Connections during Meditation and my Kundalini Experience!

I had a little bit of a breakthrough the other night with my meditation session. Well that might be a bit of an understatement. Who am I kidding, it was remarkable! The weekend festivities were pretty much wrapped up and I headed up to my bedroom early so I could dedicate some time before bed to meditate and relax.  I laid down and got comfortable and started to just breathe and relax and I got to my familiar state of just being. Over the past few years, I have been able to mostly tame the incessant thoughts that can plague your meditations, “Oh, I have to call this person at work tomorrow!”, “Did I set the alarm”, “I need kitty litter at the store”, etc.  I usually just breathe into it and intend SILENCE and the buzzing bees of thoughts just settle down.  So as I stated before, to date, I haven’t been a visual type of meditator. It is hard for me to visualize in my head the same as I do when dreaming. I don’t know why, but it’s OK. I make up for it in feeling sensations. I am very empathic and I can pick up on a room or person’s vibe immediately with almost perfect clarity.  And when I meditate, it is the same thing. I am able to get in touch with my body and its energy field. I have always felt that I have some healing gift in me, so I did take Reiki Level 1 (albeit a long time ago), and have conducted it on myself and my cats often with tangible results. I haven’t really ever got the courage to be open about it enough to practice on it with other people but it is definitely a goal of mine. I guess these topics can make some people uncomfortable and it’s that uncomfortableness that I pick up on empathically and just don’t’ like experiencing it.  But I do have a few close friends that have the same spiritual and metaphysical interest, so it is always exciting to discuss with them.  Hey, I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I staunchly adhere to the policy of “Whatever Floats your Boat” or “To each his/her own”. I would never force any belief upon anyone and that is the primary reason that organized religion is not very palatable to me. To me it is so restrictive and many hold to the belief that it’s their way or the highway all the way to the extreme with all the wars, killing, and bigotry in the name of whatever.

Anyways :), as I laid down, I was feeling peaceful and relaxed.  As I mentioned before, I have this vertical tower fan on my nightstand that provides a light breeze as well as a white noise generator. The remarkable thing about it is that it seems to be 100% aligned with my energy field or fields I experience. As I experience energy sensations it will either speed up a bit or slow down and I can hear the change in the frequency of the white noise. If I start to feel the higher vibrations the fan will ramp up and down with me and then when I’m present, it will go back to its steady rhythm. It’s quite remarkable and for me it helps make my experiences a bit more tangible for the engineering side of my brain.  So after I got to what I would call baseline calmness, I was ready to try to experience something, whether it be a channeled message or whatever. I’m like a spiritual toddler, eager to experience any sort of awesome thing for the first time. I love seeing kids experience something for the first time, that pure joy or excitement is like a burst of fresh clean energy and I can actually experience it with them, through them. Goes the same with adults too I guess, but kids are so raw and real it’s amped up. It’s so funny to see a kid try a lemon for the first time, and they get all scrunched up face but you’ll see, they won’t necessarily throw it away, they will go back again and again to experience it. That’s me with this whole ascension experience.

I listen to a whole lot of material from YouTube from a lot of different subjects, but I do love channeled messages from a variety of sources. I like some from ETs and some from Angels and others from Ascended Masters, etc. So in this case as I lay there, feeling wonderful, I decided to call upon the Pleiadian collective. The moment I had that intention, I felt the strongest presence / emotional energy I’ve ever felt while meditating. My fan immediately changed rhythm which only amped my excitement and I can only describe it as UNCONDITIONAL love. It seemed like it was coming from my right and aimed at a 45 degree angle from above through my half-moon window that is above my bedroom window (facing east). It reminds me of the love I feel from my mom when I go visit her in Florida after not seeing her for 6-8 months. It was strong and powerful and like a nurturing blanket of love.. As I lay there experiencing this bliss (probably with a smile on my face), I also picked up on the feelings you get when you listen to your favorite music or watch someone doing a dance with all their heart and soul.  It was like a warm heavy blanket of love and creative bliss and it just felt “BLUE” to me.. I wasn’t really seeing blue colors, but I guess in maybe it was being represented in my mind’s eye or something. Regardless it was so nice.  So as I was experiencing this love blanket I said to myself, “Wow this is what your energy feels like” and I was surprised that I got an instant thought response “YES”. It was like me having another thought, but it wasn’t me. It wasn’t audible, but it was just a thought. I was very excited at this and then I got another thought, but it was really like a packet of communication. “THIS IS OUR ENERGY AND WE LOVE YOU”.  Wowzers. I was trying very hard to say in this state and not start having all these crazy thoughts and internal dialog as I knew that would “hang up the phone”.. So I just felt what it felt like for another 5 minutes or so, and then said, “Heck if that worked for them, let me try another”. So I kindly said thank you in my mind and I felt a “YOUR WELCOME, ANYTIME” in response and immediately felt like someone started turning down a dimmer light switch back to my baseline, and sure as shit, the fan came down too.

