Let’s All Help Elevate the Collective Consciousness!

I got inspired to write on the topic of the collective consciousness. I listen to a lot of channeled messages from YouTube and other selected interesting sources that resonant with me. In all those messages there are definitely overlaying themes and mechanics of how Planetary Ascension as well as Full Disclosure of Extraterrestrials will not occur until the collective consciousness reaches a critical threshold of awareness and mindset to be able to operate in a New Earth without bringing the baggage of this dimension of being.  I mean I can totally understand that.  Look at our movies, TV Shows, etc. Any Sci-Fi stuff is split into a few genres: They are here to destroy / invade by technology or brute force (i.e. Independence Day or War of the Worlds); or they come in the name of peace but have more dastardly intentions (TV Show “V” or Earth Final Conflict); or the rare ones were they are here to help or in the name of peace but are almost betrayed as “kid movies” (E.T. / “Batteries not Included”, etc).

I know that if I were in the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, or other ETs of the Galactic Federation of Light (peaceful ETs), and have been studying us from a far, I know I’d be nervous as hell to come down to Earth en masse especially now. I know some people would be out welcoming but a lot would be grabbing their guns or getting in jetfighters and tanks afraid of being subjugated by overlords. What a mess that would be!

I think that’s where the whole concept of why there are incarnated starseeds or lightworkers.  Instead of coming from without to help via a mass landing or whatever, some souls have decided to dive in and help from within the collective.  There are the souls here to have the human experiences with all the different scenarios and archetypes we all see on TV and Movies time and time again or experience in real life (IRL) to add to their soul’s development. Then there are the souls that have come down through the dimensions to the here now to help Earth and the human collective ascend out of darkness after a long time not necessarily driven to have the traditional human rollercoaster experience.

In self reflections and meditations, I know I’m in the latter category. The following might as well been my soul contract /plan developed from the higher self point of view before incarnating as Josh:

Step 1: Enter this plane of existence, through incarnation / soul contracts. The concept is not a new one. From Buddah, to Dalai Lama, to The Last Airbender (lol), reincarnation of a soul to a physical body is well discussed. From me, I am starting to believe that I volunteered to come to this experience to help Earth, humans, my own soul progress.. It’s the whole Earth School hypothesis. We come to earth school to have physical experiences, and from these experiences we learn valuable lessons that enable us to evolve spiritually. That — in a single sentence — explains why we come here. Probably it is the hardest school in the galaxy. 🙂

Step 2: Live/learn/experience/navigate within said world: This is the period to learn the nuance of what it is to be human (even if there were myriad of incarnations in the past). For me, I now look back at all my experiences that happened when I was not as aware as I am now. It is actually quite a mind bender to apply some experiences from my childhood and other situations in context with my spiritual and metaphysical evolution (probably can be a whole other blog or two or twelve, lol). And that’s just this life..

Step 3: Wake up. Become more conscious whether through some sort of event or synchronicity of fate. In my case it has been 2 separate epochs in my life and it was a lot more gentle than some extremes (as it probably was designed by Higher Me).  The initial awakening some 10 years ago and a vastly accelerated and high level in the past 2 years, but most recently to warp speed during the past 6 months.  Mine first awakening was from reading some metaphysical books, but has evolved into more physical experiences than mental concepts.

Step 4: Explore all the different facets of higher consciousness, see what fits: I believe this is going to be different for all people. Some may get through their religious beliefs, through mysticism, metaphysical, angels, starseeds, science/math. It does not matter, it’s all your own reality, no one elses. I think of my belief system as a patchwork blanket. I take a little of this concept and that concept from a wide variety of sources and experiences to make up my universe that I experience as Josh.  It is really fun though if you are ready for this stuff in your life. I can’t get enough.

Step 5: Nurture these feelings of light and higher consciousness: Once you feel the feelings or get other types of signals (dreams, visions, auditory, knowing), don’t shut them out. Explore and see what makes sense. It may cause you to change your current situation (friends, work, whatever). I feel this is the step I’m on most right now. A huge influx of energy is here. My meditations and dreams are going into overdrive and priorities in life are changing. The fastest development and influx of light has been in getting out and experiencing it all in the world versus in my head.

