Intention: The Seeds of Tomorrow. Start Planting!

Since my last blog, I have been noticing that this is a lot of energy pumping into my awareness. I have been feeling like I’m a little like taffy and being stretched and rolled up and restretched by invisible hands. This week especially has been a bit overwhelming at times.  One day at work, I was feeling like my hands were on fire all day, like I could touch something and it would burst into flames kind of hot. Being someone that has dabbled in Reiki from a far, I have had the ability to feel energy out of my hands, pretty much at will and this was the feeling only amplified by several times. I also was getting whooshing sounds from across my ears and feeling like I was electric. It was hard to function normally with all these distractions. I just wanted to go home and meditate and try to get some insights on my downloads, but I made it through the day and headed right now and right to bed but all I found was sleep. A nice deep sleep for about 10 hours.

I really have been trying to step up my meditation lately in the sense of channeling. I basically listen to a half dozen channelings daily from YouTube on a variety of subjects from Space Weather to angelic readings, to ET and Starseed conversations. Mostly metaphysical stuff. I am just fascinated with the volume of information streaming into the consciousness of people and given the wonderful gift of the internet, I am able to tap in and learn about all this stuff so easily. The engineering side of my brain loves the data analysis of all the channeled messages and there are CLEAR similarities throughout the past few years of listening. The messages from so many different sources and starting to interweave more and more and the messages are collaborating each other. It gives me a wonderful sense of awe when they occur, for at that moment when I hear something so wonderful clicked in with another message, I get a pang of awareness and then it happens.. I feel a swelling in my chest of light and then I almost feel like a thought stream is sent to my brain. Like a stream of emotions, and like a book of data flows in to my aura and I process it.. I just keep saying, “oh yeah, that’s right, ok I get it yeah”.. It isn’t words, it isn’t visions it is something else. I believe it is defined as clairsentience, let me look it up:

Clairsentience is a form of psychic intuition. The prefix “clair”, means “clear”, and the suffix “sentience”, means “feeling”. The word reflects the psychic’s ability to hone in on the on the energy of otherworldly realms. Clairsentients sense or feel, rather than think through the information they receive.

Yeah, that is about right.. (God, it is so great to have access to the total sum of all the information in the world at your fingertips..  I love you Internet!!) So I do have these pangs of insight more and more frequently. Also in regards to meeting people or reading people. I do feel like I’m a living lie detector, I can just sense like with 90% accuracy if someone is not telling the truth. I get a pang with the solo word LIE if someone is lying to me. I don’t judge, people have their reasons. I lie sometimes, not often, and mostly it is to get out of something I don’t care to do. White ones but I still get an energetic punch in the guts when I do [unless it is poker 🙂 ]. Anyways, I guess that’s the way I do channel, but I sometimes just wish to get a full fledged channeling with some entities consciousness, like higher self, guides, angels, etc in a visual or auditory manner. Maybe those types of channels would love to have the empathic side that I have.. But still, getting the information that way is a lot more concrete and familiar, especially visions.  I have been getting some spiritual readings from Lisa Gawlas for several months now, mostly after getting my first reading ever in Sedona.  Her blog is really crazy cool and she conducts readings that are like super visual and crazy symbolic, like a dreamscape, but while conscious and on the phone from NM.  Now purposely, I barely even talk during these descriptions she gives of my “field”. I open up a Notepad file and just type away of all the stuff she describes I don’t really contribute at all other than my “humms”, “ahs”, “oks” and “cools” I squeak out on occasion.  She usually describes the readings of her dance card the next day and I love to get the further insight from them. The cool thing is that they are all different and not necessarily discussing the same thing.  Mine have always been around me and my growth or soon to be growth with developing new skills, etc. There is a definite pattern in the readings that is exciting. Here’s a brief summary of the past two:

