Do You Hear What I Hear?

I’ve been collecting my thoughts for about a week or two now since my last blog.. I guess I’ve been waiting for something magical to happen to write about, but looking back, I think little tiny magical stuff happens to me often.  I was planning to write about it on my last post, but I’ve seemed to be getting some major upgrades in my energetic body especially around sensing energy and especially presences at home or sometimes in random places.

I think my first foray into my hearing things and my concern for “what’s going on with me” started in late 2012/2013 and most of 2014 in the nature of ringing of one ear. And I don’t mean the ringing you get when you listen to loud music or exposed to a blast of noise.. These are a solid tone in one ear, usually left, but sometimes right, and sometimes accompanied by almost a sense of a pressure wave.  It would stop me in my tracks in the halls of work, or the grocery store, or at home.. So I started sending myself a text every time it happened to record it.  For some reason, I also started being drawn to Space Weather at just the same time.. Solar Flares, CME’s, etc. I listen daily to Suspicious Observers daily solar weather report each morning.. So I had the idea that maybe I was sensing flares or something (I think I read it somewhere), so I was trying to map if the ringing data I recorded matched up with flares, or when estimated CME’s impacted the magnetosphere surrounding the planet.. I think it correlated once pretty close, but not enough to make me say, “Yup, that’s it”. The engineering side of me wasn’t convinced.  So then I started to research online and heard that it is a symptom of some lightworkers and described as an “energetic download” from the higher planes, etc.  But I really didn’t think much of it, and just kept on recording their occurrences. I would say around late 2012/early 2013, I was getting them semi-weekly.. and then they spread out more and more.. but as of late, they’ve returned and they are really different. Not so much of the ringing, but more of the pressure wave / sensing of something. Sure, there’s still ringing sometimes, but almost a deeper and longer wavelength if that makes sense.

One of the strongest ones EVER was while I was in Sedona in Oct 2014.. On my 5 day solo trek (what I called my Arizona walkabout), I planned to visit each of the 4 main energy vortex sites described by locals. Awesome experience. I definitely recommend it if you ever go to Sedona. The first one I went to was near the small airport right near the main town roads. It was the first one I went to early in the morning and it afforded me some information that was really neat.  I thought that these vortices were going to be well marked by signs, etc. Nope, basically there a few maps that out there online to kind of point you in the direction, but all are really “felt” or seen by the corkscrewed juniper trees that are amazing. Their branches grow in a twisty motion similar to if you took a bar of Taffy and twisted it with your hands.  Also, I noticed that people would create cairns (stacks of rocks built up like a mini tower) .  As I was looking at my map, a nice lady came up to me and said “Good Morning! Are you looking for the Vortex?” and I was like yes and she said she was also. I told her about my map pointed where I thought it was and I was going to check it out. She said she was going to check out another area and to find her if I had anything to report. I was like OK, Sure! So I hit the trail and used my geocaching sense to read the map and find the area, which was pretty easy. This vortex is like 200 ft. from parking so VERY accessible.  I walked and sure enough saw several super twisted junipers and was like OK, this must be it. Then I look up the hill, and what do I see, a giant halo of light around the sun that almost looked like a rainbow, right on top of the tree. It was SO cool, I gasped and stared at awe and I snapped a few pics.


Airport Vortex Spot

So I pulled out my little airplane neck brace I used for a butt protector and setup a seat right at the base of the tree and placed some crystals out at the base nestled in the exposed roots (figured I would charge they up to take back home with me). Well as soon as I started to meditate, I could seriously feel that pressure wave sensation on both ears, moving upwards.. it almost felt like air rushing up, but it was completely still out. And it wasn’t air rushing so to say, a bit different. It was pressure. I smiled and just sat there for a good 10 minutes until a pack of young college girls ending up barreling up the side of the hill (not on the trails mind you as instructed), but just crunching the dirt with their boots with fur 🙂 I wasn’t upset per se, just bummed my little quiet time was interrupted. They passed me and kept trucking up to the summit of the rock. So I decided to pack up shop and head up to the top too, but the right way. Once I got up there, the girls took their selfies and pictures, and left and I was up there to just ponder the awesome viewscape and commune with Sedona’s energy. I looked down to see the nice lady I met before talking to an older man, with a giant walking stick and dressed in cowboyish attire. So I bid adieu to the landscape and headed down the trail to see if I could catch her, which I didn’t. She was gone, so I ended deciding to finish the hike and do the “Airport Loop”. It was a good hike, long and sometimes scary. I’m not the most graceful or agile person, so there were times I was like I’m going to fall down the side of the mountain, but fortunately, I didn’t. But about 20-30 into the hike, I hear someone behind me and it was the lady. She was CRUISING. She caught up to me in like a minute it seemed and said, “Did you find the vortex?” and I said yes and described my experience, she was happy and said she was going to check it out later. She mentioned to me about the man she was talking to and I guess he was from Texas (I think) and that he comes to Sedona 1-2 times a year for “energy therapy”.. I asked, “What’s Energy Therapy?” and she explained that this guy has really bad chronic arthritis and other maladies and he was on a whole bunch of medications and doctor’s visits. But once on a whim, he came to Sedona, and “just felt better”, but apparently he said that he could almost feel all his symptoms go away after going to the Cathedral Rock vortex. He said that it is a magical healing place and that his energy therapy is to come for a week or two and go there every day to chill out and then when he feels better, he goes home to Texas. Then after 4-6 months, he’ll feel his symptoms returning, so he’ll book another trip. He told her that it was cheaper than all the medications and doctor’s visits and he feels like he’s 20 years younger. I thanked her for the story and wished her well and poof, she was off, and I swear it was like she was a mountain goat or something despite being in her late 50’s or so and didn’t look that in shape, she schooled me and after 2 minutes, she was gone and she wasn’t running or anything. She looked like she was walking a normal pace, but covering a lot of ground.  I contemplated if she was a spirit of Sedona or something given her super vibrant energy and mysterious disappearing act. See a little magical thing 🙂