Step 6: Elevate / Support / Serve others. If you get to the point where you can focus more and more on elevating the collective consciousness through kind acts, teaching, the arts, or whatever has a strong vibration of love, light and peace.  More and more people are showing by example versus dragging people down. Just look at the past 20 years.. Yes there have been awful stuff, but there are amazing things going on too. This is where I hope to be in the near future by doing something for my living in line with helping elevate the world vs. being part of the corporate culture.

A few days ago, I heard a channeling message from Montague Keen on Youtube (link) that was interesting. I typically pass their messages by since it is a tad more light warrior than my tastes (“beware the cabal, psychic attacks, etc) but this message really hit me. It was related to the collective consciousness and about the exploitation of the cabal and other leaders on our overwhelming willingness to go with the flow of whatever governments or corporation want. If no one ever says anything, then “they” are using to as permission to keep doing what they are doing, or ramping it up to worse and worse policies, etc. And they weren’t saying it was time to necessarily “take it to the streets” and rebel, but more like not allowing CONSENT even if it is just in your feelings towards the topic. For Example: “I do NOT give consent to war and violence”, I do NOT give consent for GMOs, or ChemTrails, or whatever.  So I set forth in my meditations to aid in the call for not giving consent to a variety of world maladies.

Another thought that popped into my head was that if all lightworkers and other helpful souls all contribute to the collective consciousness that this stuff is NOT OK then maybe it will help boost it in field to a point where the unconscious ones will subconsciously pick up on it and help contribute to the message until the scales tip. As more aware lightworkers or gatekeepers or gurus, we have the advantage to consciously contribute positively to the collective by intending higher vibrations and love. These acts, combined with receiving more and more light from above, hopefully get as over that tipping point and towards ascending to a new way of being. All of this may suddenly spark unconscious masses to start fixing their problems or helping others versus just ignoring them, or medicating or escapism into video games or TV. Maybe it would start some action towards making positive differences like the intent “Occupy Wall Street” movement or like the movie “Selma”.

So I am incorporating concept in my own way into my daily spiritual practice to NOT CONSENT to the things that hurt my heart when I hear about them. In addition to it, I’m also sending all the love and light I can  to the opposite of the offense to the collective. And I’ve noticed it has raised my own wellbeing as a side effect. Nice to have that instead of all the awful side effects I hear for prescription drug commercials 🙂

Therefore, as Josh, I do NOT consent to:

  • The Harming of Earth through pollution, industrial irresponsibility, or deliberate human effect
  • To War and its industrial complex
  • The use of ChemTrails nor GMOs of any kind
  • Violence to animals, children or fellow humans
  • New media delivering almost 100% negative news vs. ANYTHING positive

I’m sure there’s a lot more to add to the list, but it’s at least a start. I really do see and feel that the collective vibe is raising. It’s hard to really believe that in watching the news or other mass media sources. I don’t watch it at all, and if I hear the quick ads of “Coming up at 11 PM, Murder in a quiet town”, I talk to the TV reporter and say “Oh Karen or Oh Tom, you don’t have to scare everyone”.  I’m not trying to be an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand, I’m just not interested to be swept up in the fear mongering. I’m just not consenting and haven’t in a long time. Thank God for the internet as an alternate means to get information. Of course it has its dark side too, but you aren’t pigeon holed into CNN, Fox News, or the Network Broadcasts.   I even have been finding that my TV interests and DVR recordings are getting less and less. I stopped years ago watching anything related to murder or doing harm or horror stuff. I stopped watching any of the really awful by popular reality shows save a few.. But the ones that are counter to raising consciousness, OUT.  I love comedies, sci-fi, and the reality game shows like Survivor and Amazing Race etc.  I’ve also subscribed to Gaiam TV (link) streaming service that has a million shows related to Yoga, spirituality, the cabal, aliens, and just about anything else related to metaphysical or spiritual content.

Basically, I’m taking responsibility for my own inner state by trying to do things to keep my vibe high and refined. I’m having an inner vigilance to stay present and not allow my vibe to lower. It just feels right and necessary right now. Every interaction with every person is a chance to help elevate us all. We are one big family and really are a beautiful and complex species. So much potential, and I vow to help in anyway I can. Wanna join me?

As always, I enjoyed sharing and hope something spoke to you. Be Well, Peace to you all, Namaste!


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