure enough a giant pill looking bomb hit the ground,  and it had a countdown timer of 3, 2, 1 and boom..  Bright light filled my vision and the only thing I saw was a banner saying “Cantara Games” or something like that.  No clue what that means, But wow, that was a doozy of a dream. Well, that’s enough of the colored commentary of my wacky brain while sleeping. 🙂

Getting back on track, We are now heading towards a Blood moon Eclipse, the 3rd of 4 in this 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad on April 4th. (Click here for details) Six months ago, I was planning whether to do my “Walk-About” in Sedona, AZ on the fall equinox or 2nd Blood moon eclipse. I chose the latter and had an awesome experience which I have discussed before. I really contemplated if I should try to get out there again for this one, but doesn’t look to be in the cards. However, if the universe opens some doors, maybe I’ll jump through. Regardless, I plan on definitely going out there for the last one in late September. I think the weather will be grand and it feels like it would be better for me to go then. However, there’s a lot of spiritual information out there on the Blood Moon eclipse and our power up between the equinox and that date. I’m certainly still feeling the vibes and plan on continuing to work on planning out my future via my intentions.  It is really important for all of us to be focusing on how we are feeling and setting ourselves up for the future we want now during this window. The energies are so strong, that behooves us all to try to take some time during each day to focus on your desires and feeling what it would feel like to have what you want, rather than focus on all the negatives that may be happening to us in the now.  This is important as not only have I been hearing more and more information from others about the speed in which our intentions are to manifest in this timeline, but I have also been experiencing it as well.

I have been really working to stay present and keep any negativity at bay.  I seem to be developing a barrier of detachment from a lot of things that used to bring me down; Work, Stress, self-defacing internal dialog, etc. I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin and reclaiming my personal power. I used to be an emotion buffet for all the ego parasites in my head that beat me down in my own personal monologs comparing myself to others in better shape, or better looks, or whatever. Through meditation and my dedication to research and learning anything and everything spiritual/metaphysical, etc. it has allowed me self-realize a lot of things. As explained by a lot of passages from Ascended Masters, One must to be in total balance with yourself and strong in love in yourself before you can truly assist others in helping them find their internal power and reclaim all of power you’ve inadvertently given others by accepting their opinions or thoughts or commentary from their words or actions. From this base of power and lightness of spirit, I have been noticing that my intentions are manifesting at a remarkable rate. Just this week, a really cool occurrence happened. I met one of my great friends for dinner and just to catch up on things since this is her time of year of work as she works for one of those national tax preparers. For the past 1-2 weeks, I have been saying to myself, “Man, I need a Bluetooth speaker for my kitchen” I went on Amazon a few times, but never pulled the trigger. So earlier this week I said, “Next time I go to Target, I’ll pick one up”. Since I need to do my shopping soon, it was on the docket for this weekend’s list of errands. Well, when we met in the parking lot of Panera Bread to go for dinner, she said, “I got a little something for you with your birthday in mind, but with the nice weather coming you’ll be able to use it way before July and I really want to give it to you now”.  She opened up her Jeep and handed me, yup you guessed it, A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER! It’s a nice weather resistant one that I can take outside when all the snow melts and it is perfect for the kitchen too. She had no idea that I needed one and she actually thought, that I may not even wanted or needed one, but was just drawn to give it to me. Nevermind that it was JUST 3 days before I would have bought one myself. Love it.. Thanks Universe (and JB 🙂 )

So, in closing, I believe this is a time of great changes in all of us. Some may be on an upswing with rising to higher levels of awareness and manifestation, and others will be in turmoil by dealing with relationships hardships or being in a crappy job, or in financial woes.. We’re all in different stages of the same dance through life but I do believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that we will all end in the same place of Nirvana, Heaven, or Shambhala, or Bliss when all is said and done. So please try not to compare with each other, or envy someone’s current status. Work on yourself and getting your internal emotional weather calm and build a safe harbor to build your new life will all this great new energy given to us by above. Manifest destiny, intend away! Much love all.

And as always, Be Well, Be in Peace, Namaste to all,


2 thoughts on “The Equinox, and Eclipses, and Blood Moon, Oh my!

  1. What a great post~! I leave reading this with such a feeling of joy, light, peace & hope~!
    That Ms. JB has her own special gifts of intuition that she doesn’t always give her self credit for…but she shines through in moments when they are least expected…what a gem of a friend she is~!

    The past three weeks met me with a very similar “BODY” struggle….but not in the form of a cold…Needless to say…it was like a detox of the highest magnitude…..and the experience has helped shift me onto a path that i was having trouble finding on my own….But…I’m here…..I’m on it…and it’s really exciting~!

    I hope you have a Great Weekend….
    Loved the Post…
    Will catch you later~! – Jenn

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