My “Loyalist” Management Style: The New Paradigm?

Well I just finished a 2-daylong seminar sponsored by my company on Leadership training and it was actually pretty insightful instead of what I thought it was going to be: BORING AS HELL. The primary reason was the loud, ostentatious, head-strong, motivational speaker (Dan of National Seminars Training). Dan came into the room of Engineers and Sales and Upper Management with guns blazing and with that Brooklyn spunk calling himself “Dan the Man” and the “Italian Stallion”. I was immediately like oh-no, not this guy, get me outta here. You see, I’m naturally put off by that attitude or any blatant bravado and bragging tone. I know it is a fine line between self-confident (which is a great trait) and overly self-congratulatory and arrogant.  Being sensitive to energy, I easily feel the blasting of my aura and energy field when these powerful personalities invade my inner peaceful state especially in a group setting. Well I certainly felt my usual feelings but decided to give him some space to do what he was going to do, teach us about effective leadership styles and how to motivate employees.  Well after about 15 minutes of learning his background, work ethic, family, morals, etc, I could understand his projection of energy and style. It is how he was raised and how he became one of the leading teachers in the country on this stuff with HUGE clients such as the Military, Fortune 100, 500, 1000 companies and a myriad of other small organizations like ours.  Armed with a new understanding of this man, I was pretty much all ears for the next two days.

Well, after about a couple hours or some group exercises, etc, we took a personality test called The S.E.L.F. Profile. It is a series of 30 questions related to how you naturally face certain situations where you rank yourself from 1 (not like me at all) to 5 (Very much like me), and gradients in between. The S stands for Social and they tend to be the typically strong personality (Alpha Dogs, or Type-A, Sales, CEO’s) personalities. The E stands for Efficient and those people are ALL about the results (Project Managers, Some sales, etc); what’s the quickest, fastest, most efficient way to do something, regardless of feelings, etc. The L’s stand for Loyalty and are the empathic, team-oriented, sensitive peacemakers that are inclusive and really are caring about the team and the people. And the F group stands for Factual. They are the thorough, left-brained, analytical people that can be meticulous and reserved where they don’t understand the feelings of others (Engineering and Accountants).

As I was taking it, I was wondering if it would come out like others I have taken in the past. You see, I am definitely an outlier in my role at work. I have been at my company for (just celebrated) 17 years. In that time, I started as an intern and now am the Director of Engineering for over 25 engineers. I think I owe a lot that success was me working super well with people and my love of coaching/mentoring and building people along with me. It is my DNA to treat everyone with respect and cooperation. This includes administration staff, janitors, interns, etc. Everyone in the company plays an important role in my book and really we’re all in it together. I know it probably sounds super “hippy-like”, but I have seen magic happen if everyone feels empowered and ready to go to town on projects, or critical issues, goals, etc. Well that being my experience, it is very A-Typical to my peers and especially a Sales driven organization, hence me being an outlier in management.

As we finished up the test, I wasn’t surprised that I indeed scored as an L.. Loyal: Team-Oriented, Organized, Sensitive, Trusting, Helpful, Good Friend.. Yup, pretty much right on. Dan asked a show of hands for the S’s.. What do you know over 50% in my company. I could have guessed that, and in pure S fashion they were hooting and hollering and high fiving thinking they were the best..  This included a lot of the Sales team and the upper management. For the E’s, about 25%, F’s about 20% and L’s? Well what do you know, 5%.. Me being the only in management (some HR people scored L). But yep, all eye’s were on me for a few seconds and some (S’s) giggled and made some comments, none really bad, but more like an acknowledgement of my uniqueness.  In my inner space, I was calm and confident and absolutely happy with my personality style and way of doing things. It has always worked well for me, and as I stated, my teams are consistently the most coherent, happy, hardworking and effective. They respect me, and I respect them. They know I have their back and they have mine. Synergy at their finest.

Although, I am not necessarily saying having only L’s is the way to go. Dan had a good analogy on how it is important to have a mixed and BALANCED team with the whole SELF gambit. He basically described the Space Program to the moon. It is the S’s that had the vision and the bravado to declare “WE ARE GOING TO THE MOON”, and it was up to the E’s “Execute the vision. Build the spaceship, and the tools and keep it on track”.. It was up to the L’s: “To make sure the crew was going to be safe during the journey and remember they got to make it back alive to their families and friends!”, and the F’s to point out hard facts and realities like “Ut oh, we don’t have enough oxygen to make it back”.

Well to bringing this exercise into my metaphysical side, (hence the blog entry), during the past few years, since my real awakening, I have been catching myself get caught up easily at work into a real 3D way of thinking. It’s all about the business, growing career, money, etc.. But I would end up snapping into my natural higher awareness and then try to bring my spiritual / higher vibe into my work (very subtly of course). If interested, see my Blog about it in January (The Yin Yang of Work).

Typically as I leave the premises, I get a huge boost of energy as I’m exposed to the outside wind and sunlight. As I get into the car, my first thing is put something spiritual on my iPhone (audio book, YouTube channeled messages, etc). Basically my primary focuses switches to all things spiritual/metaphysical at least for the ride home.  It is almost like a cleansing or something.  Get the heavy 3D energies off of me and have me start feeling that high vibe feeling in my heart center.

But in the last 6 month or so, since I really have accelerated my metaphysical and spiritual studies, I see my place of work as a temporary rest stop. In meetings and these seminars, everyone is so focused on their career and successes, the hub-bub of the next project or next sale and I’m getting more and more in the mindset that this isn’t the atmosphere for me. It’s getting stifling and I’m getting claustrophobic. I sense that my next great adventure is coming and I’m vigilant for synchronicities and opportunities to try to work myself into a life of this stuff.

Bringing the topic back to the seminar and how all this fits.. As the days went on, I was amazed to hear from “Dan the Man” that there is research showing that the world is seeing leaders evolving more from the introvert/Loyalist side and studies show that the new workforce is drawn to that style. The aggressive, my-way-or-the-highway management style is not effective on the newer workforce and cultures they are attracted to. I couldn’t help but to think that maybe this is related to all the messages regarding the Indigo/Crystal children incarnating onto this newer Earth where everyone is on the spectrum of change towards unity consciousness? I mean I can see it in my newer workforce. They are inquisitive, and like to do what’s challenging and “fun” (at least for an engineer) where the other more corporate aspects of the job make them nuts and start whining. “Why do I have to fill out a timesheet, or do this paperwork or attend that meeting?”

So in conclusion, it was kind of nice to see that me being an outlier is actually going to be more of a strength going forward. Well I think that it encompasses more of how a unity-based consciousness would lead. So I’m excited to see another sign pointing towards our collective ascension into that mindset.

I think that if I were really motivated to progress career-wise, I could probably find a Google-like company (where their culture is all about this millennial motivational stuff) to best harness my natural leadership style. Or maybe even start my own business in something metaphysical or more earth based.. In What? Not sure, but certainly I’m in the mindset for it.

I’ve included a copy of my profile for you to peruse if interested.

Self Profile

Also, f you are curious on what type of worker personality you are, you can take the 3 minute quiz here (link)

Long Live the L’s for Loyalty, Love and Light! 🙂

Be Well. Peace. Namaste..




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