Anyways, to tie this back to my ear ringing phenomenon, on my last day in Sedona, I planned Cathedral rock for last. So after a wonderful meal at a Vietnamese restaurant, I headed there. This vortex is different than the other three for sure. First of all it was in a “pay to park” recreation area (I think called Mystical Moon, or something like that). So after the journey to find it (almost killed the rental car on a wrong turn to a dirt road), I paid the attendant and she asked if I was coming to see the vortex. I said, “Why yes” so she gave me a map and described the areas that people experience it’s effects.  So I parked and got my hiking gear and headed off down the trail. First of all, the trails were LUSH and green, and then voila, a River! There were people splashing in it and people fishing. The smell was so earthy and the trees were HUGE Sycamore trees. Apparently the river was first used by farmers as it provided an oasis compared to the red rock deserts the other vortices inhabited. So as I was walking down the earthy trails, I could really feel the energy. It was ALL around, not concentrated like the others. Interesting.. As I found my way to where the map said the vortex was, I was expecting to see the twisty junipers. Nope, it was a HUGE flat rock space (like half a football field), and there were like 20 people or so lined up along the shore of the river, meditating. As I looked up, there was the breathtaking and majestic Cathedral Rock and I was in awe. I found a spot and just sat and enjoyed the feeling I had. It was awesome.  So after about 20 minutes or so, the map showed a place called “Buddah Beach” so I had to check it out. So I headed down another path and along the way, I saw what was HUNDREDS of cairns. It was almost spooky there were so many. But spooky cool. So I found a spot and made my own to add into the mix and then headed out the path again. Another giant area of cairns. Wow.. I kept walking and then I found the beach. Very cool and inviting, but I didn’t want to swim so  I ended up turning around and then my stomach started to disagree with me a bit (stupid lunch) 🙂 So I decided to head back, and as I was just about to the parking lot, I got the LOUDEST and most ringing I have ever felt in my life. Like a giant trumpet went off, and I stopped dead in my tracks and clutched my ears. It didn’t hurt, but it was just loud and the pressure was whooshing.  Someone walking by said “Are you alright” and I was like “yep, fine. Do you hear anything?” and she said no, and I said OK, Have a good day! She smiled a perplex smile and left. All of a sudden I felt warm and my stomach issues stopped immediately. I felt fine. I stood there for a minute or two and wondered if it was a sign for me to go back, or a gift from Cathedral Rock, but I just smiled and extended my love and thank you’s to that place and decided to leave. I was getting tired from all the hiking (I did another 3 hr hike earlier that day to see Vortex #3 – Bell Rock and chill at it’s majesty), plus I wanted to see the final Sedona sunset at the airport overlook and have a great last dinner..

454 452 450 449 448

Cathedral Rock Vortex

So lastly, my ringing has evolved again in the past few months to a strong sense of presence of people’s energy and energy of places. Like my empathic abilities have ramped up big time. I’ve also noticed in my meditations that when I call out for my spiritual guides and angels. I can FEEL their presence almost immediately in my bedroom. Like that pressure wave and a sense of well being. I have this vertical tower fan I use for white noise. Well those waves of feelings and presences effect that fan. When I’m feeling that, that fan’s constant sound will change, and it seems like it slows down a bit and then speeds up a bit corresponding EXACTLY with my senses. My cat also starts to notice something too. He’ll wake up and then start starring right where I feel them. So cool!  That’s two pieces of evidence that correspond to my senses. That makes me so excited.. I am currently trying to communicate more and I’ve had some cool experiences of feeling my energy body get pulled up and down and feeling like my hands are more conducive to healing. All stuff I plan on writing more about, stay tuned!! I’ve yet to develop any sense of clairvoyance at all. I do dream vividly sometimes, but meditations or visualizations, I just don’t “see” anything. I think I’m strongest on the clairsentience (for sure) and clairaudience (ring ring).. Anyways, it’s really cool and I only have felt like something’s intensifying within myself. When I was trying to research my ringing ears and stuff, (also to make sure I wasn’t having a brain issue), it really helped me finding stories like what I shared since it mirrored my experiences so much. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I welcome it more and more and look forward to writing about the experiences in the future.   I think 2015 will be a year a lot of people’s natural ESP gets rebooted and comes online. From all my Youtube channeling  videos I listen to and other sources, something great is happening. So get out there and research and find what metaphysical/spiritual subject excites you. Don’t shuck off any magical moments, reflect on them and keep them close. That’s another reason I’ve started to blog for my own repository for posterity sakes.

As always,  Be Well, Peace and Namaste,



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