The January reading: I’m represented as a bubble of light, and in this case, I was stretching out this bubble into little fuzzy seeds of different colors. I was taking these seeds and planting them in the ground. She said there were rows and rows of seeds, with each row being a different color, and that I’ve been planting seeds through many different lifetimes, but it is this lifetime that they are fated to sprout and grow. Like I have been prepped for eons, a dutiful farmer, planting lessons, and gifts from one life to next for all what is culminating into this one. She indicated that she sees me pulling these white light fuzzy packets and as I plant them, they turn a green color all representing the color this lifetime. My soul desires put into energy into the fertile soil of the Now. And she explained rows of blue ones  representing the lessons and gifts from previous lifetimes put aside for mastering/creating love and intent for this life.   She also felt that I was like a seasoned farmer and that I could help other people start fertilizing their own seeds, once my garden blooms.  Lastly, she could see red outlines of seeds not yet planted yet linked to the blue and green that represented the future and how I handle the Now shapes those seeds. My actions now are influencing what those seeds will bloom into. Basically, they are all intertwined as past, present, and future start to converge into the Eternal Now.  Wow, see, that’s visual symbolism. All of it streaming out of her with a continuous flow and with the sense of awe and not a hint of bullshit I can detect. Even if it is not “real” it helps me because I can see how that fits into what I am going through. I do feel like I’ve been prepping myself for a big purpose and that my life is meant in the support of others.  It is really comforting to have her come up with it despite having zero information about me or what I’m doing. She says “Good Morning! Ok let’s get started and Boom, off to the races”, no interview, nothing..

So I had another reading today, same time as usual (her first reading of the day), and today like no other, she hit the ground running. This time, she sees me in my “matrix” (her new word for bubble) and there is a giant storm cloud above me which is beautiful in the sense of seeing one of those Midwestern super cells.. She indicated that storm clouds are a great sign, not ominous and scary, but a sign of increased power. She said this storm was sparking electricity and light energy like no other. The bolts are shooting down in a pattern around me and soon, she indicates it looks like there’s a pattern forming like a circle around me, but with gaps at the cardinal points of a compass.  The energy from the bolts are collecting under the ground under me and then streaming out in a gray/blue arch swirling from the ground into the field of the near future which she said is “North” towards the future (March timeframe). Then she exclaims, “What’s that under your feet?” and after some pause she said “Ohhh, it looks like a beautiful tuft of green/green grass that has started to bloom. The energy from the storm is being pulled into the grass and it is starting to spread. I was kind of shocked at her reading especially that it was in theme with the first reading, but the next phase. I planted seeds, now the storm is energizing the soil, then the rains and then the sprouts, and eventually harvest. Awesome. And given the variety of different readings she describes in a given day, and that it over 20 days between readings, it was cool to have a continuation of the theme. We’ll see come March 1st for my new reading….  I also got a kick out of the energy reference as it definitely was in line with what I described earlier of being almost electrified with energy this week. I did tell her that after the reading today and we chatted some more about her sense of the reading. She indicated that I am already “there” in the sense of having a completed matrix. It’s all about adding onto it with new gifts and higher senses all for the good of me and others! Man, just awesome. 🙂


As I was typing my notes today, I got those pangs of insight again that everything is progressing faster and faster. I have been planting seeds by the matter of my intentions as discussed in previous blog posts such as a GIANT left turn in getting out of corporate America and focusing on a higher line of work regarding helping people in a more profound way. I’ve through out “If this happens, then I’ll do this” statements to the Universe and they are starting to come true more and more.  As each one comes to fruition, I have this excitement in my stomach that the crossroads are coming and coming quick. And that I’ll be presented with that choice to jump off into the unknown. And you know what, I think I’m ready to do it.. I’m basically just driving down the road right now towards something or somewhere great, but I haven’t got there yet but I do sense I’m getting close!  Something is going down and I like it. I am not the only one. Countless channels and my friends and family have started to shift in big ways..  We are all starting to have our own awakenings in different ways.. Regardless, I am blessed to be here on Earth now to be a part of it all. I think it is time for all of us to start planting the seeds of our tomorrow, TODAY! Nothing’s too big or small. Just put your intention (seed) out there to the universe (soil) through your heart (fertilizer)  and let your love and desire (water) do its job.. And the Voila! Let the harvest begin!

Be Well, Peace, and Namaste All,


One thought on “Intention: The Seeds of Tomorrow. Start Planting!

  1. If you ever write a book….that last thought should be the Preface:

    “I think it is time for all of us to start planting the seeds of our tomorrow, TODAY!

    Nothing’s too big or small.

    Just put your intention (seed) out there to the universe (soil) through your heart (fertilizer) and let your love and desire (water) do its job..

    And the Voila! Let the harvest begin!”

    You tapped the springs of wisdom there my friend~!


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