Do You Hear What I Hear?

I’ve been collecting my thoughts for about a week or two now since my last blog.. I guess I’ve been waiting for something magical to happen to write about, but looking back, I think little tiny magical stuff happens to me often.  I was planning to write about it on my last post, but I’ve […]

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New Year, New Satori.. ?

Happy New Year! Wow, and boy did 2014 go by fast. Like winter, spring, summer and fall all happened in what I would consider a month by my feel.  I’ve been really noticing that my temporaltime line memory is completely gone. Outside of a week or two, I’m not sure if something occurred a month, […]

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Attack of the Cat!

Originally written on  Dec 25, 2014: 6:33 PM Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.. lol, I do a bit better now as I am freshly out of a Himalayan Sea Salt bath. Phew, It’s like an auric shower.  I’ve been told by my massage therapist (Robin) that my aura is huge and I usually keep it open […]

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Let’s Kick Things Off

Since originally I decided to just journal instead of blogging, the first few posts will be to “catch up” to the few stories I’ve already written about.  Hope you enjoy! Originally written Dec 12, 2014 How appropriate that I start my first journal entry at 11:11 PM.. As usual, I look down at the clock […]

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