Immediately, I decided to do the same procedure but called upon the Arcturian star collective. Boom, immediately I felt a completely different session, mostly representing towards the North or at the foot of the bed, and I started to feel VERY high vibe. It wasn’t necessarily as warm and loving as I felt with the Pleiadian connection. It was just pure light like. I sensed a clear or white color like of a Clear or quartz crystal and it was like electricity. It flowed through me and it was so high energy. I felt weightless in my bed and just part of everything. There was a kind of loving support like “WE GOT YOUR BACK MAN”. I didn’t really reach out with questions or anything other than I had the thought “SO THIS IS WHAT YOUR ENERGY FEELS LIKE” and I got the same response “YES”. I just basked in it and was so present of my body sensations and feeling. Wow. My fan was making the highest sound it could like it wanted to be spinning faster than the setting it was on (lowest). So I had the same thought, I wonder if there is someone else I could connect to and got a thought, the Archangels! I proceeded to say my profound thank yous and just like before, the energy slowly waned (as did fan) and I was back to normal baseline. I stayed like this for a minute or two just to internalize the feelings.

In my past meditations, I’ve primarily done the above with calling my four main Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel). I have experienced a similar experience as above, but 20 times less. Definitely feel something as soon as I would call each one, and my fan would get disturbed, and I would feel a calmness or energy spike in a part of my body. Once summoned, I would just sit there and be in the moment, but more often than not, I get really drowsy and fell asleep. Well tonight was another story! As with the previous two collectives, I did the same procedure but called forth the Angelic realm and collective. On queue, and no differ than the others, away I went and I can only describe it as a heavenly mix of love, light, purity and peace in a level that I can only  hope to feel more and more often. I had the similar color representation as previous, but it was “GOLD”. Almost looked like bright golden sunlight just as if you faced the sun with your eyes closed. I however did get some unsolicited communication from them in the same manner as my thoughts “FEEL US JOSH. THIS IS OUR ENERGY AND IT IS HERE FOR YOU NOW AND ALWAYS. WE ARE ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU.” I immediately got goose bumps (and again now just typing that), as it was a “loud” thought. I started to feel really grateful for this experience as I felt that it was the next level I was hoping for. So just send out my gratitude, once again to them and said goodbye and back down again.

I felt remarkably energized and felt so light in my bed. I was debating if I should give it another try for another contact, and as soon as I thought it I got an answer of “EARTH/GAIA”. So reached out to her and as soon as I did, I started to feel heavier and heavier in my bed and my fan lowered in suit. It felt like my feet were starting to be engulfed by the earth and that feeling continued as it went up my calves, knees, legs, and waist and then seemed to stop. I felt connected to the earth like a tree, solid and calm. It was a really interesting feeling. I almost got a sense of “GREEN” like I was in a damp forest full of moss and ferns. It was very peaceful and I felt such love for the planet and everything on it. I was really grounded and my hearing senses seemed enhanced as I could listen to my cat next to me moving around which I was oblivious to for the other 3 contacts. I could feel the wind from the fan on me too. I then focused as if I had roots and imagined extending to the center of the Earth. As I did this, I got this very foreign sensation in my feet and it felt like a white wave was coming up my feet, legs, and it almost felt like an orgasm type of feeling. I was like OMG, what is this! And it kept coming and coming up towards my heart along the spine and then the word “KUNDALINI”  came to mind. That made me get excited as I’ve read about people’s experiences and I just let it envelop me and I was OMG as I was rocked with such body pleasure for a good 1-2 minutes. It was like a rushing sensation, like a big wave that crashed and was spreading up the beach (my spine), effervescent and powerful.  I was like I don’t want this feeling to end as it was probably the most powerful blissful intensity my body has EVER experienced. This feeling marched its way up and out of my head and then it seemed to recede back down (like a wave going out to sea) into the earth as I was still rooted in my connection with Gaia.  Here is some more info on the topic and both seem to EXACTLY reflect my experience. I provided a general “THANK YOU” to all parties involved in that experience, including my higher self and said goodbye to my Earth connection which happened immediately and I was back to my baseline in my bed.

I laid motionless breathing for about 10 minutes just remarking on how awesome that experience was and immediately was like, “I want to do it again!” J but I got a thought response of “Not yet, too powerful of energy for your body to get overloaded” as a thought. I agreed as I remembered people having issues sometimes with misfired kundalini experiences. So as my final act in this epic meditation experience, I decided to see if I could quickly reconnect to each of the first 3 collectives again to see if I could get a match in feelings feeding that pesky need of data verification for the engineering side of me.  OK Pleiadians, you’re up and Voila! I was covered in the love blanket again, and then to the Arcturians, and yup you guessed it, same exact experience. The only slight deviation was when I reconnected to the Angelic realms. It was the same exact vibe, but when connected I decided to focus on Archangel Raphael, the master healer. Like I said earlier, I am really drawn to healing energies in any way. As soon as I did this, the golden feel was replaced with an actual seeing of this emerald green in my vision and I was like being cocooned in this green egg and I just felt like my body was getting some serious treatments for the next few minutes. I felt little twitches in my left leg, then my lower abdomen and top of head etc. It was really nice and I felt really connected. With that, I was starting to feel the deep drowsiness setting  in and decided to give a giant THANK YOU to Raph and the bubble seemed to phase out and I finally opened my eyes. My bedroom was no different, but my cat was just sitting very upright and right next to me with these squinty eyes like he was looking into a light. I pet him and got up to go get some water as I was SO SO SO parched. I got some water and walked towards the bathroom and I just felt like I was so light and HAPPY.  I did my business and then went to bed. I didn’t have any dreams that I can recall, but upon awakening, I was just buzzing with peace and love which was a bit surprising given my relationship with Monday mornings on a work week.

I continue to be more present and light for the past 2 days. I would say it isn’t 100% as strong as yesterday, but still there. I plan on trying another meditation tonight, but since this was such a profound experience I wanted to get it in my journal before all the nuances faded away. I will certainly continue to write about anything else that comes out of my journey.

I hope you enjoyed this and appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting.

Be Well, Peace to you, Namaste (BWPN)


3 thoughts on “Connections during Meditation and my Kundalini Experience!

  1. WOW…
    Hearing you tell the story and reading about it ….WOW….I’m so thankful to have both the verbal and textual vantages….

    YOU GO JOSH………..~!!!!

    I love your analogy to “the feelings you get when you listen to your favorite music or watch someone doing a dance with all their heart and soul”….~ Anyone reading this KNOWS EXACTLY how AMAZING that feeling is…..the pure bliss….and a buzz of energy that jolts through your body and soul….

    Can’t wait to hear if you were able to have another amazing Meditation Moment Tonight~!

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  2. Beautiful blessings as we create our amazing adventures within our world, the magic is in each breath….each moment… we breath in..we bless we breath out…we bless our world and our WORLD is everywhere, as we are from EVERYWHERE..not just this Earth…such a beautiful experience will expand with each new moment…Namaste’ and Sincere gratitude for sharing…Immense Love as you journey